Occult/Esoteric Design Language Trend


Does anyone have any insight in how it happens that you've got on average a disproportionate amount of designs and names featuring transhumanism, the occult, nihilism, postmodernism, and satanic album art. Take a look on Spotify if you're a user for instance. In the made for you section -> discover weekly playlist and you will probably see what I mean, If you listen weekly for a while.

What I'm wondering is why is Saturn, stylized triangles so prevalent in today's design language, whether it be brand logos, album art, websites. And speaking of websites, have you noticed that the increasing trend of blue and white in colour schemes over the past years? In the "about us", if it's an organization or company, you can find the usual suspects. Why is there a fixation of blue and white, I'm not versed in esoteric symbolism and the occult, but this surely is not an accident. The star of Rempham (spelling) supposedly symbolizes master of all elements? Why did they choose Is blue and white for the flag? The inversion of blue and white is black and gold, which were prominent colours during the renaissance, why?

Lately, those who consume Japanese anime and manga, sharp decrease in quality and GloboHomo agendas, degenerate themes, occult/esoteric symbolism etc. Those following Korean and Japanese pop music can notice similar trends.

Similarly in video games, the narratives, the plot points, lawyers of publishing companies having final say / creative control on the most meticulous design and content "requests" involving colours of some small object or how something is placed, named, to larger plot and narrative directives.
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The Facebook logo is the Masonic logo of Tubal Cain. Look it up.

I also noticed Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have nearly the exact blue hue for their icons. Weird.


There is a group called the color marketing association who coordinates colors. This is mostly in retail, but it allows everyone to get on the same page and declare what is in style. It sounds like a giant conspiracy and it is. It even has a Wikipedia entry



The Roosh V forum has the same blue and white color scheme. I think it has more to do with it being inviting, and easy on the eyes.

The "f" in the facebook logo resembling the symbol of Tubal Cain is intriguing. I'm not sure what the symbolic representation between the two would be though. Forging the nwo?


It's XenForo, and there's an all black with white letters option in the settings. Blue and white is precisely what's not easy on the eyes in terms of eye strain and I seem to recall neuron degradation, but you can do a search on this, you probably know about blue light filters anyway, and have it on your phone, along with dark mode. What you want is towards black and red. In terms of preference, it may be true that it's a favourite among many and even the vast majority. But is it the only reason, mass appeal, if so, why not blue and green everywhere since green is the second most favoured supposedly, white being on the least popular among the most significant ones. Not sure how much rigour there's to be had with this stuff, but for what it's worth.


Sources of images etc:
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Not really design but I noticed a deer with antlers - usually stylized is a benign looking baphoment version with plausible deniability.

Picture is from a leading diamond company in India (where nobody is a hunter).


Tex Cruise

I don't know. The blue and white could be something, or it could just be what people perceive as "modern" right now.
Some of the agricultural software I use is hilariously "90s" looking, despite being much newer than that. In the most recent version of one program, the main change seems to have been to soften the colours slightly, which makes it slightly less hilariously "90s" looking, but not much.
Remember, there was a time, over a decade even, when people willingly went to buy a new car and chose a brown one. Any colour on the chart.. any colour at all... "Oh, that's a nice shade of poo, I'll have that thanks"

Whoever owned the last house I rented obviously at some point thought spending money and doing the living room with burnt orange shag-pile, greenish baby poop tiles and yellow laquered pine panelling was a good and tasteful idea.
I wouldn't be shocked if that becomes FB and Twitter's new colour scheme within the next few years.


The blue and white colors could be for web accessibility. Blue and white is a preferred color combination for anyone who is colorblind.
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