Official Corona WHITE PILL Thread

Who's currently the most based political leader in the world?

  • USA's Trump

    Votes: 21 8.9%
  • Brazil's Bolsonaro

    Votes: 84 35.6%
  • Russia's Putin

    Votes: 29 12.3%
  • Italy's Salvini

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Hungary's Orban

    Votes: 36 15.3%
  • Belarus's Lukashenko

    Votes: 44 18.6%
  • Tanzania's Magufuli

    Votes: 20 8.5%

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9gag is a real normie platform. Used to be just a year or two ago you had to scroll past anything even remotely political due to cringe.
I admit that I regularly have a look at 9gag and for me it was already suspicious that pro-vax was ramped up for years on 9gag. It is not even funny when it is repeated 1000 times. The kind of joke that the child of the anti vaxxer dies. And we all know it is not true that anti-vax children would die. I suspect that 9gag posting is used by agencies to push trends for the youth. I guess they got the pro-vax agenda as a command because the elite was already planning the plandemic and they wanted to prepare the minds for accepting any vax. But some of the comment section is genuine.

It is also important to know that 9gag is owned by a Hong-Kong guy. AFAIK. For this reason it is differently censored than western owned media. There is also some anti China content on it - usually Xi Jinping portrayed as Winne the Pooh.


Colombia, the country that removed Covid requirements for tourists (negative test/vaccine certificate not required), massively outperformed international tourism figures in June 2021. How many other countries are going to follow Colombia's strategy in the upcoming months?


Viktor Zeegelaar

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''Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Mt. 5.10/11).''

Orthodox study bible commentary: Children of God uphold truth, refuse to compromise with the ways of the world, and give themselves to no other. Like Jesus, these will be persecuted or righeousness' sake. Christ's kingdom is the crown awaiting the righteous. Those who suffer persecution for Christ walk the road of the prophets, saints and martyrs. The Greek for be exceedingly glad means to leap exceedingly with joy.

We're called to rejoice and be exceedingly glad in our persecution for righteousness' sake. We must remember that this is what we're doing it for and that there's (eternal) light at the end of the road, as long as we follow the straight path towards Christ. All the lies, vile attacks and manipulations doesn't matter, we will win in the end regardless of what they do to us.

Jamal D

The revolution going on in American school boards these days is one of the biggest White Pills since this madness started.

They are overplaying their globo homo Marxist hand so massively... I post this in the Corona thread, because we all know how all this is connected. People are asking questions, and that is all that is needed.



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I was in a smaller european airport recently and mask wearing throughout the airport was as low as 3%, was wonderful! Then passing through a capital city airport, it was up to perhaps 85% BUT there was a large number of security guards in very smart uniforms with masks and I walked past them about six times without a mask (avoiding eye contact) and nobody stopped me or said a thing. This is how it should be, where you can choose your level of risk, rather than the government forcing you to live in cotton wool - if you're scared of corona, you wear a mask, if not, you don't.

Some further happy news from my travels was that my "recovered from covid" certificate got me across the borders into Germany. First time since the start of the pandemic I have been able to cross borders without getting my nose raped. Actually last trip I was refused boarding for failing to get my nose raped, did not know it was needed for that border. Ticket went in the bin that time.

Unfortunately they only allow you to enjoy that for six months after you tested positive (and not for the first 28 days), so will make the most of it. Have many months left still. Actually, the check-in girl for the flight got a shock and had to hold up the line to read the rules and regulations after seeing my page, surprised I had not had a vaccination.

I was having a Gedankensexperiment and thought that I may go again into a crowd somewhere without a mask and try to catch covid a second time just to renew it, although last time many days of productivity were lost due to sickness. Thing is, the numbers show that extremely few people manage to catch it twice, not that the politicians care about numbers or science.


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I just had my first nose-poking for several months. Last one was when I tested positive.. Anyway, it was negative, but the reason I'm posting was they have NEVER gone so shallow into the nose before. Usually they go right up to the top and basically tickle your brain, not pleasant. This time it looked and felt like perhaps just three centimetres.

This is a white pill as they have either made the test more sensitive or decided they'd rather lose a bit of sensitivity but torture people less.

A further white pill was the border crossing out of the Schengen in a westerly direction. I'm unvaccinated and had a lot of fear about this border crossing but it was a painless non-event.