Official Corona WHITE PILL Thread

Who's currently the most based political leader in the world?

  • USA's Trump

    Votes: 22 8.4%
  • Brazil's Bolsonaro

    Votes: 92 35.1%
  • Russia's Putin

    Votes: 31 11.8%
  • Italy's Salvini

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Hungary's Orban

    Votes: 39 14.9%
  • Belarus's Lukashenko

    Votes: 46 17.6%
  • Tanzania's Magufuli

    Votes: 30 11.5%

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I took a flight in the last few days within Europe on a standard passenger jet (hundreds of seats) and almost no-one was wearing masks.

That is the first time in years. Reason to smile. The flight was not empty wither, perhaps 70% capacity. I would estimate 2% of the passengers were wearing masks, the staff were not wearing masks.

When I looked at the few passengers who were wearing masks I did not think "must have a health condition and worried", but I thought "traitor!", especially for this one woman ("virtue signaler" = "traitor"). Similarly I saw too people spray their hands with antibac before going into a store today and just thought what idiots and traitors.

Anyway, an unmasked flight in a standard passenger jet in Europe is a sign that not everyone or every country is up for this nonsense. That's why I can't really buy into all the doom stories, there's too many examples of people not giving AF about it.


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What was the flight operator?
You know, last time I blurted out the details of a white pill, within DAYS the white pill was gone :(

Scroll up and you'll see..

I'll PM you guys so you know I'm not making it up but there are a lot of people surveying this forum, not sure it is wise to tell all the enemies of freedom about pockets of freedom so they can then go and destroy it.

Jamal D

The first demonstration against covid passports will be held in the city I live in on Saturday.

The mayor will introduce covid passports in restaurants and bars, and the city will be a national pilot project in this regard. He stated the following last Friday in the newspapers:

"We have had campaigns to make people get the vaccine, but it has not been working well enough. The situation now is that the people who are not vaccinated are the ones who spread the decease to the vaccinated. I believe the covid passports will function as a tool to make the unvaccinated take the vaccine"

So basicly he is in clear violation of the constitution and the Nuremberg codes. I have already been in contact with the police to file a report against him, and took some advise on form and procedure on this. This has also been discussed with the organization for free choice of vaccines that I am a member of. I will keep that action up my sleeve and decide at a later point what I will do about it. I have a few other ideas also that I`ll might bring up later.

I also want to mention that the organization I refer to is really at it both in developing their website, but also the time they spend to answer government hearings that are issued on these matters. They have made some excellent flyers, and funding does not seem to be a problem. One flyer is directed at young people who feel pressured in school, and another for parents in regards to young kids in school. I have received 500 flyers for the latter, and will start distributing them next week. I took 1000 last winter, so hopefully it made some people think twice.

I have used the quote from the mayor for what it is worth at work. People are shaking their heads and some are saying "history repeats itself" I know of two people who are extremely hesitant to take a booster, and there are probably more. This is how one conversation went:

Me: "Did you get the sms about booster shots?"
Staff: "Yeah, will you get it?"
Me: ""
Staff: "I am very hesitant to take it"
Me: "Well, you are allowed to be worried"
Staff: "3 vaccines in a year..." *worried look* (2 mumbo jumbo shots and influenza one month ago)
Me: "yeah...."

You have to let people wake up at their own pace... a simple "no" in this situation is in many cases the affirmation they need to stand up against it. I was surprised to find one more person who has not taken it (and her family is strongly against it)

After the demonstration on Saturday my small group of unvaccinated people will be heading to my cousins summer house for great food, some drinks and Monopoly. This have now become our way of going out and socialize. In the meantime the rest can enjoy their 3x priced drinks in bars, while being required to sit at the table. If they go to the rest room or leave the table they have to mask up.

They are coming for us, but still I feel much better this winter vs last winter. It will still suck if I lose my job, but so far so good. I am not gonna hide my stance, but chose my words carefully.

Stay strong!



It's been like this forever this isn't a change of
weather freedom's hanging by a thread here while

we binge Netflix and TikTok now i'm not here
to judge you i know we're all scared and tired

and we've been so hard-wired media fueled the
wrong fires we're depressed we're dying while

billionaires are crying of laughter while we're
just running faster away from reality well why

wouldn't we they've got guns and we've got family
this isn't conspiracy theories have been brought

to light throughout history we're in a cave
thinking we're free won't go to the light it's

easier not to see can we go back to dictionaries
when definitions were clear words manipulated we

didn't know existed let teachers fix it so parents
can be distant mess with child development just

leave it to the government let them draw
our paths because we gave them the pencil

we can still erase this if we face it
us against the faces that convince us

drugs will solve our problems while
they profit from our consumption

stop listening to stars and politicians and begin
using intuition discerning fact from fiction stop

paying into our addiction of listening to a system
that's turning us to victims of our lack of wisdom

if you don't see it now it's okay to be confused
but don't throw rocks at those who do take a step

back and you'll see who is piloting this ruse a
bunch of individuals profiting from your residuals

putting our money into propaganda and riot police
instead of into our failing health care system

they've always done this to us they need our money
to fix the roads while they ride private jets and

fancy boats no wonder we can't stay afloat we're
right where they want us distanced and thoughtless

avoiding each other so we can't discuss what's
wrong with this picture instead we discuss our

feelings caps lock on with words vomiting out of
our thumbs without knowledge of real arguing why

can't ideas be shared without ruining friendships
and careers just because someone got offended

never learned emotional intelligence your feelings
have no relevance in the crusade for truth

if they gave any credit to the people we wouldn't
have censored information we get just one side

on every station pushing separation amongst each
other so we're too busy judging mothers who wonder

why their kids are being smothered masks in
gym class call out the other when he pulls

down his mask how do they even learn in class ad
selling problems not solutions our institutions

told us following was the solution because if you
think for yourself you'll go nowhere with an F

but i can tell you the people who came out
independent were the ones who were observant

i had to unlearn to become present and i'm still
working on it but i make decisions for myself

this isn't about health if it were they'd tell us
get your vitamins go for walks whenever you can

do sports eat well have interactions
real human connections raise your

kids with healthy immune systems
instead they punish insurrections

that fight for freedom from the
infectious disease that is control

they swallow us whole keep us indoors
special treatment for big box stores

give us fines when we're unsure
what martial law is in place today

give us checks to stay on our good side keep
us lost and afraid because we can't afford a

rising mortgage or rent because we lost our
pay it was never going to be just a few days


Well overdue whitepill

President Zoran Milanović said his office would summon the Austrian ambassador to convey his concern over “fundamental human freedoms”. He also said if the Dutch can comment on Bosnia and Herzegovina every week, he can comment on the situation in Rotterdam.

Austria summoned the Croatian ambassador on 18 November after Milanović commented on the Austrian government’s anti-COVID-19 measures, noting that they were reminiscent of fascism.

“Comparing the measures against the coronavirus pandemic to fascism is unacceptable. It is our responsibility to protect the citizens of Austria, and we are acting accordingly,” APA news agency quoted the Austrian ministry as saying.

“Our ambassadors are constantly summoned over some nonsense, so we will summon theirs,” the president said.

Commenting on the latest developments, Milanović said some Western European countries kept criticising Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Poles, while some of them behave as if they are “sacred cows that do everything perfectly”.

“No, it’s stupid. It is not scientific, and you terrorise people. Given that this is the European Union and I am a European statesman, I have a problem with that,” Milanović said.

He went on to say that if the Dutch can comment on Bosnia and Herzegovina every week, he can comment on the situation in Rotterdam.

“Your people have revolted (against COVID measures). Not immigrants but blond and blue-eyed Dutchmen. Use your head, gentlemen,” Milanović said, referring to violent riots in that Dutch city over the weekend.

Commenting on increasingly stringent restrictions being imposed to stop the spread of coronavirus, Milanović accused “dull-witted” Eurocrats in Brussels of such policy, adding that no such restrictions are in place in the Scandinavian countries.


Milanovic, as president, has no executive power whatsoever. He can only talk the talk. Do I think his opinions are genuine? Yes. It’s good to have someone in a prominent position who is questioning the official narrative.

Viktor Zeegelaar

Orthodox Inquirer
Just a note: I have changed my vote from Lukashenko to Bolsonaro in the pinned poll on top of this page.
Bolsonaro appears to me the only political leader standing who wasn't in on this from the beginning. He was genuinely surprised when this hit, whereas almost all of the others just went into operational mode straightaway after they received the memo.


Bolsonaro appears to me the only political leader standing who wasn't in on this from the beginning. He was genuinely surprised when this hit, whereas almost all of the others just went into operational mode straightaway after they received the memo.
Is bolsonaro doing anything to fight it these days?


Is bolsonaro doing anything to fight it these days?
I don't have much clue. I have heard that Lukashenko started to cuck on the Covid question and thus I had to switch my vote. But I am not sure about any of the two.

I have read a few articles that suggest that Bolsonaro is in a fight to stay in power. I have also not yet heard him cucking for Covid. The one who does not cuck for Covid is the hero these days.