Official Corona WHITE PILL Thread

Who's currently the most based political leader in the world?

  • USA's Trump

    Votes: 22 8.4%
  • Brazil's Bolsonaro

    Votes: 92 35.1%
  • Russia's Putin

    Votes: 31 11.8%
  • Italy's Salvini

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Hungary's Orban

    Votes: 39 14.9%
  • Belarus's Lukashenko

    Votes: 46 17.6%
  • Tanzania's Magufuli

    Votes: 30 11.5%

  • Total voters


In Hungary companies may make the vaccine mandatory. This is a new rule by the Orbán regime since the last week or two.

I am not an employee myself but I work together with a few employees of multinational companies. I thought that these multinationals will mandate the jab. Today I have heard a rumour: the CEO decided not to mandate because otherwise they would go out of business immediately. :)


I don't have much clue. I have heard that Lukashenko started to cuck on the Covid question and thus I had to switch my vote. But I am not sure about any of the two.

I have read a few articles that suggest that Bolsonaro is in a fight to stay in power. I have also not yet heard him cucking for Covid. The one who does not cuck for Covid is the hero these days.

If only he could organise a coup.
The army likes him
RFK Jrs book is #1 on Amazon. Get it, Mercolas book and Berensons book. Sure they're ZOG tainted but it's better than nothing.

People are waking up.

Viktor Zeegelaar

Orthodox Inquirer
Is bolsonaro doing anything to fight it these days?
I believe he was forced to back down a little as the media and international system is raging against him like a wrecking ball of course to get him out, even saying he's personally responsible for ''the deaths''. So from my info he's still much against it but is forced to drip a bit of water in the wine. Probably they'll get him out with the elctions which are next year I believe, whether for real or with fraud.

Don Quixote

Orthodox Inquirer
Milanovic, as president, has no executive power whatsoever. He can only talk the talk. Do I think his opinions are genuine? Yes. It’s good to have someone in a prominent position who is questioning the official narrative.
And Croatia still has the vaccine passport on the books for public buildings and such right?
Here's a white pill to consider. The renewed optimism following the end of WW2 was so great and far spread that humanity saw some of the best decades ever following it (50's, 60's).

My hope is that on the other side of this utter insanity, an equally strong optimism surfaces.



Nayib Bukele is surely one of the most based leaders out there. El Salvador removed all travel restrictions two weeks ago. Pulled out of the Covax initiative yesterday (although he stated it was because they already have enough vaccines). Plus the whole Bitcoin thing and founding a tax free city. One of the only leaders who is going in a different direction