Official Corona WHITE PILL Thread

Who's currently the most based political leader in the world?

  • USA's Trump

    Votes: 21 8.9%
  • Brazil's Bolsonaro

    Votes: 84 35.6%
  • Russia's Putin

    Votes: 29 12.3%
  • Italy's Salvini

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Hungary's Orban

    Votes: 36 15.3%
  • Belarus's Lukashenko

    Votes: 44 18.6%
  • Tanzania's Magufuli

    Votes: 20 8.5%

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John Silva

It's a little old news now, but I've seen this getting traction in the english speaking world:

Here's the link to the court rulling:

They not only determine that the pcr test is unreliable to decret a quarantine, but also that any 'test' for a virus can only be prescribed by a doctor and not by law or any sort of decree and health authorities are ineligible to decree any sort of 'detention'.

It's a little white pill, but take it lightly, we're now in fully irrational and unlawful mode.
Not just that. Portuguese courts have declared the whole state of emergency and mandatory confinement as being illegal. Yet the government and a constitutionalist president still do it... due to their international overlords.


Some health officials in Finland clearly have no clue and are recklessly endangering their people...

Wait, sorry, I mean are taking appropriate steps according to actual medical science...

"Finnish Authorities Do Not Recommend Wearing Masks In Public Places"

"In their recommendations, the Finnish authorities were guided by the position of the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, according to which people without symptoms should not wear masks in public places."

Explain that one you lying c... chaps.



"Three people sued to wear masks due to government order"​

Sheeeet! Best wear a mask...

Hold up, what, three people sued the government for enforcing illegal mask mandates... Oh! I misunderstood... let's blame sloppy wording.

The media would never take advantage of the fact that 9/10 people just read the headlines to distort the truth, right?...

So sick of this poo-poo.

[So the story is that three citizens have lodged claims against mask mandates, stating that they are illegal.]




The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have updated their guidelines for COVID-19 testing and quarantining of travellers.
Travellers should not be considered as a high-risk population, nor treated as contacts of COVID-19 cases, unless they had been in known contact with a confirmed positive case.
In the current epidemiological situation, quarantine or systematic testing for SARS-CoV-2 of air travellers is not recommended.

The European office of WHO does not recommend testing as a means to prevent transmission across borders.

The Airports Council International (ACI) urged European member states "to immediately abolish quarantine measures and other travel restrictions".


I really like this Rich Dad Radio show... good red pill financial advice...

But still, it's pretty mainstream, so encouraging to hear them discussing 'Corona BS'...


Jamal D

I am red pilling both family and friends, left and right. Many people wants to listen, but you have to chose where to start based on where in the awakening process they are. You do not start with eugenics and anti-white agendas promoted everywhere, or elites eating babies.

A few points I think have made an impact:

1. Don`t make this a left/right issue. This is about freedom and liberty, and if anything...almost no conservatives in the established politics are conserving anything. I bring that up if they are left leaning.

2. Keep it short and straight and on point for each time you want to add documentation. A tweet from World Economic forum and another video no longer than 10 minutes should be enough. Don`t overwhelm people!

3. Control of movement, no consequences for politicians breaking the law/doing a horrible job, lack of term limits, destroying the middle class and insane levels of taxation seems to resonate with people.

4. If they are left leaning, bring up the insanity of bombing countries back to the stone age while inviting them to walk across our borders as refugees. I bring that up as a counter argument to my my 1st point. That leaves the score card 1-1 Lefties vs Conservatives.

5. This is perhaps the most important. I ask people to stop viewing the world of politics through the lens of left/right. Very often I say "they need disagreement to maintain their positions as separate parties, and that is why nothing really moves in politics." Instead I ask people to think about who wants to put their team 1st and improve their lives first and foremost.

For each person I manage to awake just a little bit, I ask them to do more research and reach out of needed, but most importantly understand that they MUST bring this further to other people in their social circle. This is so important!

Lastly I would like to say, this thread really should be much bigger than it is now. Put on your war paint (what option is there really?), and never look back. I hope people will post more in the "White pill thread", because even if we don`t have the numbers just yet, it is most definitely the red-pill side that is growing the fastest these days!!! The elites overplayed their hands, and this is a huge opportunity to utilize that.


A normie I know that went through the full corona hoax cycle is now anti vax

Tested positive, they quarantined with the family for weeks, became depressed from never going outside and being worried about having the virus

After the quarantine they took their kid to get a flu shot, recommended by the doctor since they couldn't get the corona vaccine yet, so atleast they had some ''protection''

Kid got sick with flu, so after following all the rules and living a shit life for weeks they only got sick AFTER taking the shot.

They now understand that doing nothing would have been much better for them, and they say they wont take any injections anymore