Official Corona WHITE PILL Thread

Who's currently the most based political leader in the world?

  • USA's Trump

    Votes: 22 8.4%
  • Brazil's Bolsonaro

    Votes: 92 35.1%
  • Russia's Putin

    Votes: 31 11.8%
  • Italy's Salvini

    Votes: 2 0.8%
  • Hungary's Orban

    Votes: 39 14.9%
  • Belarus's Lukashenko

    Votes: 46 17.6%
  • Tanzania's Magufuli

    Votes: 30 11.5%

  • Total voters


Now in retrospect we can look at the list of the 'leaders' out there.

+ RIP Magafuli - he paid the highest price for his resistance - the man was not aware of the real power-structure of our world. He made the WHO a laughing stock by testing goats and papayas.

+ Bolsanero - deserves a standing ovation - I know that he does not have full power over the country and they would love to get rid of him, but as seen with the examples of the presidents of Burundi and Tanzania - you cannot go full frontal against them. However - Brazil is a mixed bag with lots of intermittent restrictions and not an optimal place to be.

+ Lukashenko - is his own man in the country, but they attempted to get rid of him - supposedly an assassination attempt was foiled recently, but he has certainly better security than the African leaders

Belarus april 2021 - some people put on masks as they believe the propaganda, but it's a fully open country:

+ Putin - he is frankly currently my favorite - because he locked down for a short time in spring 2020, put on even a hazmat suit to show the covidians how grave this is. Then in summer he opened up fully. He did not bother to close down again. Low vaccination rate of 10% despite being a vaccine producer. No enforcement of masks, of finncially destructive lockdowns, of vaccines, of vaccine passports etc. Russia is one of the freest countries on earth..... perfect clown world.

+ Trump and Salvini were kicked out with dirty methods. Trump ultimately could not oppose the agenda. Even winning the election did not stop Trump from being superseded by a dementia patient creep like Biden.

Other honorable mentions of relatively normal places - that remained normal due to local men:

+ Sweden -

Anders Tegnell was the man responsible for convincing the libtards there to stick to a different and ultimately successful strategy.
57263854_404 (1).jpeg

+ Norway

Both countries followed a moderate approach similar to Sweden They closed down a bit in spring 2020 and then opened. You could live like 2019 there since summer 2020.

There were other countries of courses that either skirted along with moderate restrictions like Switzerland, Taiwan, China, most of Africa, Dubai, etc., Venezuela, Mexico, Japan etc.

So essentially most of the world is better than the West or some retarded South American and SEA countries which overdo each other in believing the propaganda or kissing the ass of the global rulership.

And Viktor Orban is a covidian believer - some men on the right are like that. It's unfortunate, but that is what he is. He did not follow down the path of Putin of faking covidianism and then silently opening up everything. That approach is probably the best - similar to what China was doing.


Only favorite of non-citizens and non-residents, who're also non-fluent in Russian, usually....
TWO nose rape PCR tests required to return to Russia, starting May 1.
If coming from Tanzania (hoax-resistant) and Turkey (high vaxx rate) - already 2 required.
+ whatever additional PCR test to fly. For example Amsterdam/Schipol will require pre-flight PCR to transit through, which makes it 3 PCR tests for a Russian to return home.

Putin is among the worst.

What are people smoking? Don't read BS from RT.
RT is for BS-ing naive foreigners, Russian-language media is a completely different story with a different narrative and makes CNN looks like innocent schoolkids. Do you read Russian local/government media every day?
The only reason there's not a high percent vaxxed in Russia yet is 3rd world inefficiency and lack of money.
In Russia, internet access, including through phone, requires internal passport, and next project is to make social network access require home address, phone, passport entered. Every vaxx now gets electronic vax passport issued too, with that internal passport # encoded, plus external/travel passport is getting encoded into it too.

Brief lockdown in spring like some say? Did you forget brutal forced quarantine camps, where some died this spring, because their windows were nailed shut and couldn't be opened and bars on windows, no ventilation, air was very bad dozed with Cholox and they had health conditions? Behind bars, unattended with bad wiring in multi-story buildings, could burn alive any night, they feared, their phones and belongings taken away. The guy who died falling off the roof tried to escape that camp?
There were not like nice Australian civilized 1st world luxury quarantine hotels....these were prison-like Russian-style conditions with nowhere to wash up or wash clothes, packed in rooms with others who could be sick with real flu. People with regular cold also forcefully thrown in infectious departments of hospitals where they were exposed to all possible germs and injected unkown medicines.
Not to mention all the permits to leave the house that were required, or travel to another town. Apps monitoring you day and night, waking you up at night to take selfies.

Minimizing significance of this and calling it innocent little lockdown is betrayal! Freedom for 1st world foreigners who want to play a little in a Russian playground (I wonder why though they can't even enter Russian freedom wonderland now, border is closed to them?), no freedom for 2nd class people aka Russian citizens - does not work this way! Support bad regimes and you will get the taste of that medicine eventually.
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Can't include him anymore after covid, Philippines literally had the strictest and longest lockdown in the world. They closed entire malls for ages because of a single "case". They have mandatory masks AND faceshields. They have militarized police set up checkpoints not only between cities but between different districts of the same city, nobody in or out. They require major paperwork now even for domestic travel... I'm talking DAYS of going to government bureaus filling forms and standing in line. If you don't have the right connections you may not get the paperwork at all. If you try to leave town without it, the military will send you back home. Nobody under 18 or over 60 is allowed to leave the house. The list goes on. Philippines is the worst place for covid that I've even heard of.
You’re spot on there, I was scratching my head when I seen his name? My father in law just passed away and my wife here in oz couldn’t get there for the funeral, nor her sister in the states, nor my mother in law who was in the states when he died, nor my sister in law who wasn’t allowed to travel from one provence to her dads village to get to the funeral??? Yea right, real based leader that Duture!


Why the exceptions? You know they can't enforce anything, right? Just screw any fine notice up and flick it back at them.

(Ok, even I don't know if I'd have the cojones to do that, but I'd go to court and fight any fines, 'cos I know I'd win.)
I was fined $1652 aud for going to an anti vax protest last September here in Victoria Australia (chairman dan andrews said we weren’t allowed out more than 5kms from home). I told the Karen coppa lady that I will be defending the “charge” before a magistrate thanks. Still waiting for my day in court.......
I was fined $1652 aud for going to an anti vax protest last September here in Victoria Australia (chairman dan andrews said we weren’t allowed out more than 5kms from home). I told the Karen coppa lady that I will be defending the “charge” before a magistrate thanks. Still waiting for my day in court.......

More power to you... take a stand.

If you can afford it, I'd get legal advice and stand firm on it.


One white pill I've taken from the France situation.
The world will not be ran completely by bankers long term.
Sooner or later, hard men with guns will take over
I was fined $1652 aud for going to an anti vax protest last September here in Victoria Australia (chairman dan andrews said we weren’t allowed out more than 5kms from home). I told the Karen coppa lady that I will be defending the “charge” before a magistrate thanks. Still waiting for my day in court.......
That's a nasty fine.
Thanks for being strong on it.
Every bit of sand in the gears helps.
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I dont know if this is a white pill or not. But yesterday i was out at lunch and observed the teenagers eating and walking around they seem to love the mask as a fashion accesory, its just ''cool'' for them. All their peers are doing it, it also helps with their social anxiety i imagine. BUT as soon as they come across their friends, masks come off kisses and huggs are exchanged. They basicly don't care. They just go along with whatever trend is there, so it can be reversed in a few weeks months aswell. So the positive way i see it is that this brainwashing and fear of the virus doesnt go very deep for them at all. Its in sourhern europe on a sunny day though.