On average, how regularly have you worn a mask, if at all, during the pandemic?

On average, how regularly have you worn a mask, if at all, during the pandemic?

  • Never

    Votes: 32 17.2%
  • Infrequently

    Votes: 89 47.8%
  • Sometimes

    Votes: 27 14.5%
  • Often

    Votes: 22 11.8%
  • Almost always (Indoors)

    Votes: 11 5.9%
  • Almost Always (Indoors and outdoors)

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • I sleep, shower, etc. in mine

    Votes: 4 2.2%

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Thomas More

I don't have to wear a mask at work, and I have a couple of bars that don't have any mask wearing, so I only wear masks when I go to stores that require it, or sometimes when I go to the hospital with my wife.

I try to minimize visits to the store precisely because I don't want to deal with masks, so I often go with as little as 30 minutes a week of mask use.

Also, I find regular masks very restrictive, so I bought some black fabric with a thin, open weave, and made a mask from it. I went for the thinnest material I could find, and got in black so it would be harder for others to see how thin it is. It fits my face loosely as well, so I can breathe fairly fresh air from the bottom and sides. It's far less restrictive than a normal mask, but nobody has ever noticed that it's different from other masks.

That being said, I wear the mask when the stores require it. I don't want to bother with confrontation over this, when I am able to avoid it 99% of the time.

Rob Banks

I will not wear it outdoors (including on public transportation). If anyone gives me trouble, I tell them I'll obey them as soon as they show me proof they own the street/train/bus.

On the bus once, a young black guy gets on and rudely barks at me to put on my mask (I was one of 3 people on the bus, and not sitting near anyone). I asked him who he was, and he said he was a "bus operator." I asked to see his ID and he just made a rude comment and then turned away and left me alone.

Indoors, I will sometimes wear one around my chin, and sometimes I won't. If anyone who works in the building asks me to put it on, though, I will (unless they are especially rude about it).

If it is a situation perceived as especially risky (very crowded indoor area, doctor's office, etc.), then I will usually wear one properly over my mouth and nose without being asked (although it often falls below my nose and I have to be reminded to pull it up).
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I wear a mask when I am inside a grocery store, doctors office, or any other crowded indoor areas.

I do not wear a mask when exercising outdoors or going for a walk, and I think doing so is ridiculous. Thankfully in my area, people are sane in regards to that and I've only gotten 1 or 2 comments to put on my mask, including once on a run (I ignore them).
Sadly my basic strategy is avoidance, which doesn't require very much courage at all.

Small business I almost universally wear a mask unless I know they don't care. It simply isn't worth the battle with the clerk who typically hate their job. Sometimes I go without a mask, if they offer one I accept without a hassle (this is my sole source of obtaining masks). They seem relieved that I don't fight back

Grocery store, I'm fortunate that I've never worn one, but I also do all my shopping after 8:30 pm. One time I went at 6:30 and a middle aged man said I should wear a mask because his son has diabetes at home (?). The church I go to doesn't require masks, so I'm lucky here too.

What are the gyms like lately? Masks required everywhere?
I try to avoid going into most stores for this reason. I’m in a fairly conservative county but the mask compliance after the state edict is probably 98 to 99%. I refuse to wear one in the big box stores (Home Depot, Walmart, etc) including my local grocery store. I find that I’m usually the only person not wearing one but it isn’t that uncommon to see a fellow scofflaw.

I wear a dirty surgical mask when I need to get into a place that won’t let you in otherwise. Kids appointments, the local liquor stores, and the like. I’ve been in a few restaurants and will wear it below the nose while waiting to be seated. I wore one in the mall while shopping for Christmas presents.

I have gotten a few comments here and there but nothing too confrontational, just along the lines of me being a selfish jerk. I was at the grocery store the other day in the self checkout and had almost gotten finished when I realized a lady next to me and the store clerk were talking about me. It was “Can’t you do something about this? It’s dangerous and these people are putting us lol at risk!,” followed by the clerk responding “No ma’am, we can’t touch them or really say anything based on store policy to avoid a physical confrontation.” And it went on until I left. Pretty awkward but I guess I should start getting used to it.


I live in Lima, Perú. Norm here is to use mask always, as soon as you get out of your house.

I use it inside buses and malls. Not when walking outdoors. Despite the rule, it's acceptable to put the mask in your neck.

The CEO of the company I work is a redpilled man and I have the firm sensation that he knows this is a hoax. He doesn't wear a mask even inside the office and doesn't g.a.f. about getting alcohol over the shoes or clothing. My immediate female boss is very little paranoid, we usually talk each other without mask. Just one of my other 5 coworkers in my area is paranoid. The other offices have many Karens that respect the 2 meters rule. In summary, I use a mask 2 hours a day at labor-days. Near my house, kids are already playing without masks. I think this is good for a country that has one of the most draconian quarantines and rules. Not bat for a Banana Republic.

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I wear a mask when I get my hair cut (about once every two months), when I was in the hospital for my daughter's birth last summer, and one time I was forced to go to Costco. Also a handful of times when I went to my old protestant church after they re-opened. That's pretty much it. I don't think I've worn one in a couple months now.

When I go in stores like the supermarket or Home Depot, I just ignore the signs saying to wear a mask, and nobody has ever heckled me or complained about it. Costco was the only place I've been where they were strict (whining at my wife for wearing it under her nose at one point, which was pathetic.) Most people comply here in Lower Appalacia, though I'm sufficiently rural at this point that in most stores I'm not the only person not wearing one.


I wear it when I have to to avoid getting hassled, which means on public transit and at the grocery store. I hate it every time I do, but like most people, I decide to just minimize the amount of bullshit I have to deal with. This is, ultimately, what they're counting on, I know. That even people who don't buy their nonsense will just put it on to avoid the hassle. Makes me feel like quite the cuck, but it comes up rarely enough that I can still look at myself in the mirror I guess. Once I didn't wear it on the subway and some loser took a picture of me, said "How would you like me to report you and get you a ticket". This is the new normal.

Eusebius Erasmus

I am not interested in dealing with Karens and soy boys, so I wear a mask whenever required to by law.

Of course, the mask is useless unless you're sick, and want to prevent others from getting sick. It's become a public ritual, and mostly assuages those who are living in fear.


I only wear one (under my nose) in places that make some poor bastard enforce the rule though it isn't his job. I figure, these guys aren't being paid to debate me. At the gym I wear one with holes cut in it so I can breathe. You can cut holes under the folds and no one can really tell. Again I don't want to give the low paid employees are hard time. That said, I really avoid going to such places as much as possible. And when I wear one under my nose, no one challenges me. Outside, in the office, in my car, no way.


I wear them everyday at work because it's required and when I go to a store. I found that a neck gaiter is the most convenient face covering because you can just lower it and have it as a kind of scarf and also it's very thin which makes it easy to breath. I usually have it down, and when I see a supervisor or manager (at my job) I pull it up, and they seem OK with it as long as I have my mouth cover when I'm close to someone.


I refuse to wear one outside, or anywhere in my apartment complex, as I live there and don't need permission to get in like with a grocery store - it's also very hard to be evicted in my state. (Thankfully, almost everyone living in mine does the same, so I can't exactly say that I'm being brave.) I reserve the right to laugh at anyone wearing one in their car or in their apartment.

I always wear one at the grocery store or businesses, as I don't want to deny myself access to basic goods and services. I see not following these rules as a pointless and sometimes risky way to rebel - why bother drawing attention to yourself? Do you want to end up being in some viral video, or berated (or even assaulted) by a complete stranger or law enforcement? Perhaps it's worth it if you have money tucked away and are financially independent...but I'm living paycheck to paycheck. However, when leaving the grocery store, I take mine off well before I've walked out the exit door...probably pointless, but I get some satisfaction out of the whole "what are you gonna do, kick me out as I'm leaving?" feeling.

I wear one in a restaurant until I get to the table, then immediately take it off, and leave it off if I'm going to the bathroom or leaving the business.
The first 2-3 months I would never wear one.

Unfortunately, I am a pussy so I eventually could not maintain the state of mind required to go outside maskless in a country of retards. Now I wear a mask from entry to exit of an establishment. I will not wear one in my car and I will not wear one outdoors. If a private company has signage I will comply. But....

My level of petty however has increased to unchartered heights. I shop at Whole Foods so their is a plethora of opportunity:
  • Walk the opposite direction of the floor diagrams
  • Purposely mess up entire isles of goods that an employee has just organized (I only do this to employees who have previously harassed me to wear a mask)
  • I like to take bags of flour and set them down on the other sides of the store. The "sustainable" packaging leaks flour and some yuppie will have to carry it back and clean it up.
  • I only pay cash now. I usually try to carry a $50s or a $100s and make them break it with small bills. It fills me with great joy these employees with those plastic screens on their head count stripper money with their bare hands.
  • I put my fresh veg and fruit in multiple layers of plastic bag so that they cashiers can't read the stickers easily.
  • I ask the butcher staff to clean and sanitize the scale between every type of meat I'm buying.....been thinking about purchasing a small hat just for this interaction every week.
  • I've even called the local heath department because I'm just very concerned with the lack of ppe provided in the self service food section of my locale Whole Foods location.
  • Etc....
Welcome to modern warfare friends.


It's pretty chill here in FL. At least where I am. I never wear a mask in the grocery store. For work I wear a mask when I have to go in to the office but usually I telework so that's rare. Some places are super anal about it but I just take a mask from them and wear it with my nose hanging out so I don't fog my glasses. I go out to eat a lot and never wear a mask. If the restaurant tries to make me wear one coming in just to take it off when I reach my table I just walk out, but that's only happened once. I'll never eat at that place again.

I've only had one person tell me she was harassed and bullied for not wearing a mask by strangers, and she was a waif, so go figure. If you're a big scary dude mask cucks won't bother you since they're cowards by nature.


Masks are mandatory where I live. I'm not spending another night in a Panamanian jail because I refuse to comply with an order that is strictly applied.

Spend a night in a Central American jail, and then see how brave you are. It's not the hill I'm going to die on.
Sounds like you're taking it personal, bro. Sorry about your government. They sound like a bunch of assholes.

Here in Florida, they're not gonna put you in jail for not wearing a mask. Some municipalities tried to fine people but our Governor shut that down. Here, the people who insist on wearing a mask at all times, even when it is senseless, and take it upon themselves to be mask police when they have no such authority over us, ARE cowards.


Only at doctor's office, though I only go to see a urologist for testosterone and blood work, I walk in with a neck gator, as soon as I'm in the room I take it off and nobody including all the doctor's say anything. They aren't wearing masks outside the waiting room either.

Other place is if it is something for my kids thst is going to be an issue. I'll humble myself and not chimp out if it's a necessity for my boys. Which is rare.