On The Road Again


Roosh, it was fun to watch that VLOG. I laughed at them calling you Rausch. Using a manual post hole digger like that is no joke, I've dug many holes with one of those things.
Roosh, how did you find these guys or get the job?

I would recommend Mechanix brand gloves for working with: even the lightest models are very hard-wearing for the dexterity they offer.

Enjoying the VLOG posts


Is it @kingroosh on Insta? I'm having trouble with the link so I'm trying to find the video the long way.

On this channel I do not see the video

Try to live in the wilderness starting with absolutely nothing. Just you and your underwear (in case you care about decency in the jungle)

:) Except he's working a job atm - gotta stay fresh!

Mr Gee

Well done Roosh. Manual labour is good for the soul (helps you sleep too). You look like you're smashing it. Looks like a great bunch of guys as well.
As said elsewhere here, you need safety boots and glasses :) Once you have the gear you will be able to travel and work with your own kit. Remember to eat well.


Hey Roosh, how is your road trip going? It sounds like you are having a good time:

Do you think you'll keep in touch with your bosses/coworkers (friends?) when you go back? When is your new book coming out (I think you mentioned it was being edited)? Any plans to do some more Roosh Hours when you get back to DC?

Good to see you out and about enjoying yourself.
I disagree. I find masonry is challenging, especially working with mortar to get good clean joints and have the bricks/blocks be level. Plus cement is caustic to your skin.

I agree that roofing is probably the worst, especially asphalt shingles and if doing re-roofing including demo.

I've roofed my own house before and I have done a couple of masonry projects. Both are difficult to do correctly, but roofing is, by far, the worst of the two in regards to physical labor. I've got some serious respect for guys that roof houses for a living.


I had a thought today that you're physical labor over the last few months has been prepping you for work in a cloister. Do you think this may be the case and that the construction jobs may be a precursor to laborious jobs in a monastery?
Today is my last day in construction. My body is really dragging after 5 weeks of this. I don't know how other men do it for so many years.

Takes almost a month just to get your feet/legs used to standing all day in steel toe boots. And then of course the lifting and general aches and pains (depending on what you are doing).

But you do eventually grow amazingly strong and develop the specific stamina needed for whatever type of labor you are doing.

I did a couple years as an industrial scaffolder, after mostly being a guy that sat around and read a lot. After getting over the hump it didn't feel so bad. When we did nonstop shutdown work (7 days a week, 12+ hours a day), okay, that wore you down pretty fast. But five tens of pure physical workload each and every day soon became pretty easy.


Today is my last day in construction. My body is really dragging after 5 weeks of this. I don't know how other men do it for so many years.

Most of men are in pretty bad shape when they reach 50/60. Specially knees and back.

If I did construction would probably try to be an electrician. Even though their arms also suffer from it. Guys making money are the ones who start buying remodelling and reselling. It´s nice to do it once in a while.



Most of men are in pretty bad shape when they reach 50/60. Specially knees and back.

Way to kick a man when he's down ;)
Valizadeh was born June 14, 1979
(now you got me reading)

Yup, I'm a little younger than Roosh and my body has many complaints. You get that thought that "this injury to my finger/elbow/back/knee/shoulder/etc is the worst one to get". Sometimes what you manage to accomplish while injured is surprising, inspiring even. And yet...



(now you got me reading)

The German Wikipedia writes this:

Valizadeh wanted to be in Australia that day himself. By order of the Minister of Immigration, Peter Dutton, the Department of Immigration monitors his activities. His supporters planned "tribal meetings" in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth that day. Valizadeh announced that he would take his yacht from Indonesia or East Timor to Australia. However, because he could not guarantee the safety and privacy of the men attending, he cancelled his visit to Australia the day before.

The Australia story is not mentioned in the English Wikipedia...

Tex Cruise

The Australia story was one of the funniest troll jobs in forum history.