Online dating in 2007 vs now: what the h-ll happened?

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Unless you've got some special connection or social circle thing going, messaging chicks like a stranger right off the bat is not going to work. Unless you're a Chad and got some adonis type of look lol.

Even then, when she's responsive, it's not ideal. You can check my post about my story trying to date a chick I met off just won't go out as well. Better to meet in person.


This may ruffle some feathers. As someone who used to partake, I must say if you participate in online dating in any form, you're feeding the beast system. Yes, even the "Christian" ones.

The only solution is for men to drop out. "Dating" is a modern globohomo term and we all know what it really means. You should be courting a potential wife, not "dating".

Are you going to find a wife on hinge or bumble? Are you going to find a wife the same way you browse used car listings? Women who are wife material are just as put off by the modern dating scene as men are.

Good men and women need to drop out and go back to their local communities to find each other.
Another important aspect is to actually envision that person, the one we need, what's their manners, how they manifest their unique character, their personality and its traits, which will work as sandpaper to the beclouded and sinful parts of ourselves, and vice versa. Moreover, we must screen for συναντίληψις, <sin + antilipsis>, meaning a shared co-apprehension of the world. God is omnipotent and can bring or remove people from our lives, yet we need to work in synergy with Him, especially for this particular endeavor since it's about the shared cross with our significant other which must lead to salvation, not just 'have kids', or wordly pleasures. Thus, it has to be a conscious effort and choice from our part, considering that marriage is eternal.


I first tried online dating in 2002-2005 and had some success with slim average women. Still big numbers and only got 2 dates in 2 years (bear in mind I was only logging in once a week and sending perhaps 8 messages per week). One led to sex but lived in cities 100 miles apart so went seperate ways. Myself was slim and average, black hair green eyes - I think I was a 5-6 so didn't aim for 7+. I aimed for slim/skinny 5's or 6's. I was 25-27 and didn't go for girls over 27. What I think happened is that there was plenty of healthy weight chicks under age 25 during that period of early 21st century. Then suddenly when these chicks hit 30+ *boom* they become a whale.

Whale = automatically a no to me.

When I tried online dating in my early 30's (2008-2012) it was just full of whales, so the slim average ones over 25/30 become more valuable... And therefore more picky (choosing Chad's instead of average slim guys). The entitlement to Chad's only sky rocketed.

There's 5 men to 1 woman on most apps.

But if only one in three American & British woman is a normal body weight or remotely slim (not necessarily hot looking.. just slim bodied), that means there's only 1 slim woman per 15 male dating site users. So, yes it's a fucking sausage fest where the average guy becomes an annoyance/clown to women on his smv level.

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Everyone knows I talk about the M:F ratio being the biggest factor, but from the social angle, women working crushed the entire intersex dynamic in that it inverted roles and created men as accessories for women (another inversion). Once you are no longer a priority, you are an accessory. I know people don't like hearing this, but women by nature are accessory to men. The problem is that since this is natural, men will treat women they lead, well - if treated well and there is reason to. The converse sadly is not the case. The man becomes someone, in the career paradigm, as a johnny come lately to save or bail out the woman from a biological and social point of view. Parenting and not being honest with women about their (short) window and biology is the biggest problem, after understanding that yes it is cultural sabotage.

The number of young women in EE or South America in spots, that are available and better looking, is at least 10:1 (might be 50:1) compared to the west.


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it doesn't work because too many men will have sex with almost any woman, which then inflates woman's self-worth

also, women are clueless when it comes to discerning men's intentions.

Too many men make themselves into victims, but it's a two-way street, men allow bad behvaiour in women and vice versa
Something that isn't pointed out enough, is that while beta males sulk and lament the dating market, a lot of low value, out of shape men would still rather wank it to porn and tiktok thots than entertain a woman realistically at their same level.


Yeah, the situation sucks. So then you do the best out of it, take care of your own shit, improve yourself, move, take the best you can get and make the most of it. The problem is that the masculine is wounded in so many men and they turn into whiny little angry boys. But there still needs to be a non-prescriptive/objective discussion about the situation and consequences of it.