Online privacy thread (formerly: Which VPNs have you used?)


Vox Day just released a new stream talking about the surveillance programs of the prior administration, and potential state of surveillance today and the future.



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Personally, I use a VPN called Private Internet Access. It's only 40 dollars a year and you can connect up to 5 devices to it at once, so me and my brother just go half and half on it. They also claim they don't keep logs of your internet usage, but who knows if they're telling the truth. I've had their service for 5 years now and it has really come in clutch. I highly recommend it.
I used HideMyAss for awhile, then switched to a more local Canadian company called "Windscribe." However, now I just use TOR and would recommend that. It's free, it's just as good as a VPN and NO ONE is logging your internet activity. DO NOT use a "free" VPN - nothing in this world is free and they are totally tracking/logging your data and using it to make $$. How else do you think they stay in business?

If you are going to go with a VPN, don't use one that is located in one of the "Five Eyes" countries (

Also, I am currently looking at a way to get my own Virtual Private Server and basically create my own VPN. I could SSH into it through TOR and I think it would be just as good or better. We'll see.
I have been using NordVpn for a few years now and I can recommend it. It's fairly cheap, about €3,- /month and the speed is usually good. Even when I play the occasional FPS game, I rarely have problems with it. You can use it on 6 devices simultaneously.
and some of the TOR servers are operated by intelligence services.
I only would use TOR together with a VPN service to surf the deep web.
HideMyAss is no good recommedation as they keep logs.
Thanks for the reply. I know - I wasn't recommending HMA. I stopped using it years ago, after I found out that they had shared logs with law enforcement in the UK. To clarify: I don't use really TOR to surf the deep web - you can use it for the regular web as well. In fact, it's what I'm using right now. It works by encrypting several outer layers of your internet traffic (hence the term "Onion Router", as I understand it) and therefore the intelligence service would basically have to control all the different nodes you are going through. However, it is not completely safe either and I would agree that it is better to pair it up with some kind of VPN as well, which is why I'm currently looking at renting a VPS and basically making my own. I think the "DIY" approach is probably best, because I honestly don't trust any of the major VPNS, except perhaps if they are located outside of the Five Eyes countries, at this point.
Used Windscribe for a while, they were great. After some tighter money concerns, I hopped on the "perpetual license" meme with SecureVPN, which works actually pretty well, just terrible UI and once or twice a month their service would entirely fail (honestly not that bad for several years of use on a $40 one-time purchase).

Been really considering NordVPN since some of their yearly subscription deals look really good.


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Telegram will let other users with your phone number in their contacts know that you have signed up. Even if you have all the privacy settings activated.


terms of service lie, capitalism is capitalism, nothing new nothing's a business risk calculation ($ gained vs penalties once caught).
I don't want to write a book so search Mike Bazzell and go as extreme as you want with privacy...


Lots of VPN's out there, but Mullvad takes the cake. Seems to be the best option on the market. Yeah it costs a little more than some, but you can use some of that BTC you've been hording, and in 2 months when the price is up, it's basically free. No user data logging, a plethora of location options, runs fast enough for any normal internet use, and there's no KYC that can link to you. Beautiful. You get a 16 digit access code for logging in (write it down), so you can use Mullvad across all your devices. Cheers to @ThrustMaster and @Batman_ for the recommendation.


if you're really trying to be secret squirrel secure you need to also not use a VPN in the 14 eyes and not use standard encryption..i.e. use Twofish not AES. Lot of work just to spite them


Had PIA which was nice but they got bought out by some Israeli firms which has suspect history or making malware.. so I wouldn't trust them. Found a new one but miss having a browser plug in.

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Had PIA which was nice but they got bought out by some Israeli firms which has suspect history or making malware.. so I wouldn't trust them. Found a new one but miss having a browser plug in.
Interesting, I believe they were Denver, US based (head office). Been using PIA nearly a year with brave browser on Linux Mint and seems OK, although recently their servers here in Australia got flagged as suspect by a lot of international websites I was accessing, and I kept on getting captcha challenge-responses, just run of the mill websites I usually visit. Well at least that is what I think happened. Around early August I think it was, has not happened since.