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It's easy to feel righteous anger in the face of such rampant degeneracy. But at this point I just feel saddened by all the millions of lost souls that surround us everywhere. These women will never ever be happy functioning members of society, let alone mothers who enjoy the love of their offspring in their late years. They will end up alone and broken, many are or will suffer from serious psychological issues.

May the Lord have mercy on their souls and lead them to the right path.


Its bad enough when it is localized on 'porn' sites, but I mentioned elsewhere, you see pipelines on twitter/youtube that are outright softcore or full on porn. I used to watch a lot of survival/'prepper' videos, and there are a lot of opportunistic whores that post vids, but one stands out where every thumbnail is her butt hanging out, well you click on the vid and it takes you to her twitter, where I kid you not, it is outright anal sex, with her tied up like a pig - on twitter. So somehow this is allowed (and (((encouraged))) ) yet right-wing thought is banned.


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The income is starting to decline for the cam girls, but the reason appears to be red tape involving the financial transactions. To ensure that there are no violations of human trafficking and child porn laws, the payment processors are requiring all content to be verified as legal first. I suspect that once credit card and other payment processing companies start getting into trouble for processing payments for illegal content, that they may start refusing to be involved with it.



Even on "gamer" site twitch, the "just chatting" section, which is generally e-girls and simps, has 5x more viewership then the most viewed game being streamed. Over 500k as of right now.
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This woman is a full time Only Fans model.

The nihilism of self-destruction strikes again. Yet increasingly I believe that focussing on such mentally disturbing matters is damaging our own souls. In fact, I believe that ‘rightwing’ media outlets such as the NY Post actually add to the normalisation of such nihilistic behaviour by constantly reporting on it, even if it is from a ‘conservative’ perspective. Instead we should radically stop paying attention to these nihilist attention seekers and let the dead bury the dead.