Orthodox and Single website review


Orthodox and Single is a dating website/mobile app specifically designed for Orthodox Christians seeking a spouse. It is the only dating app that I have tried that I would give a positive review. The format is simple and easy to use, the price is affordable ($5/mo.), and the women aren't flaky like those women you encounter on secular dating sites. The only downside is that there are not as many users on the site as you would find elsewhere (and many of the profiles are inactive), but this only reflects the reality of the relatively few number of faithful in the English speaking Orthodox world. I give it a thumbs up and am posting this thread so that others who might not have heard of the site can give it a try.

Blade Runner

I have often wondered what one could do to encourage membership and make various sites like this, which have positive aims and mean well, more ubiquitous. If I recall correctly, it suffers still from the main online issues (older women), but perhaps that is just something that must be taken as a given. It is international, which was a plus. The last issue I recall that might have been a challenge when I looked a long time ago was that a fair number of fake profiles had infiltrated, most of which were clearly not orthodox.