Orthodox Christianity


Thank you for sharing this video (and subtitles) .

In regard to God, our Creator, and Son of Adam the opening of this video is truthful.
Adam/Man as to human race- male and female.

[People] no longer pray to God; as most societies use to pray and to affirm.
Instead God has been eliminated from societies’ morals, values, schools, country; and even food and culture.

[Progressive] culture has contributed to societies’ moral decay.
And current secular-progressive events have revealed a type of darkness seen in [man]’s nature
Elder wisdom. Appreciate the message in this video.
I too "have hope that I will be with Him forever" in His Kingdom.

Let us pray for man during these transitional times.
Bless you DMM.



Orthodox Christianity reject the infallibility of the pope, as where Catholicism Christianity gives power to the pope in matters of doctrine.
Observation: This is one reason why Orthodox Christianity, in terms of religion (man-made), may be more appealing as a spiritual path for those not finding individual values aligned with Catholicism.

The pope is not a "de jure leader of the entire church." Why should the pope even be considered at such a level?

The Schism of 1054