Orthodox Christianity


No offense meant to people from America, but what I am seeing on social media, memes, the 'chad/based' terminology and its intertwining with Orthodoxy is making Orthodoxy look like some movement, and it looks like it is coming and created in America. As someone who grew up in Eastern Europe for the most part, I don't see this as the spirit of Orthodoxy at all, and it is grieving me.

Yeah, part of it just hubris from the intersection of consumer and internet culture but it isn't doing anyone any favors. When you grow up Orthodox it gives off a very "uncanny valley" feeling (at least to me, like "it looks right BUT IT ISN'T RIGHT").

The vast majority of parishes aren't like this irl though, although I do live in a place with old churches so it probably varies a lot by region. Like a lot of things on the internet (or life in general), the loudest and most irritating get the most attention.
Even the 'Death to the World' stuff... It's tacky.
Same, that seems counterproductive lol. I think the "Death to the World" movement started in the 80s as some kind of outreach (? maybe the wrong word) to punk/subculture types. I vaguely remember in Fr. Seraphim Rose's biography that a lot of Russian diaspora priest kids in California ended up as satanists, so I don't know if there was some overlap there.


Apologies for the post, upon reflection I should have softened it. I saw something on social media which wounded me then I came here to vent. Apologies if I caused offence. I think representations popping up online, like Neon skulls etc (Jay Dyer) contributed a lot to this neon- meme/ tech Orthodoxy thing, which seems like a totally different thing to the Orthodoxy I knew as a child. We don't have to progress Orthodoxy, because in and of itself it is timeless. Once you start bringing in techno music? (or whatever that is that is played in these videos) and the flashing lights, Theotokos in neon? :| it confuses people.

I understand it is coming from the newly converted goth groups, those that converted from punk etc. However, the discernment is not good. Even the fancy sites that montage Holy images. Simple images of Icons and wording from the Fathers / Bible is enough. Anyway, I wish I had more time to go into this, it is interesting and more complex than what I'm saying here. May God Bless you.