Orthodox Church In USA to Meet E. Euro Women

I have done no research on this method, and I assume any woman of marriageable age will be in a major metro area and not in church life, but I was thinking about going to an Orthodox Church to see if there are any good woman.

I assume there will be many barriers, as these are very excluding national groups with a dearth of women, being in USA. Family will also be in the area. Would a fellowship event be better?


I've heard Russian women will attend Russian Orthodox churches.
The Mormon girls are generally attractive if you are willing to convert to LDS.
It seems very common for Catholic women to try to meet men in the church, especially latin women.
I have taken a look at Eastern Orthodoxy because I find myself very drawn to Russian/Soviet women. My background is Protestant but I have had to take a look at Eastern Orthodoxy. I find Eastern Orthodoxy to be a tough sell though. Although there are things about Eastern Orthodoxy I admire, I'm still not convinced it's the purest form of Christianity. I am wondering if I could handle an interdenominational marriage.
If you are going to church "to meet women," then you are going for the wrong reason.

I don't see what's wrong with going to church to meet women.

Consider the other possible places to meet women:
1. The workplace
2. The bar
3. The Internet
4. The supermarket

Are these other places better places to meet women than church? Going to church might be the way to meet women because you then meet someone whose values align with yours. Also it is best to involve God in your search for a wife instead of having your religious life separate from your romantic life. If you reject Christ and you are going to church to meet women, then you have a much bigger problem--your problem is that you reject Christ, not that you are attending church to meet women.

My problem with going to church to meet women is that it's not very effective; most people at church are old people and families with kids. I'm not really into the contemporary church movement popular with the young hip crowd. I am having to consider Eastern Orthodoxy as an option. The other problem with going to church to meet women is that you have to be willing to commit to that church; you can't just meet a girl there and then later tell her that deep down you prefer a different type of church. If you meet a girl away from church, you at least have some more flexibility because she isn't choosing you because you attend the same type of church.

As for LDS, I don't see how a Christian can consider that. They are polytheists and believe that the Christian God of the Bible is just one of many gods who just rules over this Earth, while other gods rule over other planets. They believe that Jesus wasn't originally God.