Our schools are next

Can someone help me understand the problem here? The police officer saved Darrell from being killed by knife-wielding maniac. If you come across a crime in progress where one person is threatening another's life, are you supposed to just pat them on the back and go on your merry way?
I think we're going to see A LOT of police officers either go on strike or resign over the next little while. It's becoming impossible for them to do their jobs and those jobs are now getting put on the chopping block with these insane "defund the police" campaigns.


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article connecting the riots with the Marxist surge that went through our educational system in the 60's.
It’s got the basic idea about the cultural Marxist movement but it didn’t specifically mention Howard Zinn. When his revisionist version of history started being taught in schools it set the stage for tearing down statues twenty years later.

Timothy Crow

Schools are a joke. My experience is with a stepdaughter in the 2000's. She was a horrible problem child but then what could you expect. On many time I rembember having to go up to the elementary school where she attended because of forgotten lunch money or some similar crap. One of the first things I noticed is that these young, elementary school kids have no discipline. Kids were walking outside the school class was in session. As I enter into the school nobody was guarding the door, kid are roaming the halls. As I find the office the women running that institution completely ignore me until I vocally make myself known. A total F*&ck *P as far as running things I thought.

Later as the child grew older I was again called, many times since her mother would never respond to their calls, go figure. Well, I would regularly go into these schools, walk straight through the doors, metal detectors going off like crazy, nobody, NOBODY ever poked a head out to see what was going on. Get this, I am ALWAYS armed, always. Nobody cared, I would wander the halls trying to find the office, but what if I was a crazy person?

I remember on time a school called me, a bad school where they send bad kids, the child had drank an alcholic beverage that her mother bought for me but which I did not drink because it was some kool aid crap with a million points content. When she got to school she was wasted. They called me, I went to pick her up, they had me in the office, she was there passed out in a chair. They gave me the third degree, two of them, a white female and a black man. When I listened to them and laughed in their faces for the ridiculous crap they fed me they said I should take her home. They tried to wake her, wake up "name", wake up. It didn't work, so I reached over and gave a gentle tug on her ponytail, she woke right up but GOD FORBID! The sound of their breath being sucked in and the widening of their eyes was hilarious. They thought I was abusive. Idiots, all of them.

Lazuli Waves

A nursing dean was fired for saying "BLACK LIVES MATTER, but also, EVERYONE'S LIFE MATTERS" and "We are nurses. We care for everyone regardless of race, creed, color, religion, ethnicity, ability or gender preference."

She speaks about her Jewish grandfather. I'm curious if that will have any affect on how her story plays out.

Yep the schools are done. Every one in the system is in one of 3 categories. 1.ignorant Kool aid drinkers. 2. People who get it but moraly can care less(aka make it to retirement) 3. People who get it and quit or are leaving because they know everyone else is in the first 2 categories.