Painter Leonid Afremov passes away

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I recall that many people used to post this guy's paintings on the forum before, so I just wanted to share this notice from his family that he has passed away and his original works are now on sale:



So that’s who he was. Very cheerful and romantic pallet knife paintings of European-looking parks and architecture. Yet what a difficult life. Discriminated against in Russia for being a Jew, then discriminated against in Israel for being a Russian—then moves to New York, only now he’s middle-aged and the cold affects all his health problems. Nonetheless, his work seems to bring a lot of joy to people.

As hotly opposed to both Zionism and cultural marxism as I am, I don’t perceive Jews as being any less human than myself. And he’ll be the second Jewish artist whose works I’ve followed, with the first being Victor Ostrovsky.

And no, you won’t find too many Jews in the visual arts. You’ll see much more of them in music. He mentions Marc Chagall, but as far as I’m concerned, Afremov’s work is more impressive. Chagall couldn’t render an anatomically convincing human figure, and probably couldn’t do a portrait that resembled a real person—Afremov’s work seems to have a lot more studiousness to it.