Parallel society initiatives



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( unfortunately only auto generated subtitles are available ) he is interviewing one of the founders of a blockchain platform that aims to help cambodians do things without government interference medium article on the blockchain platform

Summary from the political ( fvd ) leader: The current FvD app, now mainly a PR channel, should become a Marketplace for stuff, get a job bank, and even be able to report which lunchrooms belong to FvD'ers. "I am going to buy my house from an FvD, my children go to a teacher who is an FvD, I want to book my holiday home with an FvD, looking for staff via that app," said Baudet. ,,We are a country, we are Forumland. Maybe not a territorial country, but a virtual country.”

I am in touch with one group who is starting such platform (s) I would like to get the input and analysis of the great minds of Roosh forum for the best chance to help them succeed. Critical voices are appreciated but try to be constructive.

How would you approach starting a platform / community like this ?
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