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Like I said a while ago in one of the Trump threads, that Parler did not have any contingencies in place for this scenario, despite gab already going through it in previous years shows at the minimum, dangerous incompetence.

Any serious Solution Designer building a product like that is likely to be attacked would have built the ability to easily re-deploy it onto new infrastructure.

Heck, it even gets done for general solutions.


The Parler hack is a B.S. story. Amazon gave all the data to the DOJ and they made up this cock and bull hacking story.

It is looking like that.

And the DOJ is giving is to their rabid mentally unstable Antifa paramilitary wing, to maintain an arms length from whatever they end up doing with this list of people.

I predict lists or possibly even searchable databases of 'wrong thinkers' will come out soon enough.


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Via Vox Day,"She's gone, Jim"
Fake Right site Parler is dead, having accomplished its objective of doxxing tens of thousands of clueless conservatives who didn't hesitate to go from the frying pan of Twitter right into the dumpster fire.

Social media site Parler may never come back online after Amazon dropped the conservative-friendly platform from its servers, its CEO said, as the company insists in court that its termination was motivated by “political animus.”

Parler CEO John Matze told Reuters on Wednesday that the website’s future is in limbo after a cascade of online vendors rushed to distance themselves from the platform in the wake of an eruption of violence at the US Capitol last week, saying he doesn’t know if it will ever bounce back.

“It could be never. We don’t know yet,” he said. “It’s hard to keep track of how many people are telling us that we can no longer do business with them.”

Build. Your. Own. Platforms. Get off the enemy's turf. Support the genuine alternatives. Anything else is completely pointless.



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'Hello world, IS THIS THING ON?' Parler reappears online after finding new host, vows to restore free-speech platform ‘soon’​

Parler is dead. They required users to provide all the documents and info for a full, comprehensive dox and didn't protect said documents/data.




There is using the CEOs awareness of my work to dig in the knife.
George Tu, 52, described the Parler founder, 27, as a fiercely ambitious young programmer who was largely non-political before falling in with wealthy Republicans, for whom he reportedly built websites.

Matze was fired this week, just weeks after the conservative social media site was shut down over violent and incendiary posts about the Capitol siege.

Tu also claimed that Matze discussed the work of Roosh V, a controversial blogger linked to the alt-right who has been slammed for his misogynistic writings including advising American men to travel to Eastern Europe to find subservient girlfriends.


Tu claimed Matze was fascinated by the work of Roosh V, a blogger and former pickup artist connected with the alt right who has been slammed for his misogynistic writings.

He had went on the record advocating for women to be banned from voting, describing a woman's value as dependent on her 'fertility and beauty', and stating that women with eating disorders make the best girlfriends.

Roosh V has been accused of anti-Semitism and promoting rape in his blog posts and books - his first book was published in 2007 and titled Bang: The Pickup Bible That Helps You Get More Lays. photographed the blogger back in 2016, revealing he was living in his mother's basement.

Tu said: 'On the plane when we met, John mentioned Roosh V, this blogger who gained notoriety on the internet for encouraging men to travel to eastern European countries to get into relationships with the women there.