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National File article (continued)
Parler has also come under heavy criticism for their terms of service, which includes “a reverse 230 clause” that allows the site to bill users for any legal fees that may come as a result of their posts.

Other users have reportedly been banned for calling this out on Parler.

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I thought Parler already happened like a year ago or something and we already knew it was fake and gay. How come it’s new all over again?

Or am I experiencing some kind of Mandela Effect dealie?

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Parler isn't new, but its heavily-funded PR campaign is new. They fed a press release through Mediaite about their supposed spike in popularity, and got positive coverage from Fox News, the Daily Caller, PJ Media, and Breitbart at the same time. They got conservative movement celebrities to tweet that they've tried Product and love it, and that everyone should use Product.

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Dont bash it right away, it takes time for something that just got popularity to navigate into a proper platform and run like a tech company should run. There is going to be mistakes made, alot of them, but bottom line we should have as many alternatives as possible.

Don't delete your parlor account, don't delete your gab account and you don't have to delete your twitter account. These platform in the future will be the same as digital media outlets, There is huffinngton post which has completely declined on the left, then there is gatwaypundit and dailycaller on the right. The more options the better for the consumer. Parlor might or might not be the end solution to twitter but it paves the way for something else.

There is a massive anti trust suit coming googles way from at least 20 States (its similar to the suits in Europe). It's very important that Google and Amazon are broken up and that there are as many popular alternatives as possible for twitter/facebook/instagram. There has to be some market share to competitors sot that these companies are kept in check.


I'm very suspicious of this pushing of Parler.

We already have Gab, which is awesome and already proven.

Note - Q pushed Parler and Gab has recently been under financial attack (credit card processing disabled by Visa).

Gab had it's Apple AppStore app banned long ago.

Parler is freely available.

The more attacked a person or thing is, the more legitimate it is to me.

Parler = Honeypot. Tread carefully.


Gab had it's Apple AppStore app banned long ago.

Parler is freely available.

The more attacked a person or thing is, the more legitimate it is to me.

Parler = Honeypot. Tread carefully.
These days, Gab is just another node in the fediverse. They replaced the
software backend with a modified version of mastodon. So you can use any
mastodon app to sign into gab on your phone (well actually...) and Gab doesn't
even need to have its own app anymore (iirc it actually doesn't have its own
app)... Some of the mastodon apps have blacklisted gab in their source code,
though, because there is a retarded sjw side of mastodon that blocks every
instance they don't like. There most certainly are still mastodon apps
available on iOS that don't block gab, though. I use Fedilab on Android. The
only notable android app I know of that blacklisted gab is Tusky, but there are
a bunch of forks of Tusky now for that exact reason, called "Musky" and "Husky"
and whatever other goober names people could come up with. You should be able
to use gab on your iPhone through apps like "Amaroq", "Mast", "Mercury", or
"iMast". Maybe one or two of those block gab too, I don't know, I don't have
an iDevice. If you're an iPhone user, try those apps and let me know which
ones work, I'm genuinely curious.
I like the idea of Gab, but Andrew Torba is being extremely evasive in regards to his business plan. I invested in Gab years ago - and since that time, he has not updated the investment campaign page a single time, nor outlined a plan for how he plans to get investors an ROI on our money, And worst of all, he outright refuses to answer a single question about any of this. I've asked him dozens of times, posting the same questions on various posts of his on Gab, and he refuses to even acknowledge the fact that I'm asking.

He basically took investors' money and then refused to do what businesses are supposed to do, which is hold quarterly meetings for investors in which revenue, profits, and plans are evaluated for the past quarter along with projections (or guidance) for next quarter's expectations. If I'd known about investing then what I know now, I would not have invested a penny based on his evasiveness alone; it's almost universally a sign that the CEO either doesn't know what he's doing or has criminal intentions. I'll charitably assume Torba has no idea what he's doing and / or wants to keep his lack of strategy a secret, rather than being an overt swindler.
This is just a problem we face in our modern world. We are not permitted any free speech or opposition. To create the illusion of choices, a select group is permitted to operate competing services. Let's take a look, starting with the Twitter-alternatives:

Twitter "Alternatives":
  • Gab - Founder & CEO: Andrew (((Torba)))
  • Parler - Founder & CEO: John (((Matze)))
Google "Alternatives":
  • DuckDuckGo - Founder & Owner: Gabriel (((Weinberg)))
  • - Controlling Stake By "System1" which was in turn founded and run by: Ian (((Weingarten)))
  • Qwant - Co-Founder: Jean-Manuel (((Rozan)))
YouTube "Alternatives":
  • BitChute - Founder & Owner: "Raymond Vahey"
    • I put the name in quotations as this does not seem to be a real individual (the name, at the very least). Very convenient to also select an Irish sounding last name to throw a researcher such as myself, off course.
    • Also of note: BitChute, despite its claims, is not a decentralized video streaming platform. Select any video, attempt to download it, and you'll see it served directly from a BitChute owned "seed" server, using a direct URL.

There we are folks. Enjoy your "freedom of speech" as long as (((they))) permit or tolerate it. Or, attempt to launch your own competing platform and be financially de-platformed or sued into oblivion, in no time.
What about the very website we're using now?

I think it's fairly clear that this website is not competing with the likes of Twitter, nor has it any intention to. This is more akin to a private club that's accepting new members. It is not a mainstream platform, and the day it becomes large enough to resemble one, we'll likely see moves to restrict this website, as well.

By quoting only that select snippet of my post, the argument can be made that I'm wrong, that we do have free speech, and this website's existence is proof of it. By that argument, free speech is indeed rampant in North Korea as well, given that a family can discuss whatever they wish, behind closed doors, in their own house.

(((They))) have a word for this type of textual analysis and wordplay: Pilpul.


This is just a problem we face in our modern world. We are not permitted any free speech or opposition. To create the illusion of choices, a select group is permitted to operate competing services. Let's take a look, starting with the Twitter-alternatives:

Twitter "Alternatives":
  • Gab - Founder & CEO: Andrew (((Torba)))
  • Parler - Founder & CEO: John (((Matze)))

Yeah dude, I'm with you on all this. But there are a few things missing from these lists. Forgive me if I'm being annoying, just repeating myself.

On the «Twitter Alternatives» list, the fediverse ought to be mentioned. If you don't want to use Gab, just sign up on (SPC) or or or any number of other fediverse nodes. I'm a SPC user, but I can follow gab users and gab users can follow me all the same. Gab is no longer its own isolated thing; the borders have been opened, so to speak, and Torba doesn't have to be your admin. Anybody can run their own server if they want to.

Google "Alternatives":
  • DuckDuckGo - Founder & Owner: Gabriel (((Weinberg)))
  • - Controlling Stake By "System1" which was in turn founded and run by: Ian (((Weingarten)))
  • Qwant - Co-Founder: Jean-Manuel (((Rozan)))

The missing option is Searx. Luke Smith has a searx instance running at , so you can go and check it out there. But anybody can run searx on their own server if they want to.

YouTube "Alternatives":
  • BitChute - Founder & Owner: "Raymond Vahey"

The missing option is LBRY. LBRY is decentralized, based on a blockchain. So it's not quite as simple as just running your own server (it would require an insane amount of storage space for starters), but the presence of multiple independent servers still makes censorship practically impossible. Doesn't matter if Jeremy Kaufman suddenly wants to censor you; he can't do shit. I know his name echoes, btw, but starting a platform like LBRY really ain't a very Jewish thing to do.

Dude, I'm with you. Parler sucks. Gab is dubious and there are a lot of valid concerns. People are rightly skeptical about duckduckgo, startpage, qwant, etc. Bitchute is also a step in the wrong direction. These are things that placate people, but they aren't things people can ultimately safely rely on.


Excellent post Falkenhorst.

A question in my head though - there seems to be at least two (or more) competing power groups within this one (((group))). A 'reformed' group as some labelled them. One that's fully anti-white and evil, and another where we their true intentions could be debated. This second group does mixed things, both for and against. Also, the level of fighting between these two is very vicious (e.g. the riots). Is it genuine or just a clever way to turn the US into a s##thole, the same strategy as ISIS in Syria et al?

One thing I'll agree with the 'left' on is the 'not all xyz'. I'd say the vast majority of everyday tribe members have no idea what's going on, just blindly follow the stupid engineered social justice causes and buy into their victimhood identity. When push comes to shove though you would expect they'd put the tribe above all else (country and friends). Perhaps with some massive convincing they'd distance themselves with this (which may happen with the pedo stuff, sucking baby boys etc).

Hell, even Hitler had a Jewish driver, high ranked Jewish or part Jewish soldiers and honorary Jewish members of the Reich.

Take Gab for example. It was fully attacked at the App Store and now payment processing level. It'll be a shadow of it's former self in a matter of weeks or months. From their recent email:

Gab has been blacklisted by Visa for “promoting hate speech.”

Gab does no such thing. This is like saying Google “promotes hate speech” because you can search racial slurs on their search engine and get results. Gab is a neutral technology platform. We follow the law, have an excellent relationship with law enforcement, and have a clear set of community guidelines that detail what is allowed on our website and what is not.

The bottom line is that Gab is not controlled and cannot be controlled by the oligarchic elite who are working to overthrow our counties and infect them with communism. It’s no coincidence that Katie Hopkins was banned from Twitter today, Zerohedge and The Federalist had their comment sections censored by Google, and VDARE is getting banned by their domain registrar. All of this is coordinated. It’s targeted.

Where is the President? Where is Congress?

Tweeting and “monitoring the situation.” That’s where.

No one is coming to save us and no one is coming to save you.

It’s on all of us to save ourselves.

So we have lost credit card processing yet again after a year and a half of working to get it restored. We have been under attack at the payment processing level all month long. In early June we were abruptly banned by two separate underwriting banks without cause.


“Risk related reasons” is the excuse. These banks have no problem processing payments for pornography websites which are loaded with child exploitation, human trafficking, and more. They have no problem processing payments for cannabis, which is still illegal at the federal level. They have no problems processing payments for gambling websites.

Gab sells t-shirts, hats, and a software subscription service.

I guess that’s “high risk” to these people.

We still accept payments via echeck, check by mail, and bitcoin. If you’d like to support us through any of those options you can do so by upgrading to GabPRO here.

You can also send a check or money order donation/payment for GabPRO:
Gab AI Inc
PO Box 441
Clarks Summit, PA

We will not go gently into the good night. We will rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

Ephesians 6:12

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

There seems to be an obvious push to get the Gab userbase over to Parler and unfortunately it appears to be working.

Bitchute has some very anti-((())) and good anti-pedo content which is still around. I would agree though, it's relevance is questionable.

Genuine opposition or perhaps they are tools to box all the dissidents in and create lists on them?

On this ownership note, Telegram (while experiencing some partial censorship on Apple devices) seems to be the platform with the most freedom. From memory the owners are Russians who relocated their business to Saudi Arabia (weird choice?) after pressure from the Russian government to create a backdoor. Seems like a show integrity and commitment to freedom.

Reddit has obviously been subverted years ago, and it looks like the normies are finally catching on with MaxwellHill.

Signal has long been suspected of being infiltrated after some weird activity after a certain version upgrade 4.x.x.

Google, Microsoft, WhatsApp (and FB Messenger) should be obvious.

Wicker is unknown to me.

Apple (and iMessage) is a mixed bag. There have been some high profile cases where Apple does protect their users privacy, but I'd say that's to protect the value of the company more than anything else.

Even the comment section was infiltrated by bots and shills. I remember seeing the like count of a subversive post shoot from 0 to an unrealistically high 250 within minutes (most posts would get say 20 max), as if they hadn't perfected their bot scripts just yet. RT fought back by removing anon accounts and requiring a login.

4chan is also owned by what appears to be a based Japanese dude, but has obviously been a big target of attacks. Who knows who's running 8chan and 8kun. According to Q crowd 8kun was setup and is run by the US Military so it's 'protected from the Deep state attacks'. Could be legit, another Honeypot or just something new so they have full control / controlled opposition like Parler probably is.

Proud to say Wikileaks is (or at least was) owned by a based Aussie. Who knows who controls it (or Assange) now. According to the Q crowd Assange is under 'Patriot' protection and will be used to give evidence of the Seth Rich murder, while Wikileaks is under Deep State control.
I think the idea of free platforms is nonsensical now. There was a brief period of time in which new technology was not understood by the elites. There will never be a free platform again until someone invents new technology that can't be controlled. This could be an internet based on internet of things or something similarly radical.

If free speech is not possible, then allowed speech is the key. You can probably talk about a great deal more things on russian sites that are not allowed in the West and vice versa.

Remember Kim Dotcom, who were a staunch libertarian and free speech activist, who got busted by americans in his New Zealand mansion?

He had the right idea, the financial power and the willingness to take the fight to the elites. His mistake was living in a vassal country of the current elites. What if he had lived in Russia?

That's also why it is an absolute kiss of death to have anything to do with Russia. The elites know that challenges to their hegemony need state backers. That is called "treason" in the same breath as their ideologues claim the US doesn't exist, that it was based on a lie and so on.

What about other countries? Would a country like Hungary perhaps be a more viable alternative as you grow?

These thoughts are all dangerous, because the mere suggestion of being protected by foreign countries has all kind of treasonous connotations, even though the US has done all this and much more, not by justification of international law, but by moral imperative! Yes, the double standard is visible, and that's why I could see something happening in the coming decades.
Thank you to @The Gooz Boos and @PixelFree for the thorough replies. Some good points and references in there.

With regards to all the other - let's say, fringe - alternative services: I would again refer to what I would liken to freedom while speaking within small, private circles. Even the CCP does not really suppress dissident voices on WeChat in groups that have less than a couple of hundred "followers". Speaking behind closed doors and with full anonymity is not free speech.

As to the point on "they are not all the same": That is a relatively new, western way of thought designed to suppress groups opposing (((them))). Start by confronting them either online or in real life and you'll notice how - even the powerless ones - will flip-flop between being a religious group, to being a racial group, to being a persecuted group. But at no point, will the in-group defensive behavior disappear. This inherent nature translates into the actions of the many at the bottom of their pyramid, all the way to the few at the top.

Finally, the comment about Jews in Hitler's government: I felt I had to address this as I've seen it used elsewhere due to historical references that are not entirely correct.

Most of the time when we hear "Hitler's chauffeur was a Jew", it is in reference to his close friend and comrade-in-arms, Emil Maurice. Maurice was technically 1/8th Jewish, though he was neither practicing, nor really aware of it. It only became apparent when the SS was reorganized under Himmler which required its members to prove Aryan ancestry (note: Aryan - not German, nor "White") dating back to 1750. At this point, Hitler had to intervene personally to issue an "Honorary Aryan" title to Maurice to exempt him from something that Maurice himself was unaware of. Hitler's last chauffeur was Erich Kempka, who had Polish ancestry, despite popular belief that he was Jewish.

Then we have the likes of Erhard Milch (Generalfeldmarschall), Werner Goldberg (Schütze), or Helmuth Wilberg (General der Flieger), who had Jewish ancestry (even 1/2 Jewish at times), but neither identified as Jewish nor was it practiced in their immediate family. As a matter of fact, they were all Baptised Lutherans who entirely identified as Germans and would never take offense in a Hitler speech on Jews to stand up and say "but I'm different". This is in tremendous contrast to those in the United States who are "Patriotic Americans" today, "Fellow Whites" tomorrow, "Persecuted Jews" the next day, "Libertarians" the day after, and so on and so forth.

I do apologize for bringing this seemingly unrelated topic into this thread, though I felt the statement above would need some context to clarify why my earlier post highlighted the owners of the controlled opposition.

As for @nomadbrah 's point on Hungary. I really want to have high hopes for that nation, but at times am disappointed in facts such as one of the founding members of the ruling Fidesz party and a close confidant of Viktor Orbán being one very influential (((Tamás Deutsch))). This is the same government that goes on a PR-driven hunt of George Soros' institutions, yet inks military, commercial, and other partnership treaties with Israel.