"Patriot Front" - Feds posing as extremists?

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A very odd spectacle could be seen in Washington DC a couple of days ago.

A group of white, uniformed men wearing masks appeared out of nowhere, marched around a little bit with police escort and then disappeared. No statements were made, no interviews given. No social media posts, no nothing.

This is of course being used as proof of the dreaded "WHITE SUPREMACY" that according to Biden and the media lurks around every corner.

So many oddities here.

Where did they come from? Where did they go? What did they want? Who are these people? Why do they all look exactly the same?

Their homepage, which I won't even bother linking to, looks like it's been produced by Hollywood and/or AI. It's just so bland. Littered with banal and vapid statements such as "We want to reclaim America", "We want liberty" and things like that.

Pretty certain that anyone who registers as a member on the page will end up in federal detention in short order.
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We already have a Patriot Front thread.

I'd say 70% to 90% of ALL "opposition groups" across the world are either secretly run by those in power, or are so highly infiltrated and compromised they are unable to be any threat the real power structure.

Unless you have a ultra orthodox draconian vetting policy, glowies will always infiltrate groups one way or anther.
We already have a Patriot Front thread.

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