Pence-Harris Debate - October 7, 2020


To those of you that are saying trump should be more like pence or a traditional republican.

A traditional republican would get crushed in every election from now forward, they offer very little if anything to the average american.
Trump got elected because he was going to build a giant wall, deport ilegals, stop foreign wars, bring our manufacturing back, renegotiate trade deals, stand up to currency manipulator china and reject all political correctness, he even said the “hedge fund guys will pay more.”

Unfortunately they highjacked the presidency with the fake russia story for years and most of what Trump got done a traditional policies of the republican house and senate. Deregulation, a few taxes canceled for you but more for the rich, bring in immigrants with “point system” take a looks at the debacle in Canada if you like stagnating wages. The corporate tax cuts nowadays are particularly insulting since most american corporations tend to be tech companies and financial institutions that outright despise the average man and would like nothing more than to see him tortured into submission.

In top of all this his extreme zionist foreign policy did not win any friends or voters, just pissed off more people.

The current american republican party is finished at competing federally. It has nothing to offer the average American. Putting a guy thats good at debating and great at giving speeches and handling interviews at the top of your ticket is not going to help you if your policies are awful.
Fly That Landed On Mike Pence During Debate Revealed To Be Member Of Antifa