I still have the shares I bought a few weeks ago at around .003 and I'm planning to sell them at .0068 or possibly a little bellow that. I was hoping to see a catalyst in April that would bring the price up but it's looking like nothing until May.

I think there's a high likelihood that this is a scam.

24B outstanding shares. How many legitimate companies have amassed a number like that, and how many did a massive buyback and retired enough shares to get them back to a healthy number? Henry says he doesn't want to do a reverse split.

Henry pokes his head up once every few weeks and makes a few tweets or does a CC or two and then goes silent again. All I've ever heard is a lot of hype, no REAL hard evidence has been presented to my knowledge.

Asian diamond exhange, Vietnamese infrastructure fund, a mining venture, a plastics producer (which there's about a billion of in Asia, I don't see why some people are so excited about that). It all seems all over the place and super ambitious. I want to see pictures of this guy in luxembourg shaking hands, in Vietnam shaking hands, etc. But it's always just a conference call from what looks like his living room.


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This appears to be your basic small precious metals mining company. They're operating a single mine in Mexico that seems to be supplying a steady stream of silver, gold, and copper ore. Usually, a mining company with a mine in steady production and less than 150m outstanding shares has a share price of at least $2-3, so at just over a dollar, this stock could be considered a good value. There is some speculation on the stock message boards I looked at that naked short selling, or regular short selling manipulation, is what has driven this stock price down the last couple of months. It could be that , but it could also be that they're operating in Mexico. This is the second company I've studied that has had serious problems with labor unions, perhaps tied to criminal cartels, completely shutting down their operations in Mexico.

Avino Silver and Gold Mines- ASM $1.19, 14 Apr 2021

Outstanding Shares: 89.6m

Employees: 350

Market cap: 121.75m

Cash: 11.71m (and equivalents); low debt;


1. Avino mine, Durango, Mexico- 100% owned and produced 510k oz silver, 4.4k oz gold, and 4.56m lbs of copper in 2019; was shut down for several months by the Mexican government in 2020 for Covid, then subsequently shut down by a miner’s strike until October, reducing ore production by 65% for that year. Major expansion project underway and full production is resuming.

2. San Gonzalo mine, Durango- 100% owned mine that ceased production in 2019; may be explored further in the future.

3. Exploration properties: Four in Durango, of which two have been optioned to Silver Wolf Exploration (SWE), one property at Keno Hill, Yukon, and two properties in southern British Columbia. None of the properties (except the two optioned to SWE) are currently under active exploration. Avino has right of first refusal for ore mined by SWE.


Company does not appear to be currently focused on opening new mines, rather it is trying to greatly expand its Avino mine. The company’s presentations do not provide a timeline on when they expect to announce their feasibility results for expanding the mine. If company can continue to produce 500k+ oz of silver a year, then start increasing that production in a few years with expansion, then it seems to me that this stock (assuming the price of silver stays strong) is currently a fairly good bargain at a price just over a dollar.

One worrying item is the labor dispute which shut down their mine for four months and ultimately delayed their resumption of full production until 2021. A similar situation has shut down the mine owned by Amercia’s Gold & Silver in Sinaloa. Labor disputes, especially with unions that appeared to be tied to organized crime, appears to be a worrying problem in Mexico for the future, especially since it appears that the Mexican government is reluctant to get involved.
I turn to the guy above, who wrote about Titan Mining - you're right, I also believe that in the long term, their shares will become more expensive. I follow them, and they are gaining steadily around 0.64 - 0.69 more and more every day, I think that soon the price will rise by a few more percent.
My brother suggested that I read how to avoid swap fees forex which prevented me from working with TXS, and I listened to him. Now it is really more convenient for me to trade knowing this information!
By the way, I have not heard about ASM , but according to the words and information provided by the guy - I want to look at it !
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Another fairly risky pharmaceutical stock. They are not as transparent as they should be, in my opinion, about their failed drug trial last year for their main product. However, the market apparently has noticed, which is one reason why their stock price is under a dollar. One positive about pharmaceuticals like this, however, is that they don't take as long to bring to market like cancer-fighting drugs. The clinical trials for these types of drugs, that treat symptoms rather than the disease itself, typically seem to last about a year.

AzurRx Biopharma- AZRX $.81, 15 Apr 21

Outstanding Shares: 74.44m

Employees: 12

Market cap: 92m

Cash/debt: 11.4m (and equivalents); no debt; 32m in expenses for 2020

Products: All targeted, non-systemic (doesn’t enter bloodstream) therapies for gastrointestinal (GI) diseases

1. MS1819- Targets Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) using Yarrowia lipolytica, an aerobic yeast; Undergoing two concurrent Phase 2 clinical trials for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Chronic Pancreatitis (CP); an initial Phase 2 trial for CF, which ended in November 2020, was unsuccessful; in March 2021 the company announced that it was reconfiguring the oral delivery method and reinitiating a Phase 2 trial; final results for both trials expected EOY 2021; In addition, the company is conducting a Phase 2 trial (Hungary and Turkey) in which MS1819 is combined with PERT (current approved drug) with results expected by Q4 2021; Phase 3 trial to begin Q1 2022 and end Q4 2022; there are ~30k and ~90k patients, respectively, with CS and CP in the US; initial patent expires 2028 but could be extended to 2041

2. FW-420- Niclosamide (generic drug) in two indications using administration (oral and enema) techniques licensed from First Wave Bio (FWB), Inc; Phase 1b/2a trial for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Induced Colitis and chronic diarrhea in oncology patients to start 2021 and end Q4 2022; patent expires 2036

3. FW-1022- Niclosamide with FWB for COVID-19 GI infections; Phase 2 trial to begin 2021 and end Q1 2022


Stock price is probably so low because of the busted Phase 2 trial for MS1819 in 2020, plus company sold 5.8m shares in March 2021 to provide $9m to fund this year’s clinical trials. Their drug manufacturing is outsourced. There are at least three other companies (NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals, Daewoong Pharmaceuticals, and Union Therapeutics A/S) that are also developing treatments using Niclosamide to treat GI disorders.

Executive compensation for this company is a little lower than other, similar companies and their bonuses for 2020 were much smaller. CEO was paid $462.5k plus a 159.5k bonus. Their website does not openly state that one of their Phase 2 trials for MS1819 was a failure. It is buried in their 2020 annual report and presumably in one of their Letters to Shareholders linked on their website.


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This small gold mining company appears to be in a fairly good position. They have one small mine in operation (40,000 oz of gold per year) and another they hope to bring online in a couple of years. They pulled a net profit for their Q1 2021 and have low numbers of outstanding shares, low expenses, and low debt. I'm not sure why their share price is so cheap right now. Perhaps one factor is that their gold production is low compared to other companies and their second mine is only estimated to have 400-500k oz of gold total. Seems to me, however, that if they keep their production consistent and the price of gold stays high, this company should continue to turn a net profit for the foreseeable future.

Fiore Gold- FIOGF $1.00, 19 Apr 2021

Outstanding Shares: 99.34m

Employees: 70 employees and 84 contractors

Market cap: 100.34m

Cash: 19m; 7m debt (long-term liabilities; company says in its presentation it has “zero” debt); about 10m annual expenses


1. Pan Mine, NV- 100% owned, in-production, open pit, heap-leach gold mine purchased from a bankrupt mining company (Midway) in 2016 that had previously operated from Feb 2014 to June 2015. Estimated life-span of renewed operation is until 2025. Most mining personnel on site are contractors. Produced 46k oz gold in 2020 and expects similar production until 2025, but may be able to increase production if exploration in the immediate vicinity enables expansion.

2. Gold Rock, NV- 100% owned prospective gold mine near Pan in evaluation stage. Although the company is currently hoping to mine the claim, it has assessed that the likely amounts of gold therein are only about 400-550k oz. Therefore, Fiore will stress cost-control with the mine, including the use of vat leaching.

3. Golden Eagle, WA- 100% owned prospective gold mining project in exploratory stage.

4. Rio Loa, Chile- Silver and gold prospect claim that was initially explored in 2018, but no further exploration is desired; trying to sell claim to a Chilean company for $150k


Incorporated in both Nevada and Vancouver, Canada. The company’s current goal is to ultimately achieve production of 150,000 oz of gold per year, but that might take awhile. Apparently, Midway screwed-up their leach pad processing at Pan which kept them from processing enough ore to stay current on their financial obligations. Fiore has rebuilt the leach pad and installed improved processing equipment at Pan and intends to follow suit at Gold Rock.

$17m revenue and 4m net income for Oct-Dec 2020. Company comments repeatedly that it has had, and is still having, difficulty in finding and hiring qualified personnel to work at its operations in NV, apparently due to competition with other mines in the area and perhaps because of US government COVID relief benefits causing miners to prefer to stay home rather than seek employment.

The company does not provide an estimated timeline for the development and/or opening of its Gold Rock and Golden Eagle projects. Fiore’s reports and statements are generally detailed and easy to understand. On 14 Apr 2021, company announced that gold production for Q2 was about 11m oz, a 19% increase over Q1 because of leach pad issues experienced during Q1. Stock price did not greatly increase after this announcement.


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An update on some of the stocks I previously reviewed:

1. Advaxis- Will be having a vote on a reverse stock split in their early June shareholder's meeting. They're hoping to do a reverse stock split to keep their shares listed on the NASDAQ.

2. Boxlight- I found out that the reason this company uses resellers rather than direct sales is so that the resellers can be classified as "women or minority-owned businesses" in order to get preferential treatment on the buying schedules for the US and Canadian federal, state/provincial, and local governments. While this may seem like a smart move, the problem is almost all electronics companies do this, not just Boxlight, so it doesn't necessarily give them a competitive advantage.

3. Aya- This company's stock has almost doubled in value since I profiled it, making me wish that I had bought more shares so I could cash in on the pop. Although I feel this company has the most potential of any mining company I've profiled so far, I think it's a little overpriced at over $6 a share right now and I'm wondering why it's so high. I hope it comes down so I can buy some more of their stock.

4. Citius- Their accounting year ends 30 Sep which is why I didn't see their annual report at first. I read it and their Q1 2021 reports and the only thing negative I saw about their situation is that they may have a little more competition for two of their products than what I initially observed. Still, I think this company and aTyr have the most potential and are in the strongest positions of any of the small pharma companies I've reviewed so far. Citius' stock was selling for as low as $1.51 over the past couple of days which I think is a bargain (this is not a buy recommendation until you double check my opinions for yourself).
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This appears to be a solid, small gold and silver mining company that has seen a net profit for several years now and is the first mining company I've profiled so far that pays a dividend. One interesting thing about them is that shareholders have the option of receiving their dividends in gold or silver bullion if they choose to, but it takes a little bit more paperwork. Is this worth doing?

Gold Resource Corp- GORO $2.87, 22 Apr 2021

Outstanding Shares: 74.44m

Employees: 11 employees, 570 contractors

Market cap: 224.06m

Cash: 25.41m; zero debt;

Operations: Blanket name for all properties is “Don David Gold Mine” and all are located near each other in Oaxaca, Mexico. Total production in 2020 was 20,473 gold ounces, 1,189,366 silver ounces, 1,593 copper tonnes, 7,725 lead tonnes and 19,696 zinc tonnes. All operating mines use a single processing facility, an agitated leach plant, located at Aguila. All properties are 100% owned.

1. Aguila Project open pit and associated Arista underground mine. Began mining operations in 2010. Company hopes to expand production from both the pit and the underground mine starting this year. Company believes there are 156k oz gold and 8m oz silver reserves at the location.

2. Alta Gracia Project with Mirador underground mine. Began mining operations in 2017. Company believes there are 1.6k oz gold and 716k oz silver in this mine.

3. Exploration properties in same area include Rey, Chamizo, Las Margaritas, and Fuego. The company is exploring all four properties, but has not disclosed a timeline for evaluation and/or feasibility studies.


Company split in two in December 2020 with spin-off, containing their gold mine in Nevada, becoming Fortitude Gold Corp (FTCO). I wonder if using contract company workers at the Oaxaca mines will help this company avoid labor conflicts that have disrupted other mines in Mexico? The area of the mining claims in Oaxaca is mainly inhabited by the indigenous Ejido tribe which has objected to and in some cases has halted exploration and/or development of some of the company’s claims.

Paid a $.04 per share dividend in 2020. The company provides an option for shareholders to receive their dividends in gold or silver bullion rather than cash, but the holder has to register directly with the company rather than through a broker or other intermediary.

Realized a net income of $10.7m for 2020, but that included their Nevada production. The company executives are paid in the range of $220-380k plus around $100k bonuses, which I think is reasonable for a company of this size with their amount of net income. Overall, appears to be a strong company well-situated to continue making a profit over succeeding years as long as metal prices stay strong.


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This company had not just one, but two of their drug candidates bust their Phase 3 trials. But they're hanging in there and putting more candidates into their pipeline. As I note below, their announcement of a nasal spray that supposedly prevents the spread of viruses and allergens brought them a lot of attention late last year. I really don't know if these guys are for real, or if they're another AIM Immunotech. We'll see, I guess.

Auris Medical- EARS $3.34, 23 Apr 21

Outstanding Shares: 11.4m (2020 annual report)

Employees: 9

Market cap: 21.84m

Cash/debt/expenses: 11.2m; low debt


1. AM-125- Betahistine nasal inhalant to treat inner ear disorders, specifically vertigo. Phase 2 trial delayed by COVID-19; may restart by 3Q 2021

2. AM-201- Betahistine nasal inhalant for prevention of antipsychotic-induced weight gain and somnolence (chronic drowsiness); Phase 1b trial

3. AM-301- Non-pharmaceutical nasal gel spray to inhibit transmission of viruses and allergens through the nose; pre-clinical; may be classified by FDA as a “medical device” (510(k)) rather than a drug; Auris is attempting to get fast-track trial approval from the FDA under the COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorization

4. Keyzilen (AM-101)- acute inner ear tinnitus; failed Phase 3 trials in 2016 and 2018; approved for another Phase 3 trial by FDA in 2019, but Auris has not decided yet on proceeding

5. Sonsuvi (AM-111)- acute inner ear hearing loss; obtained mixed results in 2017 Phase 3 trial; FDA approved further testing, but company has not yet made a decision on whether to proceed; has received orphan drug status and fast-track designation

Notes: Swiss company that relocated to Bermuda in 2019 and declined to include their former Swiss address in their 2020 annual report. Executed a 1-20 reverse stock split in May 2019. Net losses have decreased every year since 2016, because of discontinuance of Phase 3 trials for Keyzilen and Sonsuvi. Company predicts 11.5m – 13m operating expenses for 2021. According to the company, there are no direct competitors for its ear/hearing drugs. However, I don’t see why another company couldn’t replicate their AM-301 nasal gel. They hint in their 2020 annual report that they’ll likely have to sell more stock in 2021 to fund their operations.

In 2019, Auris formed a subsidiary called Zilentin Ltd and transferred to it the licenses for Keyzilen and Sonsuvi. Uses third parties to manufacture their drugs.

Their announcement of initial, promising results for AM-301 on 1 Dec 2020 sent their stock from about $1 to almost $6 in a single day. They announced on 13 Apr 2021 that they will begin selling AM-301 in certain locations in Europe under brand name Bentrio before the end of 2021. The announcement has so far not had a significant effect on their stock price.


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Here's a few more profiles on some small mining companies I've looked at recently:

Callinex Mines- CLLXF $2.44, 28 Apr 2021

Outstanding Shares: 13m

Employees: ?

Market cap: 32m

Cash: 246k


1. Flin Flon, Manitoba- Includes Pine Bay “Rainbow” discovery containing copper, gold, silver, and zinc.

2. Bathurst, New Brunswick- Includes Nash Creek, Headway, and Superjack deposits of estimated 963m lbs of zinc. Also, near-surface silver vein at Nash Creek. A 2018 preliminary economic assessment recommended further exploration of the claim directed at future development.

3. Pt. Leamington, Newfoundland- Initial exploration indicates deposits of 577m lbs of zinc, 484k oz gold, 7.7m oz silver, and 130m lbs copper.


The company’s literature states only that it will be continuing exploratory drilling of the three properties during 2021. It does not give a timeline for a final feasibility study for each. Callinex has partial ownership in a graphite deposit claim in Manitoba, but is in the process of selling it to Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp. This company appears to give good exposure to zinc mining, which is often sidelined as a by-product by most other precious metals miners.

I’m not sure why the stock price is so high for this company when it doesn’t even have a timeline for completing its final development feasibility assessment. It could be that the mineral deposits the company has found so far are above-average in quality. The low number of outstanding shares is probably a contributor as well, and I commend the company for making an effort not to oversell shares to finance their operations. Still, I would expect the stock price to come down a little while investors are waiting for them to make a production decision.

Clarity Gold- CLGCF $.87, 30 Apr 2021

Outstanding Shares: 28m

Employees: ?

Market cap: 26m

Cash: 48k; no debt


1. Destiny, Quebec- Gold claim; Clarity is in the process of acquiring 100% ownership; intermediate exploration

2. Empirical, BC- Gold, Copper, and Molybdenum claim; Company currently in process of acquiring 100% ownership; intermediate exploration

3. Tyber, Vancouver Island, BC- 100%-owned, gold, copper, and silver claim; preliminary exploration

4. Gretna Green, Vancouver Island, BC- 100%-owned gold, copper, and silver claim; preliminary exploration


Incorporated on 11 Sep 2019. IPO on 25 June 2020. I’m not sure that this company should be optimistic about their BC exploration, as several mining companies have had their mining permits denied by the green weenies in the BC provincial government recently. Their Quebec claim is probably the most promising.

This stock is a little expensive for a company that is still in the exploration stage, but apparently the low number of outstanding shares, the leadership team, and the exploration results so far have helped the share price. Likely three years, at least, from opening a mine and starting production.

E3 Metals- EEMMF $1.84, 30 Apr 2021

Outstanding Shares: 50m

Employees: ?

Market cap: 77m

Cash: 6m


1. Clearwater Project, Alberta- Proposed lithium harvesting operation from undergound acquifer brine water (beneath oil and gas fields); projected 20-year lifespan w/ 20k tonnes of lithium produced annually; 3.4 year payback w/ ultimate production totals estimated at $1.1b vs ~700k in total production costs; company plans to conduct test production throughout 2021

2. Exshaw, Rocky, Sunbreaker, Drumheller, and Medowbrook-Rimbey- exploratory projects in same general area as Clearwater; company does not provide timeline of exploration of these projects in its literature


On January 25, 2021 the Livent Corporation (larger lithium producer) withdrew from its partnership with E3 to develop their lithium extraction technology, citing costs. Subsequently, E3 partnered with Devco for processing technology development. In April 2021, the government of Alberta awarded E3 a grant of $1.8m to assist in their development of the lithium extraction technology.

Main risk seems to be with their processing technology, which they appear to primarily be developing themselves rather than using established processes. If their technology works well during their testing phase over the next year or so, they could be starting major production within a couple of years. Hiccups with the tech, of course, could cause delays.

If the hype over lithium production continues as is, once this company declares start of full production, its share price should jump to close to double-digits, especially if their number of outstanding shares remains as low as it currently is.

Garibaldi Resources- GGIFF $.36, 30 Apr 2021

Outstanding Shares: 121.5m


Market cap: 45m

Cash: 336k

Operations: The company appears to be exploration only and plans to license, option, and/or sell its finds to other mining companies

1. Nickel Mountain, BC- Part of the Company’s E&L claim and its premier prospect; exploration over several years has found significant presence of high-grade nickel, copper, cobalt, and rhodium, palladium, platinum, plus some gold and silver; assessment to be released in 2021 while exploratory drilling continues

2. Casper Project, BC- Part of the Company’s Palm Spring claim; exploration during 2020 produced promising indications of gold; assay results to be released in 2021 while exploratory drilling continues

3. Mexico claims- La Patilla, Sinaloa; Iris, Chihuahua; Sonora; undergoing initial exploration

4. Other BC claims- Red Lion; Grizzly; Golden Bear; King; King South; Sid, Sunrise, and Atlin, Black Gold, and Tora Tora and are undergoing initial exploration


The company’s website hasn’t been fully updated since 2019. It appears that their exploratory drilling continues at most of their claims, but they are being less vocal about it. It could be they’re waiting for the completion of assay evaluations for Nickel Mt and Casper which should be done any day now, according to their material. Their fiscal year ends 30 Sep.

There have been a number of mining applications rejected by the government of British Colombia in recent years, so I wonder if that might affect the value of this company’s prospecting finds in that province.

Gratomic- CBULF $1.15, 3 May 2021

Outstanding Shares: 62.3m (135k according to 2020 corporate presentation)

Employees: ?

Market cap: 65.45m

Cash: 1m; 3.5m annual operating expenses


1. Aukam Graphite Project, Namibia- Gratomic owns 63% of claim and is currently acquiring the remaining 37% from NextGraphite Inc.; construction of processing plant at site is almost complete and Company expects mining to begin Q4 2021; mine will produce vein graphite, which is the most rare and valuable type and currently only produced by Sri Lanka; Company believes it can produce 20k tonnes of graphite, of varying grades, per annum

2. Buckingham, Quebec- Initial exploration of graphite deposits; 100% owned


Company plans to use a new, unnamed metals exchange plus TODAQ to trade its graphite production in crypto-currencies. Company will provide TODAQ with 5k tonnes of graphite for $25m as a reserve backstop for TODAQ crypto notes (TODA Notes or TDN). Gratomic wants to self-designate the graphite produced from its Aukam mine as “M97 grade.”

Gratomic has a sales agreement with Phu Sumika to supply 37.5k tonnes of graphite over five years for between $500-2,800 per tonne depending on grade. Company has a 50/50 profit agreement with Perpetuus to produce graphene nano-materials for Vittoria Tires and other customers from production facility in Swansea, Wales.

The Company had a major leadership shakeup in March 2020 with the resignations and replacement of almost all top officials. Company literature does not explain what precipitated the event.

The stock price is suspiciously low for a company that’s about to go into production of a fairly valuable commodity. My first guess would be that investors are a little nervous about the huge management shakeup last year, the use of crypto in selling the metal, the vaguely explained delays in securing the remaining ownership of Aukam, and perhaps the lack of verifiable information on the Namibia operation. For example, in their presentation, the company says it is “not prepared” to disclose the total expenses incurred in setting up the processing plant at Aukam.

Impact Silver- ISVLF $.56, 4 May 2021

Outstanding Shares: 144m

Employees: ?

Market cap: 82m

Cash: 20m; no debt


1. Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District, Mexico- Includes the Guadalupe Production Centre which processes 500 tonnes per day from five mines: San Ramon Deeps (22%), Mirasol, Cuchara-Oscar (23%), Guadalupe (45%), and Veta Negra (10%). The Company may open a “Pachuqueno extension” in this area in the near future.

2. Capire-Mamatla Silver District, Mexico- Includes the Capire Production Centre with capacity to process 200 tonnes per day from the adjacent open pit mine of the same name; this mine is not currently in operation but company is evaluating whether to reopen it.

3. Exploration properties, Mexico- Include the Santa Teresa, Carlos Pecheco, San Ramon Deeps, San Juan, Huatecosco, and Chapanial properties near Guadalupe and Manto America property near Capire. Properties show varying degrees of promise and Impact has not announced further development of any of them so far.


Company earned a net profit of $2.3m for 2020 on production of 646.5k oz silver. I’m not sure why this company’s stock price is so low in spite of being in the black on earnings. Company’s website is not fully updated, showing mines as still closed (Guadalupe) in spite of reopening in 2018. The company has issued only four press releases in 2021 to date, and its full 2020 financials weren’t announced until March 24, 2021.

I could be wrong since I’m not confident in my ability to read the ore assessment numbers, but it appears that this company is treading very carefully on its rock processing because the silver ore percentage in their claims may be lower than the industry average. They seem to be very careful about not projecting high confidence in future operations to their current or potential shareholders. One indication is that the company indicates that current market price for silver, in spite of being high, may not be sufficient to enable full reopening of all their mines.

Also, the company’s reports are more vague than other companies. For example, they don’t have an extensive list of detailed risks in their annual report. Instead, it’s very perfunctory. Most mining companies have an upbeat, positive, optimistic, open vibe in their press releases, financial reports, and presentations, but this company is more circumspect and cautious. I would think that a company with a functioning silver mine producing several hundred thousand ounces a year with silver at the current prices would be more happy about it.