Persecution of Ukrainian Orthodox Church



Akaky Akakievitch

An important message from our Bishop here in the UK (and of Western Europe), Bishop Irenei (Steenberg):

While it is addressed primarily towards the parishes and communities within this diocese, it is inspiring for all Orthodox faithful nonetheless to follow his advice and do more in their personal prayer rule and spiritual life to send up more petitions to God for the Ukrainian Orthodox monastics, clergy and lay people being persecuted here. I must admit it's only in the past week or so that it's really started to dawn on me the gravity of the situation.

We were blessed to receive Bishop Irenei in our small mission parish last week for a Presanctified Liturgy and for the feast day of St Chad, our patron saint. He's a very warm humble man, with a fatherly disposition of stern discipline but also gentleness. Hopefully I will see him again in the coming weeks, he is performing a special Unction service at his cathedral in London, and also up in Wallasey (near Liverpool), for any Orthodox Brits interested on this forum it would be worth making the journey as we've been told it's a rare opportunity. DM me for details.