Persecution of Ukrainian Orthodox Church


Orthodox Catechumen
Not sure how relevant you guys deem this, but in Bali there's a Hindu religious festival I attended in the past called Nyepi.

The night before the juristicted silence commences consists of a big Hindu 'demon' parade that's deliberatly noisy to 'deter evil spirits'. Massive bloody monsters carried by scantily clad and colorfully painted men to the beat of war drums.

To me it just seemed like demon worship. It gave me bad vibes. Inverted intentions perhaps?

On the day of silence there are Hindu 'enforcer clergy' that patrol the streets to make sure you stay inside and make no noise.

Not equating Greek Orthodox to Hindu pagans but just saying because it comes to mind. I go to a Greek Orthodox Church. Not hating.

A hint of logos spermatikos perhaps? Maybe.
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