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I have found this a fascinating thread, because I live in the Philippines, in a good, but not great area, in terms of safety. I "feel safe," but have been told that muggings and burglaries/home invasions do happen, though rarely. I live in a new apartment eightplex, with enough adults and young children almost always outside, that it would have a deterrence effect. We have bars on the windows, but presently, no alarm system. We don't own a gun, a dog, a machete, or even a baseball bat. Big kitchen meat cutting knives are about it for defense. Our next door neighbor has closed circuit cams watching the front and back of his apartment. My lady does at least carry pepper spray in her travels.

Being that I am a white skinned American, I stand out, and that could create the assumption that we have lots of great stuff to steal, which is not actually true. Other than a few computers, phones and a big wide screen television, we don't have much. Am I being nervous over nothing? What should I do next, to keep things safe?

The only "crime" I have witnessed was the cousin of our next door neighbor (not the one with the cams), who looked like a punk rock lesbian, step onto our back porch area, and steal a small packet of laundry detergent! Lol She did not realize I saw her from my desk. I decided to let the whole matter go, to not create difficulty with our nice neighbor, who had a bad relative, temporarily staying with them. They are all gone now.
I personally would never live in SEA again. Too many predatory psychopaths and jealous haters that will target foreigners.

Americans in Angeles city have been shot just to steal laptops from them or even just out of spite like in the video below (they killed the golden goose for no gain):

As a foreigner in the Philippines, stay away from shady areas, shady people, always keep your guard up and don't entertain people looking to bait you into arguments and confrontations.

If you have to stay move somewhere upper middle class integrated into an office area where white collar working people are always around like Eastwood City in Quezon City.

In SEA and Africa looking too poor (unshaven, non iron clothing) can make people question as well what you're even doing there and you don't want to be considered the drug dealer, shady foreigner or someone with no local connections that they can target without repercussions either.

Africans always iron their shirts because they don't want to thought of as hoodlums that get targeted by the police.
If you're living in a big city - dress down - blend in.

In Īsrael everybody from the lowest level worker to high level finance guys dress in cheap blue jeans, a polo shirt (top buttons always open) and random running shoes / sneakers, usually unshaven and they never look too neat. Look some street walking videos of Teł Avīv to get an idea.

Decathlon or HM should be your shops of choice.

In the cities, walk quickly, look down, use your peripheral vision to see whats going on around you, if random people chat you up - got to go - got no time. Never entertain people that aren't introduced to you by known quantities as trustworthy. If neighbors inquire about your work or finances you're always barely getting by, got debts etc. Jealousy can get you killed and almost got me killed in the past. If you're retired get a low end job like delivery driver so people in your area know your face and associate you as a legit working lower class person and not some guy sitting on his millions. Rumors alone can make you a home invasion / robbery victim.

While lower working class areas near ghettos can actually offer some protection if you blend in - if you lack street smarts that most people of color have inbuilt you can be an easy victim even if you don't have much.

Also keep some cash ($100 or so) in your pocket. Robbers might kill you out of anger if they get nothing of worth when they rob you.
I agree with this , especially the dressing part. Dress like the average joe , don't show any type of wealth , also if you are involved in any type of events , just behave like them etc etc.
Another thing: If you're a skinny hard gainer wear and need to move to a poor area wear a puff jacket and wear wide jeans. The more buff and muscular you look the more likely people will leave you alone.

Skinny jeans guys that look frail and weak will be the first to get got.
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^ or, that skinny jeans guy could be hiding something under that coat.

A buddy of mine bought a small red led bulb, and a relay to make it blink. Fitted it on his car dashboard, and it drew next to nothing from the battery.

He never got broken into, even though the car had no alarm. The blinking light was enough of a deterrent for car thieves.

Just the perception of having a weapon on you will in most cases make a potential attacker look for an easier target.