Personal Finance Goals - 2021

Pay off some of my loans from graduate school. Fortunately, I did not take out much and they should be paid off within two years without much stress.

Figure out my game plan with crypto. I want to keep 25% of my hodlings for life, but would like to start selling my BTC and ETH starting in 3-5 years, probably DCA sell strategy over a several year period.

Invest more with anything I have left after paying loans, some into BTC and some into silver.

Living frugally. I don't want to spend any money on "luxuries" except healthy food, gym membership, and books. Reading spiritual texts will help me understand how to live financially as I (hopefully) start to actually make more money in the coming years.


My focus this year is getting employed at a "disruptive innovation" company that is publicly-traded or likely pre-IPO

I already rent out rooms in my house and my interest rate is only 2.625%. So out of the total mortgage payment including taxes and interest, my "rent" is only $255/month. I still have maintenance expenses obviously.

If I stay frugal, I can really plow my whole salary into equity at said company, and hopefully, finally get in on the tech boom.