Peru election 2021

This might turn into an interesting event that gets our media all stirred up. It is too close to call right now, but Pedro Castillo might pull it out. Pedro is a ethno-nationalist socialist who calls for getting rid of the bankers and giving back to the people. He was heavily opposed by the powers that be and he might have pulled it off.

If so, watch for the US press and eventually the US govt. to pull out the entire arsenal to get him removed. Slander, sanctions, and everything else they can throw at him.
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Castillo is a traditional leftist that is not on board with the LGBT madness, much like Morales and Maduro. He is a simple man from a simple background, a practicing Catholic and seems to have little connection with the Sorosites.

All the other epitaphs are anno 2021 irrelevant

Like in Nicaragua (several individuals got apprehended this week for coup related activities), Bolivia, Venezuela and elsewhere, the CIA will start plotting against Castillo.

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I just saw it on Eric Striker's telegram, so I am not fully informed on it. Sounds like the party Castillo is running for is pretty much a fascist/ethno-nationalist socialist party that calls for removing the ruling class that has sold them out. The leader of this party has been imprisoned since 2005 for his beliefs.