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You know the food? It has a pile of ingredients. When she was a kitten she had a lot of colors and patterns. She’s gotten more stripey as an adult. She was the biggest of the babies. Her name was originally Gigantor, but everyone ganged up on me and made me change it.
Yes! Love the name for a cat, and especially with the backstory.

Years ago, I had a mama cat who gave birth and I named one of the kittens Meatwad, because he looked just like the character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force... a fat little brownish meatball (he was my favorite).

If the name fits...!


Trying to keep my mind off of the Newsom Recall right now and thought I’d post something happy! My husband got our family two kittens!!! And they are so stink’n’ cute! We got a female Siamese and a male orange tabby. I forgot how much I really love having these little creatures around the house. The kids are really having fun with them too. They have been a great distraction for all of us from the covidinsanity. They’re both super snuggly but the boy can be wild and he’s so funny. I tried getting a good picture of the girl but she kept getting too close to the camera to rub against it. The boy seems to like getting his picture taken lol. I wanted to name him “Donald” but my husband said “ehh… maybe not…” lol :squintlol:


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This is very true. I own two cats and one baby.

One cat is black with a white face and lives completely outdoors. The other is a Russian Blue and is indoor/outdoor. We don't have a litter box, they go outside. Baby is Polynesian/Asian/White and goes wherever he wants.

The cats get jealous for real. They will meow like crazy sometimes when we are playing with the baby or giving him lots of attention. They both do the rub-their-heads on his hands though, and he's starting to figure out that means pet them.

It goes the other way though. The baby will start crabbing sometimes when we play around with the cats. It's funny.

Serious question, gals:

I want to get my son a dog. Everything I read says wait until he's three. I think that's too long. I think once I can see my son trying to walk that's when I should order a puppy. They will be best friends, and I think it will get my son walking faster if he's got a buddy to chase around. I know a guy from the Navy that breeds super solid Belgian malinois's, and another guy that has Australian Shepards that cath frisbees and skateboard. Both would be great for a kid.

Any of you get a puppy with a learning-to-walk baby?

We had an "Aussie" for about 10 years. She was very intelligent and a quick learner, although she was a guide dog school drop out. (She had lunged at a hamburger on the floor at a mall as part of a test; not good if she had been leading a blind person, lol.) She was more like a 4 year old in intelligence and needed to run, chasing squirrels and frisbees. She enjoyed herding us, blocking us in a room by lying across the doorway. So I recommend the breed as great family dog if you have the space.


I have two toy poodles and forgive me for saying this but I can’t stand them. I’m trying hard not say, ‘I hate them’ but it is what it is. They are yappy as hell and I get so angry at them that I get dizzy and I imagine myself just choking them both out. I know, it’s awful, but it is what it is. The anger they conjure up is often a topic I have discuss/confess to my priest. We bought them several years ago for they kids but they’re all married and on their own, so it’s just me, the wife and these damn dogs!

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My Nyx in her winning shot on the Cashiers Humane Society webpage. She's a bit older now. ;) We have two gorgeous Siberians, Alfred and Newt (girl named after Newt on Aliens because she has the same suspicious eyes) But Nyx is the only one who recognizes me as part of the pack, the other two love my Alpha male husband. Last photo also has my Frankie at the top left. She died of FIP. She's the one who taught us THREE cats made a family. So now it's official, I've jumped the shark to cat lady.


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