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I'm not yet at the point of worrying about open source hardware, although it is bothersome that there has been a dubious part of the Intel chips since 2008. That laptop and possibly the purism one have deactivated it.

Nor I, but if a company sells a laptop with Linux installed I like to give them the economic support/signal that that is appreciated, even though the first thing I do is reinstall of course. I bought Dell XPS 13s for years for just that reason but the last few I've bought have had problems and I'd rather give my money to a small company anyways if possible, so next one will be a Purism or maybe this. Thanks!


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@kel yes I get it, reinstall to get your preferred distro, language, desktop.. I

I wanted to share in this shred some renewed passion about how much sailfish sucks. So I happened to have a WiFi handy, and there was not so much space on my main phone and I wanted to download some podcasts so I pulled out the Jolla 1. Noticed there was a new OS update available so let that one go on, Sailfish 3.4.0. Then tried the Jolla store, warehouse for a sailfish native podacsting app WHICH WORKS, no real luck:


Happy hacking! There'll be no time left to actually listen to a podcast.

I like Finland, you know, Marimekko, Aki Kaurismäki but... ;)

Also tried the F-Droid store which normally works but a bug and AntennaPod would not install