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Yeah man, this literally is something that came up in my mind painting my house. I ran out of them a long time ago and Rogan is just unbearable and music just gets annoying.

This one I liked if you're into movies and woke and how our culture has been subverted:

The Poz Button (libsyn.com)

This is also quite interesting in the whole woke sphere:

Homepage - Grand Theft World

Jay Dyer's Youtube is also awesome, always brings in interesting subjects ( his best content is behind a paywall but worth it):

Jay Dyer - YouTube

But like you, I'm eager for some more recommendations.

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Tim Kelly is one of my favourites. He's well read and well informed and has good guests.


They're not exactly podcasts, but I like commentary from Morgoth's Review, Edward Dutton, Endeavour, etc. Rarely do you need any kind of visual for them, they can be just listened to.

While I don't describe myself as a neo-reactionary as he does (I don't know how to label my politics/cultural view anymore), Endeavour's Lies of the Enlightenment series is my go to for giving to people as a summation of how and why I think modernity is fundamentally broken.

Those are all more "cultural commentary" than the kind of podcast you're looking for, but you might find some stuff you like.


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This is very red pilled politics:
The host is from Sweden and he interviews various people on the show. It's cleanly made and presented. There is also a members section but I never joined, not yet at least.

Is it healthy to listen to politics instead of:
health & wellness, survivalism, martial arts, hunting. All things that red blooded men love etc etc
The answer is probably not as much so but it is a bit hard not to when the world is burning and you can't even go to a gym cause it's illegal. Don't overdo it though, but if you have to drive somewhere or take a train, it's certainly better than the FM radio.

I just listened to this episode in the podcast app ( https://antennapod.org/ ) it was very good:
A good presentation of the war of the globalists on everyone else with some unique points on cancel culture, the US elections, big tech, new platforms and fighting back, UK.


Good podcast for anyone looking into a deeper spiritual understanding:

Important to listen in order (from the first onward).


Common Filth Radio: your dose of degeneracy and fall of mankind. Take a break after ten or so episodes else you wanna neck yourself. It can get dark really quick. CF is a Protestant but a devout Christian and has illuminating insights on common everyday problems.

The World of Orthodox Christian Spirituality by Father Arseniye Yovanovich: a podcast that is unfortunately unfinished which tells the story of a Serbian monk before he made his vows. His story has some similarities to Roosh's life.