Podcast recommendations

The Daily Shoah... both for ultra-high level political analysis and entertainment value, this is the #1 podcast. It's extremely high-quality like a Howard Stern or Opie & Anthony. I don't agree with their agnostic, sometimes religiophobic point of view, but there has to be one propaganda outlet that hits hardest, and this is it. Still available on Apple pdcasts.

My favorite podcasts for Christian preaching and teaching are Ted Shuttlesworth Jr's (Miracle Word) podcast and his cousin's podcast Jonathan Shuttlesworth, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, and David Lankford (voice of evangelism)

Eusebius Erasmus

Good podcast for anyone looking into a deeper spiritual understanding:

Important to listen in order (from the first onward).

I've asked other Biblical scholars about this show, and they told me that while the presenters' theories are interesting, they are not well-supported and are largely based on speculation.

For example, there is no evidence for Fr. de Young's claim that the Nephilim were spawned in a demonic sex ritual. The Book of Enoch, which they treat as almost canonical, was rejected by the Council of Nicea for good reason: much of the original text was altered by the time it came to the Early Church.

So listen to the show, but bear in mind that it is mostly speculation.