Podcast recommendations

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
I'm really enjoying Warren Balogh and Emily Youcis (now husband and wife) discuss Modern Politics. They are banned from youtube but on odysee. Particularly if you don't come from the traditional Reagan Republican background (I personally was into both libertarianism and Clinton era Democratic politics) they are a breath of fresh air.

Youcis used to have some pretty funny videos back in the youtube era.

I find them really good with big picture type stuff, and Warren's family has great credentials (his father was heavily involved in Dr. William Luther Pierce's National Vanguard which was the most successfull alternative right movement of this century). Recent topics include The Two Party Deception, (((Js))) erase white history, Corruption in the FBI, Feds fund Satanic Cult, Queer Pope Bans Trad Catholics.


Starting Strength Radio put on by Mark Rippetoe and some other SS coaches. Really good podcasts on COVID and economics with people like Karl Denninger but it ranges far and wide. The main focus of the podcast is the SS program but it branches off into some really solid material. They've got a bunch of videos pulled from YouTube since he's harped on the use of Ivermectin.