Poles planned an assassination attempt on Muslims

It's in Polish so I ran it through translate and I don't know enough polish to do my own research on other sites nor if this site or translation is accurate. But here's the English translation:


13 November 2019 10:47
The details of the Sunday action of the Internal Security Agency and pyrotechnicians on Paganini Street in Italy are already known. Two people were detained in connection with the preparation of attacks using explosives.

The detained persons were to conduct a series of attacks using weapons and explosives against persons of Islamic religion in Poland.

The men were to be modeled on the attacks carried out by Anders Breivik and Brenton Tarrant.

A large number of explosives, weapons and ammunition were secured in several places in the country.

Vials with a highly toxic chemical were also found.

The two detainees were former accomplices of Bruno Kwietień, who was to carry out an assassination attempt on the Sejm.


The poles like other Central European countries want nothing to do with diversity, Brussels, etc.

The cabal is trying to paint patriotism as racism and terrain.

I would take these reports with a grain of salt
Another English article: https://notesfrompoland.com/2019/11...NoE3SKlq0BRkjwQEl-WEApy76TCqOgaO1sVQpBuqDa5yI

Two detained for planning terror attacks on Muslims in Poland

Two people were detained in Poland over the weekend on suspicion of planning attacks involving explosive devices targeting Muslims living in the country.

The suspects were inspired by terrorist attacks committed in Norway and New Zealand, according to the Internal Security Agency (ABW).

The detentions took place on Sunday, 10 November, in Warsaw and Szczecin, as the ABW broke up an extremist group intent on “terrorising followers of Islam resident in Poland”, says the agency’s spokesman, Stanisław Żaryn.

“In addition to harassment and persecution, the group also planned more radical actions using firearms and explosive materials,” he added, noting that its future attacks were to be modelled on terrorists including Anders Breivik and Brenton Tarrant, the perpetrator of the Christchurch mosque shootings.

The suspects were identified as a result of the investigation into Brunon Kwiecień, a Kraków university lecturer who was jailed in 2015 for planning a terrorist attack on the Polish parliament building. Kwiecień died in prison in August this year.

During its investigation, the ABW searched numerous sites in various provinces throughout Poland, securing large amounts of explosive materials, weapons and ammunition.

ABW agents also found eight vials of a highly toxic chemical substance, as well as 170 publications on the subject of producing explosives.

According to the spokesman, the suspects face charges including: preparing an offence endangering the lives or health of many individuals or large-scale damage in the form of an explosion; public incitement to murder of ethnic and religious groups; possession of precursors of explosives, firearms and ammunition without a licence; and transporting narcotics within the European Union.


The Cabal should realize by now that when it comes to whites plotting against Muslims, no one will buy that it actually happened. In fact, if such an event happened for real without them pulling their dirty tricks, they would be surprised to know that the perpetrators would even be supported by many.
swolemate said:
Poland doesn't have any Muslims-- the last thing any Pole should worry about:

According to a 2015 estimate, Muslims in Poland are estimated to number between 25,000 to 40,000 people or some 0.1% of the population... source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_Poland
More pressing: Russian expansion in the region, EU overlords, and all the Poles leaving the country...
Russian expansion in the region .....
Can you please elaborate? You have been brainwashed unfortunately.

And 25 to 40 k is a lot . It always starts with a few
Polniy_Sostav said:
Russian expansion in the region .....
Can you please elaborate? You have been brainwashed unfortunately.
Yes, absolutely, recognizing and remembering Polish history from the last 400 years is being "brainwashed". Russia was ALWAYS imperialistic, and it still is, considering what's happening in Ukraine - and Poland was always threatened from the eastern flank, no matter if it was a bloodthirsty tsar Ivan the Terrible, or a good uncle Soso Dzhugashvili that only wanted a Slavic brotherhood.
Do the normie whites still buy this load of crap? I think the lines in the sand have been made aware to all, only the cowards refuse to notice it. Even young generation Z kids know who their ancestral enemies are now.
MichaelWitcoff said:
I assume by "Poles" you mean "intelligence officers."
Who knows what agency, but Feds do these kinds of things all the time in order to advance a narrative that always ends in more control over speech and behavior. Nearly every terror attack the Feds seem to "stop" was actually of their own making to begin with - they create the plans, entrap some mentally unstable (and probably fatherless) kid to go along with it, then at the last moment they go "PSYCH you're under arrest." They seem to create a whole lot more "terror" than they actually stop.
^ Hegelian dialectics 101. What little earthly power they have they are so fearful to lose it so they fabricate this timeline and all events therein to extend it out unnaturally.
I think it might be fake news, there's nothing about it in the more mainstream sources. I think if it was real, the leftists would've screamed about "the rise of nationalism", "racism" and the usual bullshit, I doubt they'd let the occasion go past.