Popularity of "Black lives matter"


All of us are the same uniform - the result from thousands and thousands of years ago. (Romans 5:12) What matters is what we individually choose to be as a person, during our own lifetime. (Ezekiel 28:20. Phillipians 2:12, 15)

I agree about protecting what is important; the coming fight will be the most intense yet. All of us must continue to be prepared. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

As for the last part of your final sentence, what do you think, Elipe? Who really is "[y]our tribe"? (Revelation 7:9-10. Galatians 3:26-28)
That may be how you see it, but that won't be how others see it. As you say, we must be prepared. And my tribe is those who are my neighbors. If I am injured, who will come to my aid?


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The infection has now spread to accounting. Here are some slides that were part of a free training course that came across my desk today https://cpaacademy.s3.amazonaws.com/PPT/UNLV_implicationsofracism.pdf

Here is the course summary: University law professor (((ms. Lipman))) tells us how low income tax audits are racist. She also makes her 2nd slide a political statement about justice ginsburg. I noticed that it seems like all of the former confederate states seem to get blasted by IRS agents/audits. All of appalachia seems to get the audit hammer, but there is hardly a black person that lives there...how are those audits racist?

The universities can't fail/collapse fast enough.
How many with good family life, or good relationships, sexually satisfied, will go to riot? When i started this thread i though, that there should be link to sexuality. In this article, there is very good points- single, sexually unsatisfied people, see and feel themselves as oppressed! That is the reason. Think again- in USA you have money to live somehow or better, shelter, security, opportunities for career. But, as this poll shows - sexual/ relationship part is damaged. Why? I have an idea- in society where is too much comfort, people loose sex hormones. They simply became asexual. There is no natural spark in them. I grew up in very harsh , physically aggressive society. Also poor and stressful. But there was sparks between genders way more than now. Hormones...