Post about a manly thing you did today


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Literally 15 minutes ago, I gamed a nerdy-cute cash-register girl in front of several of her co-workers and customers. She was laughing and enjoying our conversation; I made her day, it seemed, with my funny stories. When I asked for her number with a relaxed, steely look in my eyes, and a confident smirk on my face, she blushed and threw it at me, asking for my name. "Wait, what's your name?"

The male employee who was behind her was super uncomfortable, mainly because I suspect he was lusting after her for god-knows-how-long.

I owned that store. Manly.

I loaded the bar with weight, positioned myself underneath it, then SQUATTED down before STANDING BACK UP.

WHOA. Alpha.


Mounted my 60 inch LED all by myself. Went to the hardware store, got some screws, a drill and some bits, and did the whole job in like 30 minutes. When I finished the screen was full of my man sweat. It's all wiped down and looks gorgeous.
I got over my hangover, worked out, and watched a dickload of football. I dunno if that counts but I feel good about the day's accomplishments.


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Worked out.

Grilled for about 4 hours before going back into the kitchen and screaming at and leading my ragtag crew of retarded cooks to glory.

Tonight? Head over to my favorite hotel bar with the dark leather, the polished wood bar, the lack of TVs, the live jazz band, and kick back a few bourbons.


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Got laid, then walked home and bought a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers on the way home.

Pretty routine for me but I consider any day I get my dick wet to be a good one.

I also harvested some vegetables from my garden, which I consider to be manly, as it's borne of a self-reliant attitude to grow some (or all) of one's food.


Rolled out of my cabin this morning and went fishing.

Pissed multiple times in the woods and on my shoes

Had a cigar going while I had a dip in


I live a few hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean and the salt air corrodes electrical circuits. Today, I took apart the electrical switch board and cleaned the corrosion on all the switches.


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dandylion said:
Hooked up the original nintendo and went through punch out start-to-finish. Never got knocked down by Tyson as well.
Man, I miss having a working NES. My brother and I had Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Excitebike, and Tecmo Bowl, all of which we played to death. Good times.

I miss having a Super NES, too.