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"Dream on little dreamer, this is how it all begins...
Move your feet; feel how sweet it is..."

"You gotta gather up what you need.
You gotta choose a direction.
And when the moment is right for you.
You gotta go."

"You gotta keep your ideals high, you gotta know, that the sky belongs to no one!
You know - you gotta go!"



I like this one since it reminds me of my first relationship which I managed to escape from way too late, but better late then never.


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This was released in 1987, only a few years after MTV appeared and popularized the music video in the first place. I still think it is one of the best videos of all time. The technology is prehistoric: stop motion animation, been around since movies existed. Song wasn't bad, but the sheer joy of creative invention in this vid is what makes it work. You can have all the tech in the world, but creativity trumps all.



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When it comes to music video's the cream of the crop come form the "Golden Age" of MTV. The 1980's. If it aint from then, than it's 2nd tier. :laugh: