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The advent of the music video was the catalyst for the decline. We are witnessing today the effects of that.

I go out of my way not to acknowledge music videos. If music is done right, the last thing it needs is an accompanying video.

Having said that, Britney & Christina's early work was great for a fap sesh with the sound muted of course.


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Conscious Pirate said:
The advent of the music video was the catalyst for the decline. We are witnessing today the effects of that.

True, but we still watch them. That is the whole problem. You are right completely, and we still watch them.



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debeguiled said:
You can have all the tech in the world, but creativity trumps all.

How about both? This one is only 26 seconds of footage in total, and for the majority of the song, only 20 seconds of it is ran back and forth for different amounts of time, whilst different sections of the frame and zoomed in and out with Pan and Scan.

I can't imagine the amount of detail rehearsing this would have involved. I'm convinced there has to be some level of CGI involved with the lips, but, god help them, someone was more Autistic than me, and pieced together the full sequence.

It's further broken down here.

It's a pity the band didn't take more care with the song: the verse progression is basically the same as their 1985 single, 'Driver 8':

D8: Em / Am / G / G(F#bass)

IOL: Em / Am / G / D (with an added C every 2nd time)

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AnonymousBosch said:
It's further broken down here.

That's incredible. I've seen that clip on Rage before and never taken any notice because, as you say, the song is quite bland. I probably just used it as an opportunity to go and get another beer instead of taking in what was actually going on.


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King of Monkeys said:
I've got plenty of good memories related to this song. It's also my go to for karaoke; the laughing is always fun to do.

Thanks to you I went on an unexpected nostalgia trip. Goddamn this song coupled with the video is simply timeless.

The song is funky awesome and I love the chick operating the jackhammer.

Ah, from the days when I was 14 and young rebel bent on fighting the system.

First music video I downloaded from fricking Emule. Coupled with a virus. Ha-ha. Those were the simple days.


Mr. D

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Do not adjust your color settings, Diamond Dave did it for you in the editing bay... while wearing glacier goggles after going for his "Keith Richards-merit badge".

Of course nobody told him to take off the goggles...

And he won the Kodak Cinematography Award for this. History for all the wrong reasons... :D