That's an impressive lift.

He's also talking about implements from what I gathered (yokes and logs) He wasn't saying that there isn't a benefit to max effort work in the gym just when it comes to sports specific efforts he doesn't do a 100 max except for in competition.

This concept is still articulated in Congugate by not taking a 1RM on the competition Bench /Squat / DL style except for in a Meet.

Big Loz also said that he doesn't recommend that concept for beginners/intermediates as you still need to learn the motor pattern. Someone who's been doing it for a long time who's very strong will know their needs.

Just like Andy Bolton when he Deadlifted over 1000 lbs.... He never did above 65-70 percent in the deadlift except for at a meet (he just works speed work and other heavy work in other movements)

Benedict Magnusson on the otherhand did heavy triples, doubles and singles and broke Bolton's record in conventional deadlift.

ETA glad he beat that Sodomite Rob Kearney
I think your beginner or intermediate lifter should test their 1RM just to see what it feels like. If you have your form down, it's pretty fun. Your mind goes empty and you get a huge adrenaline hit. Nothing like it, imo.

Hate Kearney. He actively promotes his homosexuality (his YouTube channel is World Strongest Gay). He's also been trying to get some of the WSM organizers blacklisted because they are "Christian fundamentalists" who are "homophobic." Other than his log (which he cannot maintain as it blew out his tricep), he's a mediocre strongman.