Prayer thread for members affected by vaccine mandates


How many of you guys have got vaccinated? I just got laid off for refusing to get vaccinated. There is a vaccine mandate in my state (Victoria, Australia).

I just got laid off brother.

You're not on your own mate, never forget that.

For you to take a stand will have you in God's grace.
This is a thread for compiling a list of people who need prayer support for being laid off after refusing vaccination. They will need it. Good source for names to put on your prayer list. If you got a new job after being laid-off, just drop a message and I'll take you off the list.

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Magnus Stout

Have faith, gents. God is a great and loving Father who wants us to learn and grow spiritually. Example: I am self-employed, but there was a time I was sad that I had difficultly being hired. Now, I see that I am lucky. Praise be to God!

Another example: I found this episode particularly moving concerning the lame man that Jesus healed

The whole episode is brilliant, but I particularly like the idea of the crippled man being hopeless until Jesus appears. Isn't that similar to most of us? We can't see the future or know why things should happen the way that they do. Whatever your present difficulties are, there are spiritual lessons in your struggles.
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