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i consider myself Orthodox but i frequent a Catholic church since there are no Orthodox churches in my area (brazil). should i just not go to church until i move to an area with an Orthodox church? i pray alone but the main thing is that i frequent a Catholic church
Are you baptized Orthodox? Do you have a priest that you confess to?
I cannot find it at the moment, maybe it was on Orthodox Ethos but there was a notable moment when St. Paisios rejected to pray with Roman Catholics. Basically it falls into ecumenism and is prohibited.

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You can sit or stand quietly while the non-Orthodox are praying, and you should be respectful, but you should never pray with them, according to my priest.

Yep, this was pretty much my understanding. Although again, I’m not sure what blessing a meal in the form of praying together would even look like - at least in my family, one person says the blessing and everyone else just stands there. Maybe don’t close your eyes/bow your head? This doesn’t seem like it would be too offensive if the others noticed it at all.

At this year’s Thanksgiving gathering, either way I’ll take the initiative.