Predicitons for Democrat candidate in 2020?


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Louis IX

I thought they were going to say Hillary with Michelle as the running mate. That would be crazy! It would be a ridiculous stunt, but it just might work.

Some say Michelle's just not interested. If she really wanted to be president, she would be better running as Biden's VP, with everybody including the Democrat voters expecting him to step aside at some point and make her president.

I think Michelle would be the best candidate.
She would get elected , and then show her genitals live and proudly say that she is the first trans president.
Then Conchita Wurst would sing with her , with Boy George , and some other artists famous in the US that I probably don't know.

This would be a clear victory for democracy and freedom against fascism and oppression of racist Trump


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I know Biden is Deep State, oligarch puppet all that.

Imagine as a normal person being him though. You are going senile. You are going up against a boisterous ex-TV show host gaudy trashtalking billionaire in Trump. Now beyond those two obstacles you have the pandemic going on, a sequel to the Great Depression is cascading down onto the country. You have an OnlyFans account you made with a fake name SlickWilly, you think you deleted the app and your trail but you can never quite remember. You are in pre-recorded, practiced shoots for media and you blunder phrase after phrase. You have a very credible sex allegation against you. You have reels of pictures and tape showing you be unusually handsy with women of all ages. Your son got dirty money in Ukraine everyone knows about that you facilitated. Half the country is live or die with you because they hate Trump. You are old and could die anyday, the rona could get you as well.

If you miraculously get elected against all these odds and walk into the West Wing in January how do you feel and what do you think when your cabinet swarms you, Obama is on line 1, Hillary is on hold on line 2, and Soros is on hold on line 3, Zuckerberg on 4 all lining up their favors?
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