Predictions for the 2020s


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RE: Prediction for the 20s

I can't imagine Africa ever becoming much of a game destination unless you're a black man fed up with African-American women. As far as I can tell, nobody else is interested in African women.

Here, I have a few more!

- China finds an excuse to annex Japan. Weak Japanese men offer little resistance, and Chinese men have Japanese women available as brides. This might seem far-fetched, but I won't be the slightest bit shocked if it eventually happens for these exact reasons.
- Mass starvation and chaos erupt in Africa due to genocide of white South Africans producing most of the food. African refuges attempt to pour into Europe and the Middle East. Middle East holds its ground and guns down African migrants, but Europe gets hit hard before they start sinking the ships. SJW pressure to save Africa exerts further strain on Western governments suffering from catastrophic demographic and internal issues.
- The developing world is hit hard by famine and issues with food production and water supply due to unsustainable population, but North America, Europe, and East Asia have infrastructure and resources that largely shield them from these issues.
-Both China and Japan have rapidly declining populations. China's population is set to dip below 1 billion by the end of the century, dropping by 400-500 million. Japan's % drop is equally dramatic, as is S. Koreas. China is not looking to annex Japan, it seeks to integrate it into its economic sphere of influence, in which it is already falling along with Korea. They definitely want to absorb Taiwan completely though, sometimes in the 2030s-40s, they play the long game.

China will export some of its surplus males to SEA, Africa and the rest of the world.

-African agricultural production is set to boom, under the control of Chinese interests which are buying up underdevelopped prime agricultural land in Africa. African economies are set to stabilize and grow due to massive Chinese infrastructure investments and Chinese companies starting to outsource their work there as their own labor force becomes too expensive, Africa is becoming "China's China".

- Turmoil in the Western world induced by the globalists: this is the big widlcard, it can go either way, with race wars accelerating and more plandemics, or maybe the masses will be "inoculated" against future manipulations, we're at a crossroads.


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Many black women are straight up hateful and vengeful out of jealousy.... there are 10 overweighted Laquesha's with a gap between their front teeth, a weird hairline, shitty hair genetics and manclaws... Many would date a white male within a heartbeat if they'd get the chance
They better be quick, because with all that eating everything on the table and the table those hearts ain't got that many beats left in them.

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