Predictive Programming

The predictive programming from Simpsons and Family Guy is shockingly disturbing. I'm sure many of you on this forum are already aware of some of Simpsons eerie predictions, like Trumps presidential inauguration. I will share with you 2 videos from Simpsons and Family Guy both eluding to pandemics and anti-vaccines, lockdowns.


(2016)Family Guy S:15 E:6 "Hot Shots"

Notice how the episode starts off Peter trying to catch a bat (Wuhan bat soup?)

The episode eventually evolves into Lois & Peter being anti-vax and Brian being pro-vax, Stewie starts wearing a mask, Quahog goes into lockdown.

Episode from 2016
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^^I can't unwatch that. That's on the creep level of the CERN opening ceremony. I wonder who's on the committee of these festivities?

Look up Steve Jackson's Illuminati Card game. There's one especially disturbing prediction that is in the form of a flesh eating virus.

There's also the book Millenium by Jacques Attali. He spent time around the European elite. Very short summary of the book is America's time in the spotlight is drawing to a near. I don't think it's 100% right on all the details (i.e. either Japan or Europe is the new powerhouse) but it's overall correct.

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The London 2012 Olympics opening is disturbing.

I had not seen that. I made a point of not watching a single event of the 2012 Olympics, even though I was in London at the time. Wow, could it be any more blatant. When I first saw the NHS Tiktok videos I thought that it was ritual taunting and humiliation. It's amazing that so many can be so mindlessly complicit. It's almost spiritually diagnostic, like they're blinded to cruelty of mocking the many elderly unwell discharged to certain death in care homes. The fact that it was coordinated internationally is a big red flag.

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I'm sure many of you on this forum are already aware of some of Simpsons eerie predictions, like Trumps presidential inauguration.

I thought the supposed Simpsons clip of Trump coming down the escalator was fake? There was a throwaway joke in an early episode probably in the early-mid 90s about Trump supposedly becoming president at some point (I remember watching it years ago), but Trump was already a well known public figure at the time and had publicly toyed with running for office in 1988 and 1992.


The London 2012 Olympics opening is disturbing.

The Olympics video reminded me of some things so I compiled a little schizoimage of some local dots.
  • At the top you have the logo for the Coventry City of Culture 21, note the 5g "o" in COV
  • The image is what they had on there website, read what you want into it
  • Next you have an email Boris Johnson email list sent me a couple of months ago, Cov-entry, get it?
  • Then back onto 5g in the City. All I can say is coming from a 5g trial city... avoid avoid avoid



My eye for symbolism and the occult is pretty lousy but I do not like that image.

My stance is that space is fake and the Globe is their religion (for the masses), and here it looks like they are mocking Christianity and substituting the ascension of Jesus Christ with a spaceman hanging by a visible crane. As to celebrate Man's "progress" towards the One World Religion. They have as such corrupted and subverted what Christians regard as the truth with their lie.

But it could also just be a coincidence and I am reading too much into it.

Found this - the 5G-style logo in the O matches with the Ferris wheel but they seem to have their own for 5G.


As an aside, their Peace & Reconciliation is on every UN-type logo, the crossed out cross.
Great article on predictive programming, especially the writers conclusion of depop is fairly relevant now the vaccines are rolled out..

Linear Regression is essentially 3rd year undergraduate statistics, invented around 1800. Time Series, as well as almost every other predictive algorithm, is essentially some variation of regression model (although some can be quite complex). None of the math or statistics at play in such models is anything new; the only thing that is new is access to more data and computing power. Of course, with Big Data and high computing power, you can create some models which can do things never possible before. However that doesn't mean that the results are anything particularly interesting; for example, many Big Data sets are in essence just gathering information for things that the human mind perceives on it's own naturally. The predictions made by fancy terms such as "machine learning" (which is a vastly over-rated buzz word ala "STEM" which actual professors and researchers cringe at) either have so little data that the algorithms don't predict well, or such large data that the predictions are somewhat obvious and redundant. You aren't going to be able to make stock market or weather predictions much better than a seasoned expert in any field could make by merely observing trends himself and then making a prediction; it's John Henry vs. the Steam Drill all over again. Both methods, the machine and the human expert, will be correct and incorrect a reasonably comparable ratio of the time, in my experience through Data Science graduate study. This is not to say that machine learning is worthless; indeed it has a lot of potential to take away human jobs especially for repetitive, menial tasks. But they are only as good as the humans who create them, they still have many human biases built into them, and we should never underestimate the massive power that the human mind has which the Good Lord gave us that these highly-touted algorithms can't hold a candle to. A lot of the mystique around this field is pure marketing and little substance.


There was a scene in the rugrats movie (2000) where a plane is seen flying directly over two identical towers (9/11).....

Seeing that years later really made my stomach turn.