Predictive Programming

Max Roscoe

OK I knew about the film "Contagion" about a virus terrorizing the world, which came out in 2011.
It features a worldwide viral pandemic that starts from bats in China and even has a rough approximation for an Alex Jones type who tries to tell people the virus is not so dangerous and that vaccines cause autism.

That was eery.

And I knew about the British series Utopia, a bizarre story about a genetically modified vaccine that is used to intentionally sterilize the public because of a Russian (our other "enemy") flu, and it involves a scientist who readily admits he discovered that SARS was not a real disease, just some people having respiratory problems, and the actual numbers of dead were less than 100, and he was smeared and discredited and labeled as a drug addicted sex addict. And that's only what I've learned after 4 episodes.

But then I saw episode 3 of the tv show with the Vernon Shillinger Oz actor called Counterpart, which involves multiple dimensions where one world is facing, yep, a viral pandemic, and you have alternate versions of yourself in the other world who travel back and forth. The shocking part was when they played a German tv advert against a viral outbreak, one that featured CHILDREN wearing the disgusting FACEMASKS.

This came out in 2017, well before coronaflu. Now, this series may not be any more covid-inspired than the rest, but the image of a child wearing this type of cloth mask, the type that is now commonplace, is horrifying. It's not anything I have ever seen before in my life. Certainly there have not been children wearing masks of this type at any point of the life of anyone who could have written this. So where did they get the idea?

I guess a few people excuse the "Lone Gunman" episode that is exactly what really happened later on 9/11, as just being a "funny coincidence from some really good writers" but how does one legitimately explain THREE mass media programs which all predicted a global viral pandemic? It's statistically impossible. And the kids wearing the horrible mask was so shocking, I had to stop watching the series.
I had not seen that. I made a point of not watching a single event of the 2012 Olympics, even though I was in London at the time. Wow, could it be any more blatant. When I first saw the NHS Tiktok videos I thought that it was ritual taunting and humiliation. It's amazing that so many can be so mindlessly complicit. It's almost spiritually diagnostic, like they're blinded to cruelty of mocking the many elderly unwell discharged to certain death in care homes. The fact that it was coordinated internationally is a big red flag.

This had to be more than just predictive programming...

It's SO flagrant, I reckon it was a test to check people were totally asleep.

What the shit did that have to do with sport??


more 9/11 stuff:

Limp Bizkit Music video shot on top of twin towers

From Wiki:
The "Rollin'" video received the award for Best Rock Video at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. On September 10, 2001 (one day before the Twin Towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack), Limp Bizkit received a letter from the World Trade Center, thanking them for featuring the towers in the video.[8]

It is my opinion that there is no coincidence that this video showing the twin towers was given an award the night BEFORE the attacks. In my opinion, this was part of the effort to focus consciousness onto these towers that were about to be sacrificed in an occult ritual.
It's SO flagrant, I reckon it was a test to check people were totally asleep.

What the shit did that have to do with sport??
I dunno but I have always presumed that there are literally no one who would watch these opening events if it was not a must for them for some reason. People don't watch it and it can't be used to test them whether they are asleep or not.

I did not even know that these Olympics opening things exist before I was awakened.

I would bet that they do them because they are boasting about their plans.
When I was in my awakening phase I have read blogs that talked about things that David Icke and Alex Jones were talking about. I remember that the blog adviced not to take the vaccine when people are going to be queued for that. I thought it is insane but I have read the blog because it amused me.

I also remember that there was a video analysing the opening of the Olympics. If only I could find that I would be interested to see what he talked about the olympics.

I have saved some stuff but it would be hard to find and also I don't think I have saved this particular video because I hate these so much that I could not make myself watch even the analysated version.