President Joe Biden Is A Blessing


re: qanon - it could be one of the biggest "I told you so".
when you make your research, as Roosh does on his podcast very good research on current events and articles and predictions, i am surprised that few things are ignored (maybe less jew-hating could freeup some brain cells...not all jews are bad...)
Connect the dots...
1. the amount of censorship, thousands and thousands of accounts purged from twitter, youtube, facebook, amazon took parler down within very short time. this has never happened (anomoly) this happens in China not USA. Even now, some qanon yt channels are still getting purged very quickly, after creating 5th yt channel by the same person that is getting 100,000 views on each new update video he gets deleted next day, now his whole google acount is blocked they figured out his mac address. (if fbi psyop then why the purging?, wouldnt they want the masses to be calmed down, which they are indeed by qanon rhetoric, also DC is full of armed guards, any kind of real protests wouldnt be possible anyway)
2. facts, like meetings, trumps gestures and speeches, events, his 4yrs were very unique and successful the more he accomplishes, the more hated he is by his enemies
3. i followed every single presented evidence of cheating, DNI Ratlife has a report stating there is evidence. Jan 6th event feels very staged from all sides (qanon, angry patriots, antifa) - parler database is hacked btw - another anomoly, betrayal of GOP, then censorship follows and crusade from media and 24th article and impeachment.
then wierdly staged inaguaration event felt fake from the people's faces, no attendance, military zone, antifa didnt get paid so they continue with riots...and no invoking of executive order from 2018 while having the evidence, no courts touching any lawsuits yet, supreme court pending...military still in you tell me....what is going on
btw the NSA programs are all leaked and available to read thanks to rat snowden (not pardoned)
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Good article Roosh.

Unfortunately, the Q fraud will not go away with Biden. For the next four years, we have to hear them proclaim that Trump is assembling his legion right outside Washington DC and will take back control in spectacular fashion. It will happen any day now, just you see. And of course all the “sealed indictments” are for Democratic members of Congress, multiple Hollywood celebrities have already been arrested, and on and on it will go.

It feeds into male nerd culture. All the deciphering of the clues like its the freaking Da Vinci Code, the analysis, acting like you're some kid detective about to save the world with your underappreciated intelligence. That's 4chan's "weaponized autism" in a nutshell.

Unfortunatley many will not change their ways and only double down and continue their irreverent quest to bring down the satanic pedo deep state one pepe meme at a time.


Yo "Roosh", first-time visitor to the site via a headline link on one of the several most popular conservative news aggregator sites I follow religiously. This posting I in found particularly resonant. It was immediately understandable, as "Blessings from the Beginning" not only become cognizant but then "accessible opportunities" to the "Repented/Redeemed". Yes, the blatant and massive election rigging and subsequent installation of such a reprehensible "single-celled organism" in what is again the "Dark" House is particularly disheartening. The Republic USA is DOA and it's "Welcome to the USSA"! This 74+ y/o, "red county rural" VFW "horny 'ol cracker" whose "white privilege" and a deaf ear didn't exempt him from the draft in '67, now even more eagerly welcomes the day the Lord "calls him Home". It's now back to full-time veggie gardening, enjoying the dogs and being very "neighborly". A very long winter is about beset this apostate, rudderless Nation. BTW - "you da man". You follow the "Z-man"?
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Conservative Americans are not happy. The Presidency of the United States was stolen in plain sight from their rightfully elected candidate, Donald Trump, and now they have to face at least four years of being ruled over by a usurper installed by billionaire oligarchs. They will experience death by a thousand cuts as the oligarchs eliminate every possible avenue for a candidate who fights for them to ever be elected again. In such a scenario, entering a state of despondency would seem reasonable, but there is no need—Joe Biden as President is actually a time to gird your loins and prepare for a long war. Here are five consolations from the inauguration of Joe Biden…

1. Joe Biden blocks you from attempting to outsource your masculine responsibilities to a strongman​

Would I rather have Trump as President? Yes, because I’m lazy and weak and don’t want to do any of the hard work of building a worthy nation for my family and tribe. I rather spend the days consuming funny memes, perfecting my homemade pizza recipe, pursuing more artistic writing projects in peace, and generally embarking on a life of comfort where everything is given to me by kind and honest authority figures instead of having to be bludgeoned by the human zombies enlisted by the prince of darkness. I don’t mind doing my part once every four years when I take an hour or two out of my day to vote for the strongman who is going to do all the dirty work on my behalf. I prefer my entire commitment to creating the nation I want to pushing a button at the voting booth.

Donald Trump promoted sloth in American men, because they could sit on their couches and consume untold hours of entertainment, pornography, and political news while rooting for their guy to say mean words to the CNN reporters all while neglecting their community and personal responsibilities. They didn’t have to prepare their families for hard times, they didn’t have to organize with trusted men in their neighborhood, they didn’t have to participate in local politics to thwart the leftist march through the institutions, and they surely didn’t have to put their necks out by speaking out against powerful forces when the consequence could be losing their jobs. Instead, they could pour all their hopes and dreams into Donald Trump to do what they should have been doing every day. If all you’re willing to do to create a good nation is vote for a strongman, you don’t deserve a strong nation. You must be the leader that you believe is what this country needs.

Donald Trump allowed me, at least for the first two years of his presidency, to live a life of pleasure in Poland by fornicating and publishing sexual filth. Even after I repented, I never took the state of the world seriously enough to make the necessary changes required for protecting myself and my family. It’s as if I believed I could remain a nomadic writer for the rest of my days instead of creating a fortified home base where I could concentrate my strength alongside local allies.

If you are strong, you do not want a strongman to lead you, because you know his strength will eventually tyrannize you. If you are weak, you look to the strongman to do what you should be doing as a man. For four years, Donald Trump enabled our weakness because we expected from him what we should have been doing the entire time he was President. Now that the oligarchs are firmly in control, how will you respond? Will you think it’s merely sufficient to buy a gun or two for when a militarized SWAT team arrives at your door or will you cement local relations that can be leveraged into power that resists state and corporate oppression?

2. He destroyed the lies that we couldn’t let go​

Most of your world view may have been based on the truth, but there are some stubborn lies you held on to. You may have believed that the President of the United States is like a king who could remake the nation in his own image, that he didn’t need 1,000 loyal statesmen to help usher in his policies, as if you could cut off the head of a snake and simply put on a new head that would seamlessly control the body. You may have believed that your vote counts, that you could enter the voting booth, select the lesser of two evils, and that vote would be registered on a government roll somewhere, and that the real corruption was not in the counting of votes but in more esoteric matters like campaign finance or broken promises. You may have genuinely believed that the United States is a “democracy” based on the “Constitution,” but the farce of usurper Biden being installed before a lawn of Chinese-made flags while 25,000 soldiers in camouflage stand beside their concrete barriers should rid you of that notion. You may also have underestimated the power of the oligarchy, the network of billionaires and their old family banking backers who operate as one cohesive unit to exert control over you, first through persuasion and influence, and when that no longer works, through sheer might alone. I’m sure you can now feel their boot on your face. It was always there, but the material on the sole was a luxurious felt instead of the stiff rubber it has transformed into. I think it’s going to leave a mark.

As a man who has upstanding dealings with the people I know, I want to believe that humans are not inherently evil, and when their dangerous ideology or program of control is met with the reality that it will destroy lives, they will change their minds and instead pursue a path of peace, but events of the past year have shown me that if you choose not to live in Jesus Christ, vocally and deliberately, you will in time become like the demons that you are wittingly but most commonly unwittingly in communion with. Without being able to logically explain why, you will accelerate your demands for policies that promote chaos, suffering, and death, and even believe you are a “good” person for doing so.

Thanks to Joe Biden, I have had to accept that the left wants me dead, not in the figurative sense that I have encountered in memes, but in quite the literal sense that if the new President proclaimed that he would pardon anyone who comes to my house and murders me, I would have to immediately make final calls to those I love since my remaining time here would be measured in hours, and while I don’t think Biden will actually make a proclamation that assassinating conservatives is guaranteed to be pardoned (though he may come close), it shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine that all the George Soros-installed Attorney Generals in the largest cities in the country will be reluctant to pursue criminals who attack any one of the millions of people who are currently being slandered as “domestic terrorists” and “right-wing extremists.”

The nakedness of reality has been laid before us. Satan enlists souls for his cause to assail those who are serving God, whether directly against soldiers of Christ or indirectly against those who speak the truth, because all truth comes from God. Initially, the most severe persecution will be against agnostics and lukewarm Christians who find it difficult to tell a lie while working in positions that aid the oligarchical system of finance, commerce, propaganda, and technology. Quick work will be made of them. As those souls are crushed and put into the grinder of hopelessness and pharmaceutical powder, Satan will concentrate his swollen human army on the most devout Christians, the remnant, and it’s in the approach to this attack that the true nature of the world, one of spiritual battle between the seen and unseen, will make a trifling mockery of our two-month agitation concerning how the election was stolen from Donald Trump. Our knowledge and recollection of the twists and turns of the daily news cycle won’t help us when it’s time to wrestle with the demons ourselves.

3. He helped reveal the QAnon fraud​

QAnon is a government or deep state psyop that was modeled on the Soviet Union’s Operation Trust. In that scheme, the Bolsheviks controlled an opposition movement with genuine opposition leaders who had already submitted to the communists in secret. These fake leaders gave aid to local resistance cells with the goal of identifying the active opposition to then delay or obstruct any plans they had for attacking communists.

QAnon is essentially the digital version of Operation Trust. An alleged insider who is on our side has been sharing privileged, sensitive government information through coded messages that convince millions of conservative Americans to stand down, do nothing, and “trust the plan.” Q was the perfect operation for the type of conservative who wanted their leader to do all the hard work so they could read astrological messages on the internet while in a persistent state of comfort. Anything that leads to your inaction—whether a strongman who is on “your side” or an elaborately designed digital operation that accomplishes the same—should be viewed as a scam.

When you consider that Q did not promote the plan of Jesus Christ but the plan of feeble human powers, it’s obvious to see that it was another one of Satan’s tricks to get people trusting in man instead of the God-man. It promoted passivity, community neglect, ignorance, and false hope, all while blurring the line between truth and fiction. Conservatives have been so deceived by the QAnon operation that once I saw on Twitter its adherents counting the number of claps Donald Trump made during a rally in the hope of finding a secret code.

Unfortunately, the Q fraud will not go away with Biden. For the next four years, we have to hear them proclaim that Trump is assembling his legion right outside Washington DC and will take back control in spectacular fashion. It will happen any day now, just you see. And of course all the “sealed indictments” are for Democratic members of Congress, multiple Hollywood celebrities have already been arrested, and on and on it will go.

4. He pushes us into serving our ordained mission​

Holy New Martyrs of Optina

No more sneak previews. You’ve already used the bathroom and gathered all of your popcorn and sugary snacks. The movie you paid to see has begun. The time for action is now and our duty before God should be more clear than ever. Whoever you made yourself up to be before this moment is what you must use to begin the rest of a life that will be far more difficult than before. Either you put away childish and trivial things or you perish.

When times are comfortable, it’s easy to dabble in various lifestyles and useless hobbies in your search for happiness or “finding yourself,” but as soon as things get tough, you’re forced to wake up. This year, you will have to forget about your pie-in-the-sky fantasies or accomplishing silly items on a bucket list of worldly concerns. You will have to throw away your desire to be an eternal consumer who seeks hourly secretions of dopamine. Instead, you’ll have to recognize your Godly mission and embark upon it with vigor and faith.

There is a role you can take on right now without any experimentation or self-discovery. That role, whether within your family or community, was always there, but you turned away from it in exchange for something easier and more pleasurable on the body. The stage of procrastination is over, and even if it wasn’t, I’m sure you have already passed the point of diminishing return of fleshly pursuits. Any further delay on your part will just make the day of reckoning and adaptation to future tribulations that much harder to bear.

5. He allows us to dive into spiritual warfare with zeal​

Those who depend on secular solutions will fall away into despair, depression, or suicide, assuming they haven’t already in 2020 from the coronavirus lockdowns. The world will not save you. No man can save you. Perhaps no human will even come to your aid when you are persecuted by the state or mob, not even those in your family. You will now have to depend entirely on God for your deliverance, and with that dependence will come an acceleration in the progression of your faith. As long as you choose for Christ, your faith will advance so rapidly that you will look back to this month and marvel at how much of a spiritual baby you were.

Difficulties and trials build faith. The reason we experience sufferings in life is that God loves us. Without suffering, we would never disconnect ourselves from the world for a moment to prepare for our next life, one that lasts for eternity. Therefore if suffering builds faith, may the Lord heap suffering upon us and the ability to endure it and respond to it all with the same love that He has for us.

This year will also reveal to many that the atheistic and nihilistic understandings to life are utterly meaningless and arbitrary. When looking only upon the seen world, there should be no reason why other humans are breathing hellfire upon their countrymen, why crime and murder are skyrocketing, why rulers want to take away our rights to speak on the public square as a law-abiding citizen with valid opinions and concerns on matters of survival. If we “evolved” from the animals, one must wonder why we behave so much worse than them.

First they will humiliate and terrorize us into silence, and when that doesn’t work, for it never does, they will kill us. Without God, this is an unbearable and frightening outcome, but with God, it is an opportunity to be a witness for Jesus Christ and receive the crown of martyrdom if you can bear it. I like to think my faith is strong enough to die for Christ, but it’s much easier to make such a statement than to live it. I will just have to wait and see what my faith is really made of.


The formula is simple: an effective conservative strongman is good for us materially but bad spiritually (assuming the strongman brings long-term calm and economic prosperity) while a usurper who serves China and the internationalists is bad for us materially but good spiritually. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you live for this world or the world to come, because if it’s the former, I do not know how you will make it through while playing at the blackjack table of the nihilistic casino, of hoping that things will turn around so that you may once again be able to travel around the world and eat Spanish tapas before a night out drinking at the bars. As a Christian, I don’t live for this world, and know that the more trials I face here, the more I can focus on what really matters—approaching the Judgment Seat of Christ knowing that I served Him will all my heart, body, and soul. God’s will be done, and may we endure it in a way that leads to our eternal salvation.

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You didn’t do nothing while you dated in your old life. You led men and affected change in the real world. You advocated for trump, participated in political movements and created your own thoughts, over a variety of diverse topics that were important counters to the free capitalist, zionist system.
I have seen about as much evidence for QAnon being a psyop as I saw for Q's predictions - zero. Obviously, anything is possible, but with government backing I would have expected QAnon to be much more successful. Instead, it was just some nonsensical rantings in a few corners of the internet. Most people had never heard of it until the media began reporting it because they decided it was a convenient way to portray all Trump supporters as crackpots.

The arguments that it was intended to keep people passive sound the same as the arguments people make that Trump was a secret deep state plant whose purpose was to keep the masses pacified. What exactly are the revolutionary things Q followers would have been doing if they hadn't "trusted the plan"? They would be doing what they are doing now - nothing or being fixated on some other delusion.
My mom fell for qanon. Facebook is known for low quality content.
qanon was a grassroots movement spontaneously derived and feeding off people wishing for something positive to happen.
trump may have been the best man to be president but his need for flattering was a double edged sword. It kept him honest as a ceaser but made him vulnerable to the sycophants placed by the deep state around him, in conjunction with his low attention span common with the wealthy.


One such emerging reaction, apropos to Roosh's piece above, is the forcing of conservative off of various "mainstream" platforms and even more mundane services such as banks and commerce. This will only make alternatives to these "mainstream" platforms not only preferable but a necessity. Since the cancelling of people is occurring in a complete way, it will means these newly de-personed persons will demand everything from web providers, social media to banks and even fast food will. A new society can literally manifest from all this.
That is very much true. The problem is that the Left currently controls virtually everything in terms of media, banking, employment, entertainment, tech, education, and communications. There is no doubt that this sudden and outright de-personing/de-plataforming will force Conservative solutions (which will ultimately help us become better and stronger), it opens up the door for the Left and the globalists to run wild and do tremendous damage to our country.

The problem is that if the Left continues in this path we are on, it will end up causing social unrest, hatred among citizens, and sadly, violence. That is the problem.

Think about where the country is going now: $30 Trillion dollar national debt (way more than current GDP) will be a reality and an inflation crisis and debt crisis for the US Dollar are coming for sure. $1 in every $3.5 Dollars in circulation now have been printed since the Corona hysteria began.

Eventually, the Fed Reserve will have to take away the punch bowl and say they will not print any more "paper money" or continue to cook the books by buying its own bonds. Then what? If the US Dollar loses its place as the world reserve currency, boy we are gonna feel the pain in this country economically like never before (that is, even if Dollar does not collapse, it will lose its global power and reach and we will be paying much more for everything, from wheat to oil to imports to interest rates. Think how Brazilian Reais operate and affect Brazilian economy and you will understand what happens when you have a sub-prime currency.

These next 2 years will be an extremely painful time for America. We are talking massive unemployment, the almost complete annihilation of the Middle Class, increased debt and poverty, civil unrest, and our enemies abroad will run wild. That on top of never-ending shutdowns, kids losing more ground on education, and personal misery. Let's just hope DementiaJoe and his partner is fraud do not start too many multi-trillion Dollar new wars.


Good article Roosh.

Unfortunately many will not change their ways and only double down and continue their irreverent quest to bring down the satanic pedo deep state one peep meme at a time.

You know what it is sad? Privacy is a choice. It is a lifestyle... like working out daily is a lifestyle. Or like gaming is a lifestyle. Small changes in daily life can make huge differences when it comes to privacy. Complacency is what allows the left to dominate and defraud our country.

Complacency is what allows them to mandate useless masks (which now they admit you need to triple-mask for 65% efficiency, meaning the "mask mandates" of the last year did not work at all!!).

Posted a really nice Privacy Guide here: (“investigation”.39199/post-1440330 ) because privacy is how we protect ourselves from Big Tech.

The good news is that for now, there are STILL alternatives around. for instance, they were banned from ALL credit card processing, so they are taking Bitcoin and check/money order donations by mail. They are able to do that as local banks and small credit unions allow them access to SOME form of banking.

I fear one day in the near future, say 5-10 years, depending on election trends and public hysteria levels over stuff like this weak virus, we may be completely blocked from ALL services, even basics like electric, cable internet, and any banking. or a job. Did you know it is NOT unlawful, in most States to fire someone from a job over the employee's political choices? or voter registration? Or what they say in their private life about what candidates they like? We have got to change that.

That is why the Left and the Globalists are working around the clock to create "CoronaVirus travel passports" to allow travel and such. It is outrageous, but they are testing the "Overton Window" (how far they can push the citizens until they revolt against their tyranny). This is a test run for govt controls on who can buy or sell.... yes, I am referencing Revelations here.


Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times. 80-year generational cycle. 80 years since WW2.

Let the hard times begin.
Chris, the hard times have already began. These people have not been into office 30 days and they already vaporized 1.2 million energy and related jobs. In less than 30 days. :eek: It is unreal. Then we hear "go build solar panels... in China". Kerry, a Learjet Leftist millionaire tells. A modern let eat cake from one of the most privileged global elitist.

You all remember "learn to code"? :rolleyes: Yeah... coal miners and factory workers, "go learn to code". Incredibly many did learn to code, even some inmates in Indiana learned to Code. Only to have Big Tech import coders at 1/3 prevailing wage from India using H-1B visas.

Hard times, you say? Oh yeah.... really bad ones. I suggest anyone watch Generation Zero the movie. And we have two bad generations, Millennials and many Boomers still largely in charge. -_- No Greatest Generation around anymore.

As a Gen X'er like Roosh and Heartiste, I can clearly see that the Millennials are the weakest generation America has ever produced. Are they up to the challenge? Even Boomers seem to be surprised at the weakness and lack of character and resolve of most Millennials.

History repeats itself. That may be attributed to Marx, it has actually been used prior to that Satanic shyster used to create one of the most evil forces in human history, Socialism (and their offshoots in Communism, globalism, and other murderous totalitarian regimes).

Philosopher George Santayana, put it is further context when he said that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.".

Watch Generation Zero... it explains how the 4-part human historical, social, and economical cycles work (Turnings). Think WWI (Crisis) --> then the roaring 20's with mass prosperity ("the high") --> then the Awakening (another crisis) (1930s) --> then WWII --> which resets the global economic and social systems, at tremendous cost to the average person (and to much benefit to the elites) - the Unraveling of the mess.

This is NOT just about the financial systems (although the global warming globalist crew LOVE recessions to force downsizing of prosperous countries), this is about a series of events that will allow the globalist elites to create new, much less prosperous and less free social, economic, and individual realities.

I would never say "thank God" for DementiaJoe, but I can see how if we can curb this madness in 2022, then we still have a fighting chance to save what is left of this country. The de-facto president is Susan Rice, we all know this. But I cannot wait until kamala is not tied up in the Senate and the catfight begins inside the WH.

Ps. If we have an amnesty, the US will have zero chance at a future that resembles anything but a 3rd world country (i.e. Brazil). If they amnesty 20+ million new leftwing, welfare-loving voters added to the rolls will ensure our great-grandchildren will remember BHO as a moderate Pres. We have an amnesty, Utah will become a battleground State, with FL, TX, OH, MI, GA, and many others will permanently become deep blue. Censorship, gun bans, massive censorship, high poverty, high taxes to provide welfare to these new migrate voters, and such will be the default "moderate" positions. Go look at polling for most 3rd worlders, they want mass welfare and they despite most freedoms we Americans still cherish.
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Ps. If we have an amnesty, the US will have zero chance at a future that resembles anything but a 3rd world country (i.e. Brazil).
Current demographics even with 0 additional immigration ensure the US will be a 3rd world country. Once the Boomers die off, Americans will be a small minority. And the blue electoral map is largely baked in at this point since the rules that allowed fraud in 2020 seem to now be permanent.

Brazil is our best case scenario and where we might have been able to end up with 4 more years of Trump. Increasingly, Venezuelan economic meltdown/poverty, Soviet totalitarianism and South African racial violence seem to be coming our way. Fighting to become Brazil is far less inspirational than MAGA but probably a more realistic goal.
I think it might behoove everyone to learn a little about the calendars of this world. When and how you worship dictates whom you worship just as much as whom you choose to worship. Both Cain and Abel claimed to worship the same Creator, but Cain did it Cain's way while Abel did it Creator's way. Abel's sacrifice was accepted while Cain's was not. Cain rose up later and killed Abel. So it will be in the last days. Everyone is going to be claiming to worship a certain god, but only a very select few will be doing it the Creator's way.
I was born into the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). I started reading the bible around age 32 and left that church to eventually join the Seventh-day Adventist church (SDA). They claim to be the only protestant church keeping all 10 of the decalogue, or 10 commandments. While the law of Moses was written by his hand on parchment, and placed on the side of the Ark of the Covenant, the 10 commandments were written in stone by Creator and placed inside the Ark. They are indeed permanent, and once you are perfected in the Messiah, you will have them written on your heart so you cannot break them anymore.
Now lets talk about when we worship. The SDA says Saturn's day is the Sabbath of the 4th commandment. For those of you using the Catholic bible, they erased the 2nd commandment forbidding idolatry, then split the 10th one in two and made it numbers 9 and 10 to say they still have 10 commandments, and they had to move everything up one, so the original 4th is now the 3rd commandment in your catholic bible. This also fulfills the prophecy of Danial 7:25, BTW.
The SDA church says Sunday is not the true Sabbath day, so everyone worshipping on that day is wrong, going to hell, not collecting $200, and not passing go. The SDA cult, as I now refer to them, is no longer my church. They even talk about March 7th, 321 AD as the day Constantine introduced the first Sunday keeping law. They completely disregard the fact he also switched the Sun's day with Saturn's day because in the Roman mind, the first position of any ordered pair or greater is the most honored. So much for Saturn's day being the original 7th day. But then we need to look at the history of that calendar. It only goes back to about 135 AD. Before that, they had 8 days on their weekly cycle, lettered A thru H. Also, the Sanhedrin had kept their lunar-bound calendar up until 410 AD when the last high priest, Hillel II, fixed their Sabbath to Saturn's day under threat from the empire. This was nothing strange when we consider Amos 5:26 tells us Chiun, which is Hebrew for Saturn, was someone they had worshipped all along, according to Acts 7:43, which in the latter verse, he is called Remphan. Other names include Father Time, Kronos, Apis, Saturn, Santa and Satan.
So the mark of the beast is not going to be something physical. In one's forehead or right hand is a Jewish idiom meaning what one does or thinks. To understand the mark of the beast, we must first identify two beasts in the book of Revelation. Anyone want to try?
I am an Adventist and I agree with some of your points. I do agree that the mark of the beast is not physical, but there aren't many adventists who say it is. Worship on Sunday or Saturday is not a major point in my eyes, but I do personally worship on Saturday. The Adventist church is not a cult though and if you truly believe they are, you haven't had much experience with Adventism. Saturday as the day of worship isn't the main reason I'm an Adventist though, there are a lot more important things such as the state of the dead and hellfire. There's a great Doug Batchelor sermon where he explains that Seventh Day Adventism was formed when a group of people set aside all their beliefs and studied the Bible. These people formed Adventism on the teachings of the Bible and the the Bible alone.


As a Gen X'er like Roosh and Heartiste, I can clearly see that the Millennials are the weakest generation America has ever produced. Are they up to the challenge? Even Boomers seem to be surprised at the weakness and lack of character and resolve of most Millennials.
Wow what a gutless hit job of a trash comment that was- I typically don’t post but I have to in response to this self-serving delusional assertion of yours. Were you rubbing one out when you wrote that to some Joe Rogan or Elon Musk videos? You may as well just delete your account after such an absurd, nonsensical statement. The only reason people don’t complain about Gen-X as much as other generations is basically that no one even notices Gen-X exists; it’s a “white-noise” generation… The very generational theory you put forth, the 4th Turning, labels the Gen-X generation as a “Nomad” generation and the Millenial generation as a “Hero” generation (–Howe_generational_theory):

“Hero: Young adults fighting in World War II were born in the early part of the 20th century, like PT109 commander LTJG John F. Kennedy (b. 1917). They are part of the G.I. Generation, which follows the Hero archetype. Hero (Civic) generations enter childhood during an Unraveling, a time of individual pragmatism, self-reliance, and laissez-faire. Heroes grow up as increasingly protected post-Awakening children, come of age as team-oriented young optimists during a Crisis, emerge as energetic, overly-confident midlifers, and age into politically powerful elders attacked by another Awakening.[59] Examples: Republican Generation, G.I. Generation, Millennials”

You do realize that it’s highly possible that Gen-X never gets a single US president out of your generation right? 8 consecutive cycles of Boomer elected presidents, and in 2024 it could very well be a Millenial elected. Gen-X is basically the Boomer-Lite generation; Gen-X stood for nothing, they just tried desperately to keep the “good times” going of the Boomer Generation with Reaganomics, firm belief in the collegiate industrial complex, and assuming American exceptionalism would endure. Gen-X is personified by shows like “Friends”, “Sex in the City”, and “The Office”. Yes, there were occasional great things that came out of Gen-X like Roosh, Mike Judge (in fact, Office Space is probably the quintessential movie documenting the Gen-X malaise and apathy), South Park, Ween, etc… But by and large Gen-X is a forgotten generation that will go down as a fart in the wind of US History. And what are the Millenials? Millenials are the ones on the left and the right side of politics that just turned the temperature up to 100 and forced America into a time of massive, rapid social change, for better or worse. Who were the young energy behind Trump in 2016? Conservative Millenials, the first energetic young conservative movement in Lord knows how long. Who are the people completely upsetting the old Democrat party? Millenials, from AOC to ANTIFA to BLM. Millenials across all aspects of the political spectrum are causing great upheaval, and difficult conversations to be had that should have been had long prior. We are the YouTube generation, we are the generation getting mass censored and hence causing Normies to ask “why are they being censored?”, we are the ones causing an exciting Renaissance of true Christian believers back to the faith. You Gen-X’ers have guys like Richard Spencer and Vox Day; we have guys like Brother Augustine, maybe Vincent James and Jay Dyer (they seem very Millenial), Andrew Joyce, Sam Hyde (although a comedian, maybe the most effective voice at illustrating Millenial perspectives).

I have started 3 different businesses, including 1 in the Covid Era, and so have many of my Millenial friends and family (much more so than any Gen-X’ers I know who generally are too busy saying “I LoVe mY cOrPoRaTe CaReEr!). I have worked in the Alaska commercial fishing industry for 10 years during the summer, and continue to, because that is my primary source of earning a living. I was raised poor and then bought a lake house at age 33. You know why Millenials like me start businesses and grind it out as entrepreneurs? Because we don’t have a choice; #LearnToCode turned out to be bullshit advice for us from guys like you, and now we adapt. Millenials must take matters into their own hands, and believe me, we are doing that and we will do that. Millenials currently start a ton of online businesses, they invest in the stock market and cause GameStop rebellions, they were the thrust behind the whole “micro-brewery” boom before the Coof shut em down… I remember my first business I started was a painting/ handyman business, and I couldn’t help that notice that almost all my clients were Gen-X’ers who had no idea how to paint a wall or change an electrical outlet in their own house. They had to pay me at age 25 to do it for them, and I charged them handsomely. How are those TPS Reports going these days, Gen-Xer’s?

Talking about Millenials as a weak generation after the joke that was the Boomer and Gen-X era’s? Congratulations, you sir are officially a speculator, relegated to the ineffectual, out of touch sidelines of history. You effect no change, you just complain. You underestimate and lack the ability to judge your fellow citizens, and for that, you get what you deserve. You may as well get involved with AARP while it still exists.

For the record, I do not believe Millenials will be the generation actually in power when the West rights the ship again- we’re rather a useful bridge. Millenials are the generation to hopefully stabilize the West, cause the West to look in the mirror and admit long-ignored truths, and set the table for the Zoomers to capitalize momentum in the future and effect great positive change in the world (returning to traditional Christian themes). Zoomers are the real key, but Millenials are a key stepping stone and most definitely not “weak” or whatever other smear label you want to ignorantly throw at us. This is another way of saying that almost all the dissident right’s energy currently lies with the Millenials for the next decade at least (and much of this dissident right energy created by Millenials), and the future of the dissident right is with the Zoomers. Boomers, and their imitation lap-dog generation Gen-X, have had some important dissident minds over the years, but it was too little too late, so excuse Millenials while we take up the responsibility of making a living for ourselves in this corpse of a culture your generations left for us to work with. Deus Vult.


An addendum to my above rant, I think it’s noteworthy that Millenials seem to be maybe the first or at least of a rare group of generations that was judged prematurely before adulthood. Not only are most generations given until at least adulthood for sweeping judgement, but often their successes are over-exaggerated as if they had little flaws (I’d assume in the spirit of patriotism and enduring American exceptionalism up until recently). By contrast, I am at the middle-to-older end of Millenials, and from about age 8 I can remember older people already eager to smear us as “soft”, “lazy”, “coddled” etc. The older generations were very eager to throw us all in a trench and stick a label on top, to make us an easy excuse, to make us a “fall guy”. I assume this is from 1) their collective fear that America had reached it’s high-water mark and American optimism was waning (life being better for your kids than it was for your generation), and 2) technology accelerating at such a rate that they knew the Millenials would render their generations anachronistic earlier than most. Therefore, from a mass psychology perspective, it is as if the Boomer’s and Gen-X’ers have a collective defense mechanism of psychological deflection where, not only without merit but even before Millenials had ability to develop merit, they attempted to create a self-fulfilling prophecy in order to frame the Millenials as the “real culprits” for varying societal dilemmas. To quote another thread post, “Don’t blame the drug dealers- blame the drug addicts!” This all being said, I think it’s important for Millenials to do 3 things: 1) continually call out the deflections, projections, and outright lies of the elder generations, 2) call it upon our fellow Millenials to courageously take up our cross and let Jesus guide our way, and 3) never slander younger generations as was done to ours. Rather, we should support and promote the Zoomers and subsequent generations instead of run them through the mud.
I disagree with the premise, Trump did not wake people up. When Trump ran there was a huge right wing movement and thought building up in the internet, it was everywhere, you had hundreds of young college jews playing the my fellow right wing game, with youtube truther accounts sucking free money from their goy followers, the anger and the energy though was real and massive. Trump consolidated it all in one phony movement and crashed to the ground, and the many great websites and blogs that existed have been exterminated from the web forever. The right is now demoralized and confused and globohomo is steam rolling big changes with hardly any opposition.


Great article, Roosh.

This breakdown was huge for helping me to see beyond politics and develop a greater understanding of the true nature of things in the material/spiritual world.