Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thread



Is the Forward actually run by our guys? Also she could go fishing with that nose.


Other Christian
What would you bet when will Meghan dump Harry? She drives him off the royal family. Then he will only have money and some remaining fame. But she already grabbed the fame and if she can also grab the money she will leave him. That is the highest status a wammen can achieve: destroy a royal prince by a no fail divorce.


A half blind centenarian can see this psychopath drama queen attention ho lying from a mile away and of course you have the sheeple jumping on the bandwagon to believe her, god forbid you point out that her accusations, ludicrous that they may be, are completely one sided(cough Piers Morgan cough).

Instead of being grateful that she lives in a time where princes can afford to be gigantic simps and choose their own brides and that a LITERAL PRINCE of ENGLAND chose a 40 yo half breed with a reputation of being a hollywood tramp, she goes on to completely destroy his relationship with his family and then to smear them on foreign media.

In my humble opinion she should have thanked the angels for awarding her life in a royal castle after her life of hollywood trampism, but what does she do? Goes on to bitch about it, literally bullies the STAFF of the castle, puts demonic ideas inside the prince simp's head. WTH?!

Can someone dispatch some lady diana(more like trampiana) treatment her way already?


Can't understand the Royals obsession with recycled old wall banger Divorcees - First King Eddie abdicates then after Diana is Papparazzi-cided Future King Chuckie hooks up with his old married mistress after she divorces her husband and in hypergmist female fashion of the first order trades up for a title - then - Red Headed Step Child Harry decides to stir up the pot with mixed up mixed race Megxit - He could have had his pick of any submissive English Rosebuds and instead throws a couple Royal knocks into her dominatrix highness like a perfect Blue Pill White Knight.

The Royals do protect their own when they want too like Uncle Randy Andy under subpoena in the Ghislane Epstein Madame Mossad Sexscapades.

Megster must have some extraordinary Oral and Klegel skills for Harry to throw away his Crown, Titles and Country for her.
The Crazy in Bed, crazy out of bed fits her to a Tee.