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I know a guy that bets out of USA and uses 5dimes mostly I believe. Some of the other Costa Rica books will be OK too but I don't know a lot. Try and get a Betfair account from a state where it's legal. College hoops and football with be your best markets to explore in US time zone. In play NFL can be good too on Betfair though I struggled last season because of the amount of prime time blowouts. Horse racing can be good too. I don't know much but I've had a few bets on Belmont Park and Oklahoma Derby this week but the market liquidity is tiny.

How does BetFair treat arbitrageurs?


How does BetFair treat arbitrageurs?

Betfair is a betting exchange, so they are just facilitating a platform for customers to bet/trade with each other.

You can arb as much as you like!


Solid data sheet , i just wish i actually liked sports !
Looked into sports arbitrage many years ago , but it wasn't worth the hassle.
Well done on going full time !

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How do you use Twitter to specifically search for relevant injury information in real time? Do you just follow local reporters who are close to the team(s) and get alerts whenever they tweet?


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I used to bet weekly on Horse Racing but cut back to move stuff into Crypto. Cheltenham was my one big splurge every year, winning most years too thanks to Willie Mullins. (Annie Power falling still gives me nightmares tho)
I know quite a few former online poker pros, and they've all moved onto affiliate marketing and crypto, and gone on to do even better than they did with poker. If you've got the brain for making money consistently from gambling, then you've probably got the brain for affiliate marketing too, which could be even more lucrative. My friends that used to do poker got tired of having to manually sit there and play the game. They prefer building automated systems that make them even more money.

Not at all discrediting gambling for a living if you're smart enough for it, just saying affiliate is worth a look too. Requires the same statistical and mathematical brain.
WOW Bills were disgraceful. Got money back with a couple of half bets on Cinci +4.5 and U41 Chargers/Jags & now a half bet on Texans +13. Quite bored of the season now, just want playoffs.
I'll continue adding some pre match stuff people can follow to this thread:

US Masters-
First Round Leader Fred Couples 150/1 each way (Ladbrokes)
Spieth to beat J Thomas Evens (Betfair)
Day 20/1 (General price)