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If boycotting it entirely is unrealistic for someone, I would recommend cutting all $ dollar support to it in the best way you can. I do. Cut the cord, stream, watch only in a manner in which you don't pay directly. Most of sports revenue, and the only way they are even going to come close to hanging on in the future, will be by TV deals (attendance with these ridiculous prices for tickets, food and parking was already taking a huge hit). In the recent past, the TV networks (especially for the NBA - TNT/ESPN) have realized they have grossly overpaid for these. A lot of the teams that have gone to their own TV channels (like the Chicago Cubs recently) are in for a very rude awakening.


It's pretty funny to see just how hard they're still pushing the narrative that "Coronavirus is still a thing and YOU BETTER WATCH OUT". If nobody living in the real world is talking about it without the media telling them to, it becomes quite easy to see this current paranoia as all a sham. Logically, we should now see a case in the court of public opinion between the "bread and circuses sports elite" and the "governmental power hungry health elite". But we won't. Because no player would dare speak out against the established narrative. Players can't even question kneeling for the flag, much less a worldwide psyop.
I find that only goodwhites are into the virus narrative anymore, but boy oh boy are they into it. If you question it around them they fly into a rage and you can tell they'd call you a racist if they could just think of some way to connect racism to the virus.

About sports, I think it's fine to relax and watch a game once in a while. It's interesting to see what the human body is capable of with great genetics and the right drugs. Of course if you're obsessing about it and devoting a lot of time and emotional energy to the athletic accomplishments of a bunch of millionaires you don't know personally that's obviously not good.
Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has deactivated his Twitter. From a article I read he deleted it shortly after posting about Bubba Wallace and then getting into a argument with another MLB pitcher over metrics or something. If you don't know Curt is very redpilled and is not shy with his opinions on Twitter. Similar to James Woods. He has now opened a Parler account.

I think his post-baseball career is more impressive than anything he did on the field including his famous bloody sock game. He could've just stayed quiet enjoyed his millions and kept his opinions to himself instead he speaks the truth. He has been banned from the Hall-of-Fame even though no sane baseball fan would say he doesn't deserve it on merits but of course "racism" and being a Goodwhite overrules everything these days. I just can't get over dumbass liberal Red Sox fans bashing him after they begged him to join their team and he helped them finally defeat "the curse" and win the World Series title that was apparently their highest aspiration.

If you look at Red Sox or Cubs fans they're a really good reason to ditch sports. Imagine wishing and dreaming your entire life for something as trivial as your baseball team winning a championship and how the sports media glamorized this.

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"Hockey diversity alliance"

A) bribe black parents to make their kids skate
B) force black kids to skate under threat of physical harm or other punishment

Black people will never, ever play hockey in any significant number.

That is perfect for an organization like this. If they set some impossible goal like "3 percent of hockey players should be black" they will be able to collect donations from Goodwhites until the country collapses.

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During my college years I had a black friend who liked hockey - I think he played in high school, and he was a big fan of NHL 94, I think, from the Sega Genesis? It's funny, at the time he was very not-culturally-black and didn't seem to think very highly of his family's culture, and had musical and other tastes very different from stereotypical black dudes.

But maybe about 9 or 10 years ago he moved to NYC and seems to have adopted all the usual woke dogma at this point.
Is it worth watching sports anymore? Like Hollywood and Big Tech its been totally corrupted by social justice. You turn on ESJW, I mean ESPN, and its just non-stop social justice talk that is only peripherally related to sports. Beyond the fact its become another social justice propaganda delivery system I think Big Sports has become unhealthy for people especially the young. Its quite addictive and fans are prone to become obsessive like nerds. Sports doesn't encourage physical activity to the majority of viewers it encourages people to watch games on their TV, feel good from the achievement of others instead of earn achievements of their own and engage in more lifeless activities like social media, fantasy sports and betting. It harnesses people's natural tribalism into corporations instead of their own country or religion. Why hate the Globalists when you can hate the Lakers? Why worship Jesus when you can worship Messi?

Quick roundup of sports leagues.

NBA: Probably the most SJWfied league because of all the black players. I am grateful the league is still on ice so I can be spared the players kneeling at the 8 minute mark or whatever stunt they have planned.

NFL: Surrendered to BLM this week. They are also planning to give higher draft picks for teams that have black coaches (not a pardoy).

MLB: Generally SJW-free but I'm sure with the recent hysteria they are planning something.

NHL: Hated because they are the whitest major sports league in NA. I'm sure because of recent hysteria they are going to promote more "diversity" initiatives.

MLS: Seattle owner didn't let their fans wave some pro-ANTIFA flag (actual principled stand) until fans threw a hissy fit, owner had a meeting with fan union (Antifa supporting scumbags) then later caved and they can wave pro-Antifa flag (some German Antifa flag from the 30's) again.

European Soccer Leagues: "Kick Racism out of Football", neverending tiresome controversy over racist people saying something to players.
I don't agree that MLB is SJW-free. It is not as bad as the NFL or NBA but it's still very bad. Pro baseball has become feminized but has lagged behind the NFL. The NFL has penalized hard tackling and blocking for many years now, but baseball just recently came around to banning home plate collisions. Baseball was quite traditional in many ways; you can't have ties in baseball; one team has to be the loser, although in the 21st century the commissioner has ordered the All-Star game to end in a tie so pitchers wouldn't wear out their arms. In baseball, after the game, you go shake hands with the guys on your own team, instead of the other team. Instant replay review of calls arrived later in baseball. A player publicly calling himself a homosexual arrived in football before it arrived in baseball. As late as the 1990s the Cincinnati Reds had an owner, Marge Schott, who made comments about Hitler not being as bad as everyone said he was. In the NBA they probably would have executed someone for that; the NBA even fired an owner for saying he didn't want his girlfriend around black people, and he was the owner of the team! The traditions in baseball are dying; I think the National League is now adopting the DH rule. They are also allowing pitchers to intentionally walk a batter by orally announcing he wants to walk the batter, instead of throwing 4 balls. Now they're talking about tinkering with even more rules. In June during the last couple of years, many pro baseball teams had "Gay Pride Day" at their ballparks. There was a baseball player in the 1990s named Billy Bean who was homosexual; he had to keep it a secret while he was in the league. Recently the major leagues made him an executive so that they could promote homosexuality in baseball. They said they want to make sure that this doesn't happen again and ensure that homosexual players feel comfortable publicly announcing their homosexuality.

I think college football has less SJWs than the pro sports leagues. Letting go of college football has been a slightly slower process for me but I am letting that go as well. The SJWs are there too. It is still bad. Golf probably isn't as bad; it's mostly white people who are free of tattoos and act civilized; NASCAR isn't as bad, but as we've seen the last few days the SJWs are creeping in there as well.

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MLB has done a pretty good job of resisting the SJW infestation, it's mainly present in the form of Faggotry Obeisance Day. After holding out against it for years (as one of two teams not doing it), the Astros finally cucked and were going to do it this year before Carunka-Chan delayed the season. Not coincidentally, in the offseason Reid Ryan (son of Nolan Ryan) was replaced as the team's president. I suspect the Ryans were against F.O.D. and it was part of the reason he got demoted by the ownership, which is (trying) to operate in damage-control mode given all the other recent drama with the team.

Baseball's bigger problems aren't really ideological, they're internal politics-related. Greedy players and greedy owners, a commissioner who tried to sweep widespread cheating and rule-bending under the rug by pinning all the blame on one team, amongst other drama... it's all very messy. I'm not bothered by stuff like universal DH and some rule changes. It seems more like MLB as an organization is sort of collapsing, and everything baseball and not-baseball-related of the past six months has just accelerated it. I still enjoy baseball but it's clear to everyone that MLB has massive problems and needs a shake-up. Call me a baseball accelerationist, I guess.
So a NBA player decided to stand for the national anthem. This was so shocking now he's getting the Goya beans treatment from righties. He recently tore his knee to the schadenfraude of the lefty NBA twitter morons.

I mean all good luck to him but its these kind of stupid stories I can't stand in sports.



So a NBA player decided to stand for the national anthem. This was so shocking now he's getting the Goya beans treatment from righties. He recently tore his knee to the schadenfraude of the lefty NBA twitter morons.

I mean all good luck to him but its these kind of stupid stories I can't stand in sports.

"Isaac, an ordained minister, later explained that as a Christian, and he does not feel it appropriate to take a knee during the anthem.

“I believe that Black Lives Matter. A lot went into my decision, and part of it is, I thought that kneeling or wearing the Black Lives Matter t-shirt doesn’t go hand-in-hand with supporting Black lives,” Issac said. “So I felt like, just me personally, what is that I believe is taking on a stance that, I do believe that Black lives matter, but I just felt like it was a decision that I had to make, and I didn’t feel like putting that shirt on and kneeling went hand in hand with supporting Black lives. I believe that for myself, my life has been supported by gospel, Jesus Christ, and everyone is made in the image of God and that we all forge through God’s glory. ”

A great American. God bless him.
I was a huge sports fan. Growing up in MA one of the teams wins a championship every year.

NBA: sport had gotten soft due to analytics. It's all 3 pointers. Now all the players come out and show what (single) Mama's boys fags they are. Super SJW anti-white

NFL: ruined by George Floyd. Drew Brees lynched for patriotism. Goodell says he should have let people kneel. Kaepernick will get hired, possibly as Saints starting QB..

NHL: exclusively white fanbase. Bent the knee anyway to BLM recently (forget specifics.)

MLB: has sucked for years. The pitchers refuse to throw the ball more than once every couple minutes.

Soccer: not worth talking about. Completely unAmerican. Homosexuals jogging with a ball for an hour and a half.
Interesting take on NBA. I mostly only watch combat sports so I don't really follow basketball. What would you say is the reason for more 3 pointers? Players not wanting to go in the paint/ less physical playing or I've heard there's been more European players lately who are supposed to be more technical. What makes you say they are trying to be mama's boys
I feel basketball more than any other sport promotes the hip hop agenda, probably has to do with the demographic of the players on some level