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FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011
Me and My Blog

Salve! My name is Jordon Walker and I am currently a sophomore, soon to be junior, at Yale University. At Yale I am pursuing a premed track and I wanted to create this blog to write about my experiences and post about other things I've noticed in healthcare. Aside from academics, I currently work in a medical genetics clinic, shadow at Yale New Haven Hospital, am active in the Yale Political Union and the Roosevelt Institute on campus. This summer I was lucky enough to be offered a position in a diabetes research lab at the Anylan Center, which is located in the medical complex near the Yale School of Medicine.

As far as future aspirations go, I intend to go to medical school (obviously) at the University of Texas's Southwestern Medical School or Georgetown Medical School. After that I would like to complete a residency in internal medicine and go on to become either a private practice internist or work for a pharmaceutical company running clinical trials (Yes, I am a die hard capitalist, who wants to assist the evil Big Pharma companies. You know, the ones whose research develops life saving therapies like Viagra). If I choose not to go down either of those paths, then I will become a physician for either the Marines or the Navy (my uncle was a Marine and made it sound bad ass, but I also love water) and hopefully get to see exotic locales and explore the world.

In terms of this blog, it will cover a wide range of topics depending upon my specific inclinations of the day. From health care policy to Medical schools to the more mundane aspects of being a premed (read: grades :O), I hope to cover all that and more. In reality I doubt many people will view this blog so it is mostly for me. I have always wanted to write books (my first one was written in middle school and it was no doubt ghastly) and hope to one day become a novelist as well as a doctor--or at least that is what I keep telling myself, while I imagine my perfect future. For me, the best thing that could happen would be for me to publish my first book the year I graduate from medical school. Eventually, I would like to write a trilogy of books in the fantasy realm akin to the Eragon books, but better because they would have a deeper underlying message, which I failed to notice in Eragon or rather I read it at such a young age that I don't even remember what it was about. Either way, I'm sure my novel will be better or at least the movie that will be made from it--because the Eragon movie was dreadful.

Well that's who I am and I hope all two of you, who will actually read this, will enjoy the blog from here on out!
@threesevens: The cabal's reaction to the @ProjectVeritas story is one of the swiftest and extreme I've ever seen. Within minutes Jordon Walker's LinkedIn page was deleted, (unfortunately there are no working archives), Google restricted searches, and an army of shills, fact-checkers, and bots were deployed to smear Project Veritas and any evidence of Walker's ties to Pfizer as fake. This displays the immense amount of power that Big Pharma has.



The Daily Mail got a call and took down their article, archived here:

Sadly though these Veritas videos, in my opinion, serve as a giant misdirection as it pushes the mainstream lab-leak theory, which in turn primes the population for another fake pandemic, which in turn plays into the hands of the global cabal. It manufactures needs for organizations like the WHO to control this new fake pandemic, and the WEF to look after a completely annihilated economy in need of a "reset".

And if people fall for another "new scary virus", well, they'll probably line up for another injection, perhaps with Moderna because Pfizer was apparently the evil company that started Covid-23, and the WHO/WEF will be right there with QR codes trying extra hard this time to ensure we all take it.
I did Google and MSN searches for Jordan Walker. They both returned links to the Veritas videos on the first page, but MSN put a "fact checker" article about it at the top of the page. Interestingly, Google didn't. On YouTube, a search produced the Veritas videos at the top with a report on the story from CNN-India. The only mainstream media coverage in the US on it so far, that I'm seeing is The Hill, which if I understand correctly leans moderately conservative in its politics.

I think the major networks will likely eventually cover it, now that Senator Rubio has publicly sent a letter to Phizer asking for an explanation. But, they'll do their usual thing with stories like this and briefly cover it then drop it.

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Jewtube took down the video.

Also, earlier today some conservatives were questioning if this guy really was who he said he was, given how low IQ he appears. That maybe he was a conman or this was a set up to make PV look bad. Google is not allowing searches for him for dates prior to the PV sting, and LinkedIn scrubbed him from their platform. But collaborating info is coming out. This guy really is an MD and high ranking employee at Pfizer.

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This seems Redolent of Mark Steyn at GB News in the UK.
Steyn was one of the few TV anchors who openly criticised the vaccine and suggested that it was dangerous.
Steyn had TWO heart attacks in December and was supposed to be minutes from death.
He was effectively fired by GB News who said that they would only employ him if he got himself a defibrillator which had to be close to hand every show. Okay, Slightly odd making him pay for it given that UK institutions are making a big show of distributing defibrillators like free candy out of their own pocket right now .. but okay.
But they also said that any monetary fine that they accrued from the UK media watchdog "OfCom" would be passed onto him as an employee - which is outrageous.
So far.. so authoritarian versus the brave and plucky reporter, right?
But what's interesting is to read the youTube comments beneath videos covering this.

They are all saying the same thing:
GB News is a fake-stream, controlled opposition gatekeeping operation.
So all this pantomime about brave journalists like Steyn seems to be just that, a pantomime.
Steyn did an interesting bit with his guests where they all agreed that Rishi Sunak replacing Truss was just a show as neither really had any leadership power and the real power in the UK lay elsewhere.
All of a sudden the next episode they were all debating "Sunak's new government, what does Rishi Sunak's personal history suggest about the new direction that he will lead the UK under his premiership?"
So Steyn's reporting and show is equally a farce.

Steyn the brave jewish UK commentator (from Canada but with an Israeli passport).
O'Keefe the brave... etc etc.

Im inclined to agree with both @charliec12 and @paternos and what they said about Project Veritas in the "Coronavirus vaccine" thread.

On the PV Pfizer scoop:
"Doesn't this story just conveniently perpetuate the narrative to any awakening sheep that it's really just greedy white corporates trying to make money, there's no conspiracy here about depopulation agendas etc

I'd love to, but I don't really trust project veritas. It just has the strong whiff of Fox news style boomer control"

"I have exactly the same vibe. (hence I don't care anymore, after an initial" "wow this is interesting")

It's this neo-con boomer narrative; big pharma invented a pandemic to steal away some dollars.

They are described as a far-right activist group, but active on all the social platforms. It's the same I have with Alex Jones.

It feels we are watching a show, or at max scratching the surface.

I'd love to see Jewish power, Israeli/US relations, FBI officials, people working at the billionaire NGOs, the fraud at all the green companies, financial machinations at the FED/Banks investigated.

But it seems they are just doing boomer control. Google bad. CNN bad. Pfizer bad. Facebook bad."

As far as O'Keefe goes the fact that he took his mothers name and that on Wikipedia or search engines you can't even find out his real surname galls me.
All we are gifted is these 'brave' Jewish reporters/gatekeeprs and even ones who keep their jewish identity secret.
O'Keefe-stein is a very strange gamma fruit in my opinion.
I followed Project Veritas on social media for a while and in social media promotion terms THE Most heralded and publicised and promoted video I have ever seen them put out was.. a music video with James O'Keefe surrounded by catwalk models playing at being some Bobby Brown/Michael Jackson mutation.

He got the most excited in his journalistic career about appearing in his own funded, self-written and self produced MTV video, with him as its star, entitled "Oligarchy".
Very Harvey Weinstein/Shia LaBoeuf/Konstantin Kisin/Adam Sandler/Volodymyrr Zelenskyyy gamma male vibes.
Or, alternately, Steven Crowder thwarted-child-actor vibes.

Im no fan of the Young Turks or their opinions but this cringe-worthy much earlier music video from James O'Keefe just parodies itself. The whole silent shuffle Michael Jackson style dance scene. What was he thinking?

I don't mind him being slightly delusional and yet another gawky jewish kid from the suburbs acting out his compensatory fantasies about being hugely powerful and strong on-screen IF it translates into brave journalism but..
It seems that he is just another kosher element of the Jewish sandwich which controls both Left and Right mainstream politics.
Shades of Noam Chomsky who is the only brave and principled (and Jewish) critic of Israel we seem to be allowed.

I don't honestly think journalism is either losing or gaining anything in this whole take-over/take-down saga.
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How come nothing happens after a PV break?
I think @Thomas More's explanation about why the gas pipeline breaks are ignored applies to a lot of things, including this.
The thing is, everybody already knew the US did it, and everybody has already decided to ignore it. I expect that publishing this detailed explanation of how it was done will make no difference. They'll just ignore this too.

It used to be that something like this would finally force people to acknowledge what happened and finally deal with it, but I don't think that's true anymore. The EU governments, the media, and the big corporations all want to ignore this, so it will be ignored.
Warning: Language.



UPDATE: A former senior executive from Project Veritas has contacted me and explained that “you are waaaay off on this... save yourself before everything comes out on this…” When asked for additional information they said, “trust me, wait for it all to come out.” It sounds like there might be a huge story that isn’t getting reported as of yet.